Chapter 1072 Training in the Illuminating Sea

It was a sea with no end in sight. There were no waves surging above it, and its surface seemed to be frozen. The stillness was very strange.

Standing on the sea's surface, Zhou Yuan scanned his surroundings in puzzlement. “Is this the Sky Illuminating Eye?”

Zhuan Zhu nodded. “This is the Illuminating Sea, the source of the Sky Illuminating Eye’s power. The seawater is formed from the purest universe Genesis Qi.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes suddenly shrank, and he stamped his feet. But he found that he couldn't lift half a wave even if he exerted all his strength. Every drop of seawater was unbelievably heavy. What kind of rich Genesis Qi could transform into such seawater?

Zhuan Zhu flicked his finger, and seawater splashed up and landed in his palm. He jokingly said, “Do you believe me if I say this handful of water can crush you to death?”

Zhou Yuan's face darkened. He found that his senior brother was good at everything but enjoyed mocking people.

“What should I do next?” Zhou Yuan asked, changing the subject.

Zhuan Zhu smiled and waved his sleeve. Zhou Yuan suddenly felt the sea vibrate. He peered down and saw a huge eye slowly opening in the depths of the seabed.

The giant eye emitted a frightening earth-shaking power, and as it emerged, a stream of light gushed forth and formed a blooming lotus.

Faint flames leaped about within the light lotus, and although the flames seemed weak, their appearance whipped up slight waves from the surrounding mountain-like seawater.

The seawater near the light lotus was incinerated into crystal dust, then floated into the lotus flower.

Zhuan Zhu said indifferently, “The light lotus contains wisps of Saint fire.The training plan I prepared for you consists of you entering the light lotus. The Saint fire will continue to incinerate the super strong Genesis Qi in the surroundings and produce Genesis Qi Saint Dust. Yes, it’s an extremely pure Genesis Qi unimaginable to someone of your level. To you, each speck of Genesis Qi Saint Dust is a great nourishing substance, and if you can refine and absorb them, they can tremendously strengthen your Genesis Qi foundation.”

“Saint fire?”    

However, Zhou Yuan was still very cautious. His scalp numbed when he heard those two words because he knew how terrifying the Saint fire was and that even Law Domain experts were fearful of its power.

The light lotus seemed harmless, but Zhou Yuan felt a deadly aura of danger. 

“Can my body even withstand such an experience?” he asked.   

Zhuan Zhu nodded as if saying, “I’m glad you understand. Given your bodily strength, you will die in less than ten breaths.”

Zhou Yuan’s face darkened, and he said resentfully, “Senior brother, if you murder your little junior brother, be careful that our master might expel you.”

“Hey, if this is the way to free myself from those troublesome affairs, I really want to try it." Zhuan Zhu looked at Zhou Yuan maliciously.

Annoyed and amused at the same time, Zhou Yuan could only roll his eyes.

Zhuan Zhu pulled out a strand of hair. It suddenly turned into a stream of light and landed on the light lotus. The next moment, an extremely powerful aura of life appeared inside the light lotus and transformed into countless tiny dancing people.

“This life aura will protect you so that you won’t be incinerated into ash...but the Saint fire will still bring unimaginable pain to your body as it blazes. This is inevitable. To absorb the Genesis Qi Saint Dust, which can’t be touched by someone of your level, you will have to rely on the Saint fire’s power.”

Zhuan Zhu peered at Zhou Yuan and said nonchalantly, "Of course, if you think it's too dangerous, we can choose a gentler method, but the effect won’t be the same.”

Zhou Yuan intently stared at the lotus floating in the sea, smiled and shook his head. “Let’s go with the first method.”

Zhuan Zhu raised his brows and then smiled at Zhou Yuan. “Not bad."

“Senior brother, please send me down."

The seawater was incomparably thick and heavy, and given his current strength, it was impossible for him to break through the water.

Zhuan Zhu nodded without saying anything else. With a wave of his sleeve, the sea’s surface split apart, directly forming a passageway into the light lotus.

Zhou Yuan once again marveled at a Saint expert’s vast and mighty power, and then, without the slightest hesitation, he transformed into a stream of light and charged into the light lotus.


The moment Zhou Yuan rushed into the light lotus’ area, his expression abruptly changed, and an indescribably frightening force gushed toward him from all directions. Then, Zhou Yuan noticed that his body was beginning to melt at an unbelievable speed. Terrifying pain shot through him and almost drowned his mind.

He released a muffled grunt from his bloodied throat and sat cross-legged in the air. His body suddenly swelled, and red lava-like patterns slowly spread across him.

“Great Flame Devil!”   

His body drastically strengthened. However, this only lasted a few breaths at most. Zhou Yuan's body soon continued to melt rapidly, and his whole body seemed to turn into a blood-red skeleton.

The crystal dust whirling in the air floated down silently and turned into flecks of light with the Saint fire’s heat and merged with his skeleton-like body. But his vitality was dissipating at an alarming rate, and even his Spirit began to fluctuate.

However, just as his bones began to melt, an incredible aura of life shrouded him and instantly regenerated his flesh! In just seconds, Zhou Yuan's skeleton-like body was restored to its original state.

However, his face was distorted due to the burning pain. The pain this time was several times more unbearable than when he was practicing the Great Flame Devil Art!

But even so, his eyes still blazed with unshakable determination. He had long developed an iron-like tenacity after so many years of cultivation.

“Again!” he roared.  

The blazing saint fire came again. 

As a result, the figure in the light lotus burned continuously and then recovered under the mysterious aura of life and then continued to burn…. It was like the most painful torture in the world. Yet the figure within the lotus withstood this onslaught again and again.

However, as his body was burned and restored, the waves of Genesis Qi exuded from his body grew visibly stronger!

Above the sea, Zhuan Zhu’s eyes flickered with surprise as he watched Zhou Yuan grit his teeth and withstand the countless times of burning in the light lotus. Zhuan Zhu knew well what kind of destructive power a Saint fire would bring to a Heavenly Sun expert like Zhou Yuan. 

A Saint fire not only incinerated one’s body but also struck the Spirit. 

A Nascent Source expert’s body might be able to withstand a Saint fire’s power, but their Spirit would likely be destroyed.

The fact that Zhou Yuan could endure was enough to show his tenacity.

"This little junior brother really isn’t bad…" 

He chuckled, a hint of admiration in his eyes.

The next second, he disappeared into thin air, and the entire sea surface restored its usual calmness. Even if Zhou Yuan roared in the sea again and again, those sound waves couldn’t penetrate the surface.

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