Chapter 1066 Matter ends

While everyone was still in a state of shock, the eight supreme sovereigns slowly stood back up straight in the void and stared at the figure carrying a huge scarlet gourd. They each wore a different expression. 

The outcome was unexpected to everyone.  

Not only did supreme sovereign Wan Zu fail to force Cang Yuan out in the end, but he had also brought out another supreme sovereign in the Tianyuan Region. 

This was a huge matter.  

The addition of a Saint expert in Hunyuan Heaven would lead to a huge change in the world. Although Zhuan Zhu was only a one-lotus Saint expert, and there was a gap between him and other supreme sovereigns, as a Saint expert, he was an equal to the other eight supreme sovereigns.

It was incredibly rare to have two Saints in one region in the history of Hunyuan Heaven.  

Faced with such a scene, the eight supreme sovereigns were silent for a good while.

Zhuan Zhu placed one hand on his chest and gave a slight bow to the other eight supreme sovereigns. Then, he swept a glance over the light boundary at the Tianyuan Region’s entrance and smiled. “Supreme sovereign Wan Zu, you’re a Saint expert, but you are willing to lower yourself to deal with the Tianyuan Region. You really attach great importance to my Tianyuan Region.” 

He lifted up his eyes and looked directly at supreme sovereign Wan Zu.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu wore an indifferent expression, and there wasn’t a hint of emotion on his face as he said, “Supreme sovereign Zhuan Zhu, you should know my purpose of coming here. Also…there are some things that Cang Yuan needs to explain to not only me but also the other supreme sovereigns.”

Zhuan Zhu scratched his head, saying, “If you want my master to give you an explanation, you should find him elsewhere. Why create trouble in the Tianyuan Region?” 

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu scrunched his brows. If Cang Yuan wanted to keep hidden, given the vastness of all the Heavens, it would be impossible to find him. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s plan was about to succeed if Zhuan Zhu hadn’t appeared and disturbed it. It was understandable that he, who was always calm and composed, was in a bad mood.

Zhuan Zhu smiled. “Supreme sovereign Wan Zu, today’s matter ends here.”

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu narrowed his eyes, saying indifferently, “You have just entered the Saint stage, yet you dare order me?”

Zhuan Zhu shook his head, saying, “Your plan has caused huge damage to my Tianyuan Region, and I have already given you enough face by keeping the peace.” He paused to ponder. “But supreme sovereign Wan Zu, if you aren’t satisfied, I will retreat and let you destroy the Tianyuan Region.”

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu stared at Zhuan Zhu indifferently, knowing that he must have something else to say.  

As expected, Zhuan Zhu chuckled, "It's just that if you continue to be so aggressive, your Wanzu Region citizens most likely won’t be able to leave their borders ever again.” 

There seemed to be endless storms raging in supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s eyes, and the entire world seemed to be suppressed. “Are you threatening me?” 

Ancient light runes emerged on the huge red gourd behind Zhuan Zhu. It seemingly possessed some sort of vitality and was breathing. “Although I can’t win against you elders, I have no difficulty dealing with others who are from your Wanzu Region. Also, you can’t stop me.”

Zhuan Zhu continued with a smile, "If my Tianyuan Region falls apart, it falls apart. But the people of your Wanzu Region can’t live in peace so easily.”

He was indeed superior to Zhuan Zhu, and he had the confidence he could defeat him. However, he could only defeat and not kill him. If Zhuan Zhu escaped, the Wanzu Region citizens really wouldn’t dare to leave the Wanzu Region’s borders. And it was impossible for him to protect them at all times.

A Saint expert who could appear unexpectedly indeed posed a terrifying threat to him.

Zhuan Zhu wasn’t intimidated by supreme sovereign Wan Zu. He had nothing to fear; therefore, even if he were injured 1000 times, he had to wound his enemy 800 times. 

Wan Zu glowered at Zhuan Zhu, who was grinning at him. He never thought Cang Yuan’s eldest disciple, who always had a playful attitude towards life, would be so difficult to deal with.

Countless people shuddered and didn’t dare to even breathe loudly. A game between two supreme sovereigns could determine the rise and fall of a region and affect billions of people.

Within Tianyuan Utopia, Chi Jing's and the others’ faces were contorted with nervousness. However, they were much calmer compared to their earlier panic state. After all, as long as Zhuan Zhu, a supreme sovereign, was present, the Tianyuan Region would still have a pillar supporting them even if the Tianyuan Utopia was destroyed.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be difficult for the Tianyuan Region to bounce back when the time was right.

