Chapter 1071 Prepare for Battle

Tianyuan Utopia. 

Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged atop a mountain and was frequently scanning the surroundings. "Why isn’t he here yet?”

Naturally, he was waiting for his senior brother.

A few days ago, Zhuan Zhu said he would properly train Zhou Yuan. Although Zhou Yuan for some reason felt he would suffer greatly during the training, he didn’t refuse. On the contrary, he was full of anticipation.  

He knew very well that even though Zhuan Zhu seemed to be up to something, Zhuan Zhu ultimately wanted to guide him in his cultivation.

Guidance from a saint expert was enough to make many Law Domain experts envious. Therefore, Zhou Yuan didn’t decline the offer. He knew very well that he needed to further improve his strength in preparation for the Battle of the Heavens. Otherwise, it would be impossible to accomplish anything in that terrifying battle even if he possessed the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s Promotion.

It would only be possible if he could advance to the intermediate level of the Heavenly Sun stage! Only after he reached the intermediate stage could he compete with top Heavenly Sun experts by relying on the Promotion Rune’s power. But if he wanted to make another breakthrough in such a short period, he couldn’t rely on the usual methods, and so, he put all his hope in Zhuan Zhu.


While Zhou Yuan was full of expectations, countless flecks of Genesis Qi gathered in the void, and after a few breaths, a familiar figure emerged in front of him.

It was Zhuan Zhu.    

“Sigh, I’m exhausted.” As soon as Zhuan Zhu showed up, he sighed miserably and collapsed onto his buttocks.  

He peered at Zhou Yuan and said, "Little junior brother, how about I recommend you as chief grand elder, and you can manage the Tianyuan Region’s affairs!” 

Zhou Yuan's expression remained unchanged, and he said indifferently, “Senior brother, those affairs can’t be tossed around. My grand elder status is just like a mascot. If you let me take care of the affairs, it’s the same as letting the Great Five Alliance come and take over our Tianyuan Region.” 

“You're so useless,” Zhuan Zhu murmured, the corners of his mouth twitching.

Zhou Yuan nodded indifferently, then said with a smile, "Big brother, I’ve been waiting for your training!”

Of course he knew why Zhuan Zhu was so upset—Chi Jing had quit her job and said that she was going into closed-door cultivation to attack the Saint stage. As a result, she left all the affairs of the Tianyuan Region to Zhuan Zhu, which was clearly revenge for what their senior brother had done. 

Moreover, Zhuan Zhu was responsible for repairing the protection barrier at the Tianyuan Utopia’s entrance. He must have been worn out these days.

Zhuan Zhu said indignantly, "I shouldn't have come back!"   

Zhou Yuan smiled nonchalantly because Chi Jing had repeatedly reminded him before going into closed-door cultivation to not be fooled by their senior brother. Otherwise, he might be left with responsibilities for decades or even hundreds of years.

Zhuan Zhu sighed for a good while. When he saw that Zhou Yuan was stubbornly refusing to listen to him, the expression on his face faded, and he said emotionlessly, “Little junior brother, you’re a bit ruthless.”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Senior brother, when I become a saint expert, I will help you share your responsibilities.”

Zhuan Zhu rolled his eyes. By the time you become a saint expert, I would have already been exhausted to death. What use would that be?

Zhuan Zhu finally got down to business. "Our Tianyuan Region will send out around 1000 Heavenly Sun experts to participate in the battle in Guyuan Heaven. They will all be elites of the Heavenly Sun stage. We will temporarily set two captains: Qin Lian and you." 

Zhou Yuan said helplessly, “I will be the weakest captain in all heavens.”

“Sounds about right.” Zhuan Zhu smiled. "The other eight regions and the top forces in Hunyuan Heaven will send their strongest Heavenly Sun elites. But even though they are all teams from the Hunyuan Heaven, don't be naive and think everyone is an ally. For example, if the Wanzu Region team has the chance, they perhaps might not mind destroying you.

"Also, although our ultimate goal is to link the strongest channel to Hunyuan Heaven, there is a difference as to who gets through and controls it.”

"What do you mean?" Zhou Yuan asked puzzledly.

Zhuan Zhu said, "Simply speaking, although the person who controls the channel can't absolutely control the ancestral qi, they can tamper with it. For example, direct the flow of ancestral qi to our Tianyuan Region a little bit more.

"Do you know what this will result in? It will increase the grade of Genesis Qi in our Tianyuan Region, and the cultivation efficiency within our Tianyuan Region will improve greatly. Maybe it wouldn’t be noticeable in the short term, but the benefits in the long run are extremely frightening.”

Zhou Yuan's expression turned solemn. He understood Zhuan Zhu's meaning. The inflow of ancestral qi would change the Genesis Qi within the entire Hunyuan Heaven. The total amount wouldn’t change, but the Genesis Qi of a certain area could be made stronger or weaker.

This was an extremely terrifying means because the universe Genesis Qi was the foundation of everyone’s cultivation. Why could the nine regions become the nine regions and attract heaven prides throughout Hunyuan Heaven? Isn’t it because their Genesis Qi was abundant and they had better cultivation resources than others?

And by controlling that channel, one could alter the distribution of Genesis Qi. It could become a strategic weapon of destruction for all forces.

“In other words, even if we win the channel, we have to be careful of internal competition?" Zhou Yuan asked.

Zhuan Zhu nodded.   

Zhou Yuan couldn't help but smack his lips. The Battle of the Heavens was indeed brutal. Not only did he need to defeat the enemies, but he also had to be careful of sneak attacks.

"By the way, Zhao Mushen from the Wanzu Region, Wu Yao from the Wushen Region and Su Youwei from the Zixiao Region should also be participating in the battle. The supreme sovereigns of their regions attach great importance to them and will surely be training them right now,” Zhuan Zhu reminded.

Although Zhou Yuan was a little taken aback, he wasn’t too shocked. After all, Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and Su Youwei were all top talents. They only kept a low-profile recently because they had just reached the Heavenly Sun stage, but once the time came, they would no doubt rise above the others. 

"It seems the three supreme sovereigns are planning to make them use the opportunity

in Guyuan Heaven to leap into the Nascent Source stage,” said Zhuan Zhu, stroking his chin.

Zhou Yuan was stunned for a moment before he exclaimed out loud, "There is such an opportunity in Guyuan Heaven?”

Zhao Mushen and the others should be at the initial Heavenly Sun stage, the same level as I am. The gap between that and the Nascent Source stage is as great as a chasm, but the Guyuan Heaven can make people soar to the Nascent Source stage in one step?  

Zhuan Zhu smiled. “Guyuan Heaven is a fragment of the Ancestral Dragon’s birthplace. It naturally contains endless mystery. With the great opportunities in Guyuan Heaven, it isn’t impossible to reach the Nascent Source stage in one step. And this kind of thing has happened in the past.”

Zhou Yuan couldn't help smacking his lips, and his eyes blazed with fire. He also longed for the power of the Nascent Source stage.

So, he looked at Zhuan Zhu and said seriously, "Senior brother, please give me, your junior brother, guidance in cultivation!”

He knew well that even if there was such a great opportunity in Guyuan Heaven, he needed tremendous strength to support him. Therefore, he had to break through to the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage!

The Heavenly Sun experts in Guyuan Heaven would likely be the strongest in the entire Tianyuan World. In the face of the magnificent full-scale drama that would affect the nine heavens, even Zhou Yuan didn’t dare to underestimate it.

Not to mention, there was also the mysterious sacred race.  

Zhou Yuan felt tremendous pressure. 

Zhuan Zhu pursed his lips and pointed his finger. “I will let you practice there before the Battle of the Heavens begins. Whether or not you can break through to the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage will depend on your own ability.”

Zhou Yuan lifted his head curiously and followed Zhuan Zhu's gaze, and then, his face stiffened.

“Senior brother, are you joking?!”    

This was because Zhuan Zhu was pointing to the blazing sun hanging above the Tianyuan Utopia.

It was also the saint treasure guarding the Tianyuan Utopia, the Sky Illuminating Eye!

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