Chapter 107 It’s Over

“Prince Zhou Yuan! Prince Zhou Yuan!”

Deafening cheers continued to echo, causing Great Zhou’s morale to soar.

“Prince Zhou Yuan killed an Alpha-Origin expert?!”

The troops were not the only ones who had been shocked by this outcome. Wei Canglan and the Black Venom King were likewise astonished and confused. They were all too clear with regards to just how strong Zhou Yuan was, how could a mere Qi Nourishing stage practitioner have accomplished such a feat?

However, the facts were right before their eyes. They had no choice but to accept it no matter how unbelievable it was.

It was at this very moment that respect towards Zhou Yuan arose within the hearts of these two Alpha-Origin experts. They had been courteous to him in the past mostly due to his status, but Zhou Yuan’s feat of slaying an Alpha-Origin expert who stood on the same level as themselves made them involuntarily feel respect towards him.

In this world, one’s own power was the most convincing.

The shock lasted for a while before their hearts gradually settled down. The advantage Great Qi previously had no longer existed after losing two Alpha-Origin experts.

Moreover, Great Qi’s soldiers were not the only ones whose morale had dropped. Even the eyes of the still battling Alpha-Origin experts were now filled with confusion and uncertainty, causing their momentum to fall somewhat which made them no longer as ferocious as before.

They had begun to realize that something had gone wrong.

They had originally arrived in an overbearing manner, seven Alpha-Origins were more than enough enough to crush Great Zhou. Who could have imagined that their information would be so off, Zhou Qing was not the only Alpha-Origin Great Zhou had, but instead, five had appeared!

The most frightening however, was the Qi Nourishing stage girl and Zhou Yuan.

These two individuals were clearly the weakest, merely two insignificant insects that did not even have the qualifications to fight them. And yet, these two had been the first to strike deadly blows, swiftly slaying two Alpha-Origin experts in the most overbearing of ways…

Such a turn of events naturally made the remaining Alpha-Origin experts on Great Qi’s side feel that things were taking a turn for the worst. Thus, they held back a little of their power, preparing to escape if the need arose.

However, this minute change did not escape the eyes of their opponents. Wei Canglan’s and the Black Venom King’s attacks grew even fiercer, hell bent on ensuring the other party would be incapable of freeing themselves.


“It seems that the situation has not developed as you had expected.” In the sky above the main gate, Zhou Qing smiled coldly as he and Qi Yuan battled intensely, Genesis Qi clashing violently.

Qi Yuan’s expression was exceptionally ugly. He never imagined that events would unfurl in such a manner.

They originally had a total of seven Alpha-Origins on their side, a force that should have steamrolled over Great Zhou. Who could have guessed that two of the seven would be killed in such a short span of time!

“Zhou Yuan is really a bringer of misfortune. If I knew that this would have happened, I would have found an opportunity to get rid of him earlier!” Qi Yuan gnashed his teeth in regret.

He had at long last began to dawn upon a certain truth. Ever since Zhou Yuan had demonstrated his talents in the Great Zhou Institute, everything had slowly began to change. Whether it was the failure of his ploy to obtain the Great Zhou Institute, Zhou Yuan’s success in bringing Wei Canglan to the royal faction’s side, or even the mysterious grade 4 Genesis Rune proficient girl and giant Genesis beast, all of these incidents were somehow tied to Zhou Yuan.

The originally declining royal clan had grown strong again in less than a year.

Only when Qi Yuan gave it some careful thought did he discover to his horror that everything had changed because of Zhou Yuan!


While Qi Yuan was distracted by his thoughts, a ball of fiery and violent Genesis Qi smashed towards him like a fireball, causing him to respond by hastily spitting out a mouthful of Genesis Qi. A wave swept out from the center of the collision, blowing his figure away.

“Qi Yuan, you dare to be distracted while I’m here.” Zhou Qing brandished the Nine Flames Spear, his chilling gaze locked onto Qi Yuan.

Qi Yuan’s expression darkened as he retorted in a cold voice, “Don’t be too happy Zhou Qing!”

“Your situation seems to be growing worse and worse.” Zhou Qing let out an icy laugh. He slightly tilted his head to the side, only to see that Zhou Yuan had turned into a flash of silver light, shooting towards another gate after killing Wang Chaotian.

