Chapter 1065 World Congratulates

“Congratulations, new Saint!”  

Resounding voices echoed in every corner of Hunyuan Heaven like a bell.

Countless beings lifted their heads in astonishment. For them, such a spectacle was seen only once in a lifetime, and only those with profound knowledge would remember a record of such spectacles in the ancient books.

“Another Saint is born in Hunyuan Heaven?” They were so shocked that they couldn’t control themselves.  

It was rumored that the birth of a new saint would draw congratulations from across the world. Iridescent clouds would fill the sky, and golden lotuses would surge up from underground, all rare spectacular sights.

No one thought they could witness a new Saint’s birth as it was a rare occurrence, and many people would never encounter it once in their entire lives. 

Although the citizens in Hunyuan Heaven still didn’t know about the new Saint’s background, that didn’t stop them from feeling delighted because Saint experts were leaders of the human race. The addition of a new Saint indicated that Hunyuan Heaven’s strength had gone up a level, which was undoubtedly a great occurrence from any point of view. 

After all, in this world, the human race was not the strongest race. Within the universe, the mysterious and powerful Sacred Race were the true rulers of this world. 

The Sacred Race had brought tremendous pressure to the other races in the world. Otherwise, the Sacred Race wouldn’t have dominated four of the nine heavens, and the rest of the races wouldn’t only cower and reside in the other five heavens. 

Although the Hunyuan Heaven citizens didn’t know where the new saint came from, those within Tianyuan Region were able to witness the birth of the new Saint. As a result, the entire Tianyuan Region was buzzing like never before. 

Countless Tianyuan Region citizens stared blankly at the tall figure with a saint lotus formed above his head. The next moment, they dropped to one knee, and their eyes widened with admiration and reverence.  

“Congratulations, new Saint!”    

“Congratulations, new Saint!”  


Booming voices echoed throughout the Tianyuan Region’s 900 prefectures, quaking the mountains and sky. 

At the borders, Zhao Xiansun, Hong Jiuyuan and the other Law Domain experts stared dumbstruck at the appearance of a new Saint expert. The Genesis Qi frantically circulating around their bodies displayed how strong their emotions were at that moment.

Especially Zhao Xiansun. His eyes were wide with disbelief. After all, he had always regarded Zhuan Zhu as his rival. He originally thought he could catch up to Zhuan Zhu, but Zhuan Zhu’s appearance seemed to have directly thrust him into the depths of an abyss.  

The Saint lotus above Zhuan Zhu’s head clearly symbolized his cultivation level. He was a one-lotus Saint expert!

Zhuan Zhu had already become a Saint expert!  

Everyone below the Saint stage was ordinary to him!

“How is that possible…how is that possible…,” Zhao Xiansun murmured.  

As an expert at the pinnacle of the Law Domain stage, he was only one step away from becoming a Saint expert, but the gap he had to cross was comparable to the distance between heaven and earth. It was possible that he would never make that step in his life.  

When he met Zhuan Zhu again in the future, he would have no choice but to bow his head and respectfully address him as supreme sovereign.

How could he accept this? But even if he couldn’t, would Zhuan Zhu return to the Law Domain stage? 

Zhao Xiansun slowly lowered his head, and the triumphant look he had before had completely vanished.  


On the Tianyuan Region’s border. 

Bai Ye lifted his head and gazed silently at the void. As he quivered, he exuded a terrifying aura. 

Many White Clan experts stood behind him, similarly filled with fear. They originally thought the Tianyuan Region would be destroyed, but who would have thought that Zhuan Zhu would suddenly appear at the critical moment?

Moreover, he had broken into the Saint stage! It was terrifying to have two Saint experts in one region!  

All White Clan experts felt a chilling terror creep over them. They were well aware of the power a Saint expert possessed and knew that they would fall into a crisis if Zhuan Zhu noticed them.

“Clan leader…,” A White clan elder muttered in a trembling voice.   

This voice snapped Bai Ye out from his horror. His expression changed dramatically, and he finally said hoarsely, "Quickly inform all White Clan members to escape from the Tianyuan Region!”

Everybody was silent and still for a moment when they heard his command, but soon, many scrambled to flee.  


The Tianyuan Utopia similarly plunged into a surging ocean. 

After the initial shock, even Chi Jing and sect master Xuan Kun couldn't stop a smile from spreading over their faces. 

“I didn’t expect Zhuan Zhu to break through to the Saint stage…his talent…” Sect master Xuan Kun sighed, jealousy in his voice.

Mu Ni chuckled, “We have to call him supreme sovereign Zhuan Zhu from now on.”

Grand elder Bian Chang also laughed, "Haha, it seems the heaven doesn’t want our Tianyuan Region destroyed. It is incredibly rare to have two saints in one region in the history of Hunyuan Heaven!”

Chi Jing clenched her hands tightly as she gazed up at Zhuan Zhu’s figure with tear-filled eyes. Before Zhuan Zhu’s appearance, she was determined to defend the Tianyuan Utopia to death, but who would have thought that her senior brother would suddenly break through to the Saint stage and shock the world!

“So many years of closed-door cultivation is indeed effective…” Chi Jing felt a weight lift from her, and she said with pursed lips, “Where did he find such a huge gourd? He looks silly…but he didn’t disappoint me after I worked so hard for so many years to help him take care of the responsibilities required of the grand elder position.”

Sect master Xuan Kun and the others laughed. They were previously so anxious that they didn’t even dare show a smile. But now that Zhuan Zhu had broken through to the Saint stage, he had become their pillar. Even if Zhuan Zