Chapter 1068 War Ends

Countless people sighed in relief when the terrifying gaze of the Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign disappeared. Only then did they realize their backs were soaked in cold sweat, but it was understandable that they were afraid. After all, the Sacred Race’s prestige didn’t appear out of nowhere but was created from bloodshed over numerous years.  

The Sacred Race had destroyed and enslaved countless races throughout history. 

For a certain period of time, even the human race had retreated repeatedly and suffered heavy losses. If it weren’t for the rise of the supreme sovereigns in the human race and the fact they paid a great price, the human race wouldn’t have survived under the Sacred Race’s suppression.   

Even so, if the various races weren’t pressured by the Sacred Race and hadn’t started to join forces, the human race alone likely wouldn’t be a match for the Sacred Race.  

Therefore, the Sacred Race’s power and mystery recorded in many ancient books were bound to instill fear.

It was just that, except for some top experts, only a few beings in Hunyuan Heaven had personally felt the threat and pressure from the Sacred Race. But the Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign’s appearance and his cold and ruthless gaze were enough to make countless beings feel the fear that existed in their blood.

The mysterious and domineering Sacred Race was like sharp knives hanging above all races in Tianyuan World.  

But despite the appearance of the Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign, when Zhuan Zhu’s silhouette descended from the sky and appeared in the Tianyuan Utopia, deafening cheers still rang throughout the utopia, and countless awe-filled eyes were cast onto him.

Zhuan Zhu smiled, saluting the cheers of the crowd with his hand. His playful, carefree attitude seemed warm to everyone. After all, all the other supreme sovereigns were mysterious and intimidating and were unlike Zhuan Zhu.

Therefore, the cheers in the Tianyuan Utopia intensified.

But before Zhuan Zhu could continue to play around, he felt a somewhat unfriendly gaze from below. He followed the direction of the gaze, then suddenly quivered. He immediately disappeared into the void and appeared in front of Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the others.

"Which family’s little junior sister are you? You’re too pretty." Zhuan Zhu looked at Chi Jing’s displeased face and showed an ingratiating smile.

The corners of Chi Jing’s lips curved upwards as she sneered, "When you left that position to me, didn't you say you would be out in a year?”

Chi Jing glared at Zhuan Zhu. Zhuan Zhu was originally responsible for the grand elder position, but he had found a reason to make Chi Jing take over for him. She had agreed to help him only for a year, but she had filled in for him until now!

How could Chi Jing not understand that she had been fooled?

Zhuan Zhu wanted to avoid dealing with the endless boring affairs of the Tianyuan Region, so he had tricked Chi Jing and disappeared without a trace.

Zhuan Zhu flushed with embarrassment and guilt when he met Chi Jing’s gaze. He quickly moved behind Chi Jing and massaged her shoulders. “Junior sister, don’t be angry. It’s not that I, your senior brother, didn’t keep my promise. I only intended to go away to train for a year, but who would have thought I would be struck with enlightenment during the closed-door cultivation session and see an opportunity to break through? That’s why I took longer than expected.”

Chi Jing rolled her eyes and pushed him away. “Leave! Do you think I am as stupid as I was back then?”

Sect master Xuan Kun and patriarch Bian Chang felt a little cautious around Zhuan Zhu. After all, he had stepped into the Saint stage.

Clan elder Mu Ni, however, looked much better and wore a gentle smile. Chi Jing and Zhuan Zhu had always been close to her, and she was also very pleased to see Zhuan Zhu break through to the Saint stage.

Zhuan Zhu grinned at clan elder Mu Ni and greeted her, “Aunt Ni.”

Then he turned to sect master Xuan Kun and patriarch Bian Chang. “I have troubled everyone all these years.”

Sect master Xuan Kun and patriarch Bian Chang shook their heads with delighted smiles. With a supreme sovereign commanding the Tianyuan Region, everything would be very different in the future. They had suffered enough all these years without a supreme sovereign as a backer. 