Qi Yuan also caught sight of this, his expression immediately turned even uglier. Zhou Yuan was currently the only person who was free to do as he pleased. As such, whichever battlefield he joined would soon result in a defeat.

“Rebel, it’s already too late for regrets.” Zhou Qing laughed heartily. Without further ado, his attacks suddenly intensified, covering the sky as they descended and engulfed Qi Yuan.


After killing Wang Chaotian, waves of piercing pain pulsed from between Zhou Yuan’s brows. This pain made him understand that too much of his Spirit had been depleted, and he would not last much longer.

“I need to make use of this opportunity to further our advantage. At least one more Alpha-Origin has to be killed to truly bring about a reversal.”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept towards the other Alpha-Origin battlefields.

Of the five battlefields, the ones closest to a stalemate were Wei Canglan’s and the Black Venom King’s. In contrast, Yaoyao and Tuntun were having the easiest time. Tuntun in particular was overwhelming. Any Genesis Qi from its opponent was devoured, causing the latter to be in an extremely miserable state. 


Zhou Yuan immediately chose the Alpha-Origin expert that had been forced into such a miserable state by Tuntun. What he needed to do at this very moment was to eliminate the third Alpha-Origin in the swiftest way possible, such as to completely destroy the current equilibrium.

Silver light flashed as he shot forth.


Boom! Boom!

Pillar after pillar of ice-cold Genesis Qi whizzed through the sky, freezing even the surrounding air, and leaving scars of frost behind wherever they passed.

However, Tuntun neither avoided nor back downed in the face the extremely cold Genesis Qi. It merely opened its huge mouth, devouring everything before expelling mist from its nose.

“Blast it, what kind of Genesis Beast is this?!” The Alpha-Origin expert fighting Tuntun was both alarmed and horrified. His Genesis Qi was cold by nature, cold extreme enough to freeze sea water. Yet, after being devoured by Tuntun, the latter was not the least be affected, showing just how tyrannical its body was.

After swallowing the ice-cold Genesis Qi, Tuntun transformed into a flash of light as it shot forth. Claws suffused with black light viciously swiped at the Alpha-Origin expert.


Claw marks were left behind in the air while an astonishingly dangerous aura pulsed from the black light that swirled around Tuntun’s claws.

The Alpha-Origin expert had already experienced the deadliness of Tuntun’s claws and naturally would not face it head on. His figure rapidly withdrew, no daring to engage in a direct clash with the latter.


However, a flash of silver light suddenly appeared behind the Alpha-Origin expert the moment his figure moved.

The Alpha-Origin expert was filled with fear and alarm. His eyes swivelled to the side, the sight of the silver armor figure appear behind him had instantly terrified him silly.

However, Zhou Yuan was not courteous enough to give the Alpha-Origin expert any time to react. With a shake of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, a deep green aura flooded out from its tip, an aura sharp without equal.

“Auraflare technique!”

The brush tip transformed into flash of light as it ruthlessly thrust at the Alpha-Origin expert’s back. Vigorous Genesis Qi churned around it, amplifying the ferocity of the attack.

The horrified Alpha-Origin expert immediately sent his palm sweeping backwards. Ice-blue Genesis Qi gathered at the center of his palm, transforming into a layer of ice crystals that quickly covered his entire hand.


However, ice crystals instantly shattered on contract. The deep green aura penetrated the ice crystals, piercing the Alpha-Origin experts hand.


A miserable shriek exploded from the Alpha-Origin expert’s mouth. Fresh blood flowed from his hand as his sorry figure hastily retreated.


At this moment however, a huge shadow appeared behind the Alpha-Origin expert. A giant mouth descended as if it could devour the entire land, swallowing the Alpha-Origin expert in a single gulp…

Tuntun stood on scarlet-red Genesis Qi, rumbling thunder booming from its enormous body as if a crazed final resistance was occurring inside it. However, the resistance did not last for long and gradually faded away.

Tuntun patted its stomach as it let out a satisfied belch.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. There was indeed nothing that Tuntun could not devour. Even an Alpha-Origin expert had no chance after falling into its stomach.

“What a terrifying stomach.” Zhou Yuan lamented.

However, they had at long last eliminated another Alpha-Origin expert.

He lifted his head, eyes brimming with killing intent as he looked in Qi Yuan’s direction.

At this very moment, Great Qi’s advantage in the overall battle had ceased to exist.

It could even be said that this war was over.

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