Chapter 1067 Blessing Battle of the Heavens

As the terrifying and chilling eyes peered through the gap in the boundary wall, many beings in Hunyuan Heaven lifted their heads in fear. The world seemed to dim as the huge eye obscured the sun.  

Countless beings shivered because they felt destruction from that icy gaze.

The expressions of Zhou Yuan and the others in the Tianyuan Utopia also changed dramatically because the cold-blooded eyes sent a chill down their spines. 

“That’s—a supreme sovereign of the Sacred Race?!” 

Zhou Yuan gulped, his eyes widening in fear. 

Qin Lian, Mu Youlan and the others even turned ashen. The fear they felt was much stronger than when the Tianyuan Utopia was close to being destroyed.  

This was because the words Sacred Race could be considered a nightmare for all living beings.

Even those in Hunyuan Heaven, the strongest of all heavens, still greatly feared the mysterious and powerful Sacred Race. 

There were nine heavens in Tianyuan World. The human race occupied five of them, and the Sacred Race occupied the other four. Based on this fact alone, it was clear how terrifying the Sacred Race was.

There were many records of wars waged by the Sacred Races in the ancient books, and every time, all races suffered disastrous damage, such as the death of supreme sovereigns. 

It was just that the Sacred Race seemed to only exist in ancient books. It was unknown how many years had passed since the Sacred Race’s supreme sovereigns had been seen in Hunyuan Heaven. So, the appearance of a Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign undoubtedly brought endless fear and unease to the Hunyuan Heaven citizens.

Zhou Yuan wasn’t as afraid as Qin Lian and the others. After all, he had seen a similar scene in Cangxuan Heaven and had met the Sacred Race’s supreme sovereigns more than once.

However, judging from the current situation before him, the Hunyuan Heaven was indeed worthy of being called the strongest among the five heavens. At the very least, the Sacred Race didn’t stretch out its hand and attack. On the other hand, the Sacred Palace, which the Sacred Race supported, was extremely arrogant and powerful in Cangxuan Heaven. 

But why would a Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign suddenly target Hunyuan Heaven?  

Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows as he vaguely felt something major would soon happen.


While thoughts raced in Zhou Yuan's mind, the eight supreme sovereigns and Zhuan Zhu soared into the sky, stepped through the multiple voids and appeared outside the boundary wall.

The terrifying aura rising from their bodies constantly caused the void to shatter.

As they stared at the giant eye beyond the gap in the boundary wall, their faces grew fierce and cold. It didn’t matter what kind of battle was happening in Hunyuan Heaven because everybody understood that the Sacred Race was their true enemy, and they could temporarily put down everything else.

“Sacred Race supreme sovereign, why did you attack my Hunyuan Heaven?!" Supreme sovereign Wu Shen’s body gradually turned golden, and his thin body caused the world to tremble.

The other supreme sovereigns stared vigilantly at the giant eye outside the boundary wall, but they weren’t too worried because there was only one person outside the boundary. It didn’t matter whether he could break through the boundary wall and enter Hunyuan Heaven because he wouldn’t be able to return if he were to face nine supreme sovereigns at once.   

The giant eye rolled around, casting icy looks at the nine supreme sovereigns.

"Unexpectedly, in addition to Cang Yuan, your Hunyuan Heaven has another supreme sovereign. Congratulations,” an indifferent voice resounded from outside the boundary wall.

All supreme sovereigns remained indifferent, and even the playful smile always on Zhuan Zhu’s face had faded. He narrowed his eyes and stared intently at the giant eye.

Seeing the supreme sovereigns pay little attention to him, the Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign said lazily, “I am here to inform you that the Sacred Race will restart the Blessing Battle of the Heavens soon. I hope you will all be prepared.” 

When these words came out, the pupils of all nine supreme sovereigns shrank.

"The Battle of the going to start again?" The nine supreme sovereigns exchanged glances with one another, their faces growing solemn.

This was a major matter and concerned the fate of all races.

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao said in a cold voice, “One thousand years haven’t passed since the last Battle of the Heavens, right? Your Sacred Race might be ready, but how can other races be prepared in such short notice?”

“Haha, that has nothing to do with my race.” The Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign said in an unconcerned voice, "My race is the king of Tianyuan World and naturally can decide the date of the battle. If you’re not satisfied, you can also try to have this ability."   

All nine supreme sovereigns’ faces darkened, but the supreme sovereigns couldn’t retort because the Battle of the Heavens was located in a mysterious place of the Tianyuan World, one of the sources that gives birth to Tianyuan World’s Genesis Qi. Even if they were to unite the other four heavens, they might not have the ability to open up that place.

Within Tianyuan World, only the Sacred Race possessed such an ability. 

The Sacred Race’s supreme sovereign smiled. "If your Hunyuan Heaven doesn't want to participate, don’t force yourself.”

The Battle of the Heavens could represent the future destiny of one heaven. If Hunyuan Heaven didn’t participate, the Blessing would be seized by other heavens and allow them to become stronger for the next one thousand years, while the Hunyuan Heaven would deteriorate. Most importantly, although it would be difficult to accept it if the Blessing were to fall to the other four heavens, they absolutely couldn’t accept it if the Sacred Race claimed the Blessing.

The nine people glanced at one another. Although they saw anger in each other’s eyes, they all suppressed it in the end.

“Our Hunyuan Heaven knows. If you’ve passed along your message, see yourself out!” Supreme sovereign Wu Shen’s icy voice resounded as she stretched out her hand towards the boundary wall. The world quaked, and he forcibly sealed the slight crack.

And as the gap in the boundary wall faded, the giant eyes flashed and disappeared with a sneer. 

“My Sacred Race will be waiting in Guyuan Heaven…”

Standing in front of the boundary wall, the nine supreme sovereigns silently gazed at where the gap disappeared. It was clear that the sudden change was unexpected to all of them.

Zhuan Zhu also sighed. He didn't expect to encounter such a major event the moment he stepped into the Saint stage.

"Everyone, I think you all know how important this Battle of the Heavens is, so let’s not waste time. We should all go back and prepare. No matter what, we have to protect the Hunyuan Heaven’s Blessing for the next one thousand years!" supreme sovereign Xuan Ji said.

The other supreme sovereigns nodded and, with a slight motion, immediately vanished. They all understood that no one could manage it alone in the face of such threats and challenges. Even they, the mighty supreme sovereigns, were troubled by the upcoming battle.

There most likely wouldn’t be any peace in Hunyuan Heaven for some time. 

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