Chapter 1069 Settling Scores

The war between the Great Five Alliance and the Tianyuan Region ended with Zhuan Zhu’s appearance. 

Although the sudden appearance of a Sacred Race's supreme sovereign had diverted a lot of people’s attention, Zhuan Zhu’s breakthrough still created countless storms in Hunyuan Heaven. After all, there hadn’t been the birth of a new Saint expert in a long time. 

Zhuan Zhu’s breakthrough to the Saint stage also meant there would be a supreme sovereign guarding the Tianyuan Region.  

As a result, the precarious situation the Tianyuan Region was under had instantly become as stable as a boulder. The borders were calm and peaceful, and the provocations and challenges they frequently saw had disappeared completely, as though they had never appeared.

A supreme sovereign possessed power that could command everything in sight.

Even if Zhuan Zhu had only just reached the Saint stage, once stepped into that level, it was equivalent to reaching the pinnacle amongst the heavens and could draw forth awe and reverence.

Moreover, when Cang Yuan returned in the future, the Tianyuan Region would possess two Saint experts, which was a terrifying situation!

At that time, the Tianyuan Region’s momentum would reach the peak since its establishment. The region might surpass and suppress even the Wanzu Region, the Wushen Region and the Zixiao Region, which were the strongest of the nine regions.

Therefore, all forces in Hunyuan Heaven now understood that the Tianyuan Region would maintain its position as one of the nine regions and would even become more stable than before! 

Those who had tried to take advantage of the turbulence in the Tianyuan Region to gain power also quietly retreated in cold sweat.

It was most difficult for the Tianyuan Region’s vassal forces because they had chosen to stay on the sidelines and watch when the Tianyuan Region was in a crisis. They originally weren’t optimistic about the Tianyuan Region’s situation, but who would have thought that another Saint expert would emerge in the Tianyuan Region?  

The vassal forces presumably were like ants anxious of running into trouble because they feared the Tianyuan Region would want to settle scores with them. 

Countless people cast their gaze towards the Tianyuan Region.

As many waited anxiously, the Tianyuan Region announced that traitor Bai Ye had been suppressed and the White Clan would be stripped of the privileges and resources they once had and be reduced to an ordinary family in the Tianyuan Region. They would also bear the name of a sinful clan. 

Without their previous privileges and resources, the White Clan would weaken greatly and eventually become no different than an ordinary family. After suffering such a betrayal, the Tianyuan Region’s higher-ups would inevitably be vigilant of the White Clan, which meant it would be incredibly difficult for the White Clan to rise again.

Therefore, the once prestigious White Clan would never be able to recover, and many forces sighed for them.  

Of course, in addition to resolving its internal problems, the Tianyuan Region didn’t let off other enemies. The first to bear the brunt was the Tri-Mountain Alliance, which was closest to the Tianyuan Region. 

The Tri-Mountain Alliance shared a border with the Tianyuan Region and had caused a lot of trouble for the Tianyuan Region in the war. Therefore, they were the first the Tianyuan Region wanted to settle scores with.

The Tianyuan Region simply sent a Heavenly Sun expert to accompany Zhuan Zhu to the Tri-Mountain Alliance, but the Tri-Mountain Alliance had abandoned all its properties, foundations and estates and had relocated their sect to another area in Hunyuan Heaven. 

The Tri-Mountain Alliance had built all its family properties and estate over many years. Although it was painful to give up everything, they had no other choice because they were too close to the Tianyuan Region. The Wanzu Region showed no intention of assisting them and had clearly abandoned them. 

Without the Wanzu Region’s support, the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s three Law Domain experts didn’t have the courage to fight back. After all, Bai Ye was a huge lesson for them, and if they were to resist, the Tianyuan Region would likely use them to display its powers. 

As a result, countless forces once again witnessed the strength of a supreme sovereign. A decree was enough to make a top force relocate the entire sect. 

After driving away the Tri-Mountain Alliance, the Tianyuan Region didn't take any action against the other top forces that participated in the war, mainly because the other four were too far from the Tianyuan Region and were in the Wanzu Region’s territories. If the Tianyuan Region wanted to retaliate, it would be difficult. But even so, the Tianyuan Region still sent a letter asking the other four to compensate them for its losses.

The four top forces had to swallow the insult and humiliation silently when they received the Tianyuan Region’s blackmail. They knew that if it weren’t for the Wanzu Region’s protection, they would likely end up the same as the Tri-Mountain Alliance. And perhaps, even their Law Domain experts would be captured and suppressed.