“Supreme sovereign Zhuan Zhu is back. The Tianyuan Region can finally relax,” sect master Xuan Kun sighed.

Bian Chang nodded and then uttered after some hesitation, “Regarding Bai Ye…”

Bai Ye had led the White Clan to betray the Tianyuan Region and had almost given the Tianyuan Region a devastating blow.

Zhuan Zhu waved his hand, then immediately exhaled a cloud of white mist.

The white mist rose in front of him, turning into a light screen. Within the light screen, a towering mountain of Genesis Qi stood tall. The mountain, crystal-clear like a gemstone, signified that the Genesis Qi had been compressed to a terrifying stage. Faintly, ancient light runes were emerging on the mountain and exuding inexplicable and terrifying pressure.

At that moment, the towering mountain was pressing on a figure. Half the figure was pinned beneath the mountain, and the man couldn't budge no matter how he struggled.

It was Bai Ye!    

Zhuan Zhu smiled. “I have pinned Bai Ye. As for how to deal with him, I will leave that to the Elder Committee.”

Hearing Zhuan Zhu’s indifferent tone and seeing Bai Ye suppressed, the awe in the eyes of Xuan Kun and Bian Chang intensified even more because they didn’t see or hear Zhuan Zhu take action against Bai Ye. That meant he had taken care of everything with one thought and had effortlessly suppressed a Law Domain expert.  

A Saint-level supreme sovereign was indeed terrifying.  

As Chi Jing looked at the suppressed Bai Ye, a complicated look came to her eyes. After all, who would have thought that Bai Ye would betray them after they had worked together for so many years?

She shook her head, trying to forget about the matter, and said, “Right, I have someone to introduce to you.”   

Chi Jing flicked her finger, and Zhou Yuan, who was below them, suddenly felt a cloud of Genesis Qi form beneath his feet. It directly lifted him up. 

"Senior brother, do you know about his identity?" Chi Jing pointed to Zhou Yuan, keeping Zhuan Zhu in suspense.

But Zhuan Zhu swept a glance over Zhou Yuan and chuckled, “Isn’t he junior brother Zhou Yuan?”

His eyes glinted with interest. Under Zhou Yuan's helpless expression, Zhuan Zhu circled around and touched Zhou Yuan’s chest again and again, bringing goosebumps to Zhou Yuan. Zhou Yuan stared at his senior brother, whom he had never met before, with a guarded gaze.

"What are you doing?" Chi Jing said irritably, slapping Zhuan Zhu’s groping hand.

Zhuan Zhu grinned. "I just want to know what kind of person can ignite sparks with that person.”

When Zhou Yuan saw his weird smile, a light dawned, and he felt Zhuan Zhu was talking about Yaoyao.

“You, you saw master Cang Yuan recently?” Zhou Yuan asked.   

Zhuan Zhu would only know about Yaoyao and him if he saw Cang Yuan.

But what does his weird look mean? Isn’t it normal that Yaoyao and I have some sparks since we’re a perfect match?

It’s not like I have sparks with Tuntun! 

Zhuan Zhu patted the big gourd behind him and said with a smile, "My treasure was obtained through our master’s guidance.”

Chi Jing gasped. It turns out he has seen our master recently, so it's no wonder that he knew about Zhou Yuan's identity.

However, after Zhuan Zhu changed the subject, Zhou Yuan felt a little closer to his senior brother. His nonchalant attitude didn’t make him seem arrogant and instead made him very approachable.

While they were chatting, Chi Jing suddenly asked, "What's the deal with the Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign?”

The atmosphere suddenly tensed, and Zhou Yuan, sect master Xuan Kun and the others all stared at Zhuan Zhu curiously.

Zhuan Zhu sighed, “Let's deal with the mess in Tianyuan Utopia first, and then I’ll tell you about it. Anyway, supreme sovereign Wan Zu should have no time to create trouble again.

“Of course…the entire Hunyuan Heaven also wouldn’t have any peace.”

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