Of course, there would be inevitable losses if the Tianyuan Region was destroyed, and it would be best to avoid such a situation. But that depended on whether supreme sovereign Wan Zu was willing to let them.

Under countless gazes, supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s eyes gleamed with a heart-chilling light, and then, he swept his gaze across the other seven supreme sovereigns. “Everyone, we are only one step away from forcing Cang Yuan to appear. Who is willing to join hands with me to capture Zhuan Zhu? Don’t worry. I know the importance of a Saint expert, and I won’t harm his life. I will release him once this matter is over.”

He could defeat Zhuan Zhu by himself, but he couldn't stop him from escaping. However, if he had another supreme sovereign’s help, Zhuan Zhu would have no choice but be captured obediently.

One of the supreme sovereigns chuckled, “Wan Zu is right.”

The man who spoke had a devilish face, and his long black hair was swaying in the air. It was supreme sovereign Yao Gui.

It was rumored that every strand of supreme sovereign Yao Gui’s hair was formed from a demon puppet. Those demon puppets could scatter throughout millions of domains, and as long one remained, he could be reborn no matter how much damage was inflicted to his body.

“Thank you, brother Yao Gui.” Wan Zu expressed his gratitude.

Supreme sovereign Yao Gui was one of his long-term allies, and they had long agreed to join hands to deal with Cang Yuan when he appeared.

However, not all the supreme sovereigns were on the same path as Wan Zu.

Supreme sovereign Wu Shen’s majestic voice trembled the void, “Do you two want to violate the agreement among Saint experts in Hunyuan Heaven?”

Supreme sovereign Wu Shen’s real body was a thin, ordinary-looking middle-aged man, but everyone knew that he had achieved the Saint stage with rare, powerful bodily strength. His combat strength was known to be fierce and terrifying.

The so-called agreement among Hunyuan Heaven Saint experts was that they wouldn’t recklessly start a battle against other Saint experts. After all, a Saint expert’s power was too frightening and could impact the entire Hunyuan Heaven.

"This isn’t right. Zhuan Zhu has just become a Saint expert. How could we capture and seal him? Cang Yuan’s matter has nothing to do with him,” an elegant voice resounded.

It was a graceful figure with multiple purple halos behind her. She was as beautiful as a celestial being, and her bearing was ethereal. Her mysterious purple eyes, in particular, made her seem unreachable.

Supreme sovereign Zi Xiao!

The other supreme sovereigns remained silent and didn’t say a word. They wanted to maintain a neutral stance.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu and Yao Gui knitted their brows in a frown. It was difficult to continue their plan with the opposition of supreme sovereign Wu Shen and supreme sovereign Zi Xiao.

Wan Zu said in a deep voice, “Do we just let Cang Yuan mess around? If he falls into the Sacred Race’s hand, who will be responsible then?”

All the supreme sovereigns frowned.

Zhuan Zhu spoke again, “Supreme sovereigns, my master will return to Hunyuan Heaven within a few years at most.”

He knew it would be difficult to end the matter if he didn’t assure them somehow.

The supreme sovereigns’ eyes flickered slightly. A few years wasn’t long to them…

"Then I hope you remember this promise. If Cang Yuan doesn’t show up by then, we will all have to join hands to force him out.” This time, the one who spoke was an elder with a yin-yang light disk floating behind his head. The disk seemed capable of prying into the endless world as it rotated. That person was the supreme sovereign from the Xuanji Region.

Zhuan Zhu nodded.

A hint of disappointment flashed in supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s eyes, but he knew he had to stop here.

The several supreme sovereigns exchanged glances with one another and gradually vanished. As the ancient light runes covering the huge red gourd on Zhuan Zhu’s back faded, the high tension in the atmosphere slowly dissipated.

The dispute had finally shown signs of calming down after Zhuan Zhu appeared.

Everyone felt relieved, freed from a huge weight.


However, just as all parties were about to retreat, a terrifying wave of energy erupted outside the endless void. It gushed down and set off a storm across the entire Hunyuan Heaven.

The eight supreme sovereigns’ silhouettes, which were about to fade, suddenly stilled. They lifted their heads and pierced the void with their eyes, looking at Hunyuan Heaven’s boundary wall!

A tiny gap had emerged in the boundary, and they saw a huge and ruthless eye peering into Hunyuan Heaven through the gap.

The expressions of the eight supreme sovereigns and Zhuan Zhu changed dramatically. Nine terrifying auras soared from them, causing the Genesis Qi throughout Hunyuan Heaven to surge violently.

“A Sacred Race supreme sovereign dares to peep into my Hunyuan Heaven?!”

Nine majestic voices resounded throughout the world.

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