The Tianyuan Region’s actions were already considered relatively restrained. All this was due to the region’s fear of the Wanzu Region and the appearance of a Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign.  

Therefore, the four top forces finally handed over a huge amount of compensation.

Once things reached this point, the matter that attracted the attention of all forces in Hunyuan Heaven had finally come to an end, and the Tianyuan Region’s fist had made all the forces understand again that the Tianyuan Region was still one of the nine regions in Hunyuan Heaven. 

Anyone who dared provoke this beast would pay a heavy price.


“The Battle of the Heavens?!”  

When all the outside forces regained their respect for the Tianyuan Region, Zhuan Zhu announced in the Tianyuan Utopia’s conference hall the news that the Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign had given them, and everyone’s mind unsurprisingly went blank.

Only Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun, clan leader Bian Chang, Mu Ni and Zhou Yuan were in the meeting hall

Zhou Yuan was now truly one of the grand elders in the Tianyuan Region. He had replaced Bai Ye on Zhuan Zhu’s order. Given Zhuan Zhu’s current prestige in the Tianyuan Region, his order was met with few objections.

Zhou Yuan was a little helpless about this. He wasn’t interested in the position of grand elder and felt his senior brother had unkind intentions in giving him the position. 

My senior brother wants others to work but wants to do nothing himself. He had tricked senior sister Chi Jing with the excuse he had to go into closed-door cultivation, but now he is planning to deceive his junior brother?  

Zhou Yuan felt a little defeated because Zhuan Zhu had used his usual tactic…

"What is the Battle of the Heavens?" Zhou Yuan blankly looked at Chi Jing and the others.

Chi Jing grew serious and said, "As the name suggests, it is a battle that affects the nine heavens of Tianyuan World.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled. That scale is a bit scary, isn’t it?

Mu Ni looked at Zhou Yuan and explained, “It is rumored that the ancestral dragon was born at the beginning of the universe. Later, the ancestral dragon formed all things on earth and subsequently led to the birth of the living beings in Tianyuan World. In Tianyuan World, there is a special existence, the ancestral land formed from the ancestral fragment that gave birth to the ancestral dragon. We call it Guyuan Heaven. This heaven isn’t one of the nine heavens but an independent existence.

“Guyuan Heaven is extremely mysterious. It contains the most ancient Genesis Qi, which we call ancestral qi. The Guyuan Heaven connects to the nine heavens. However, these channels are always closed and will only open at a specific time...”

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. "At a specific time...could it be during the so-called Battle of the Heavens?”

Mu Ni nodded. "Yes, the so-called Battle of the Heavens is actually a competition for the distribution rights of the oldest universe Genesis Qi within Guyuan Heaven.

"Do you know why our Hunyuan Heaven became the strongest of the five heavens besides the four heavens of the Sacred Race?

“That's because Hunyuan Heaven had repeatedly won the largest share of ancestral qi after the Sacred Race in the past Battles of the Heavens. Because of that, Hunyuan Heaven’s Genesis Qi is filled with an essence that allows countless heaven prides to be born. 

"Everyone in Hunyuan Heaven, including us, is actually blessed by that!”

Zhou Yuan was a little stunned. There is such a deep reason for Hunyuan Heaven’s Genesis Qi to be so strong!

Cangxuan Heaven is always ranked at the bottom in terms of strength. Could the reason be that it came last time and time again in the Battle of Heavens?

“Calculating the time, the Battle of Heavens happens around once every thousand years, but it’s not time yet. The Sacred Race insists on starting it, so we have to quickly prepare,” said Zhuan Zhu helplessly.

"Why are we so passive?" Zhou Yuan said puzzledly.

Zhuan Zhu sighed, "Because the Sacred Race is much stronger, they can forcibly open up the Guyuan Heaven, but we can't. They only informed us because the Guyuan Heaven follows a certain rule: the more heavens that participate, the stronger the ancestral qi it births."

“In simple terms, what the Sacred Race wants is not only their share of ancestral qi but also the five heavens’.”

Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly. "If this is the case, it seems we have to rely on the major players like you.”

In Zhou Yuan's view, only people like Zhuan Zhu and Chi Jing could participate in a battle of that level, which concerned all heavens.

But Zhuan Zhu stroked his chin and grinned at Zhou Yuan.

"Little junior brother, you’re wrong. This matter is not only dependent on us. We also need to rely on you."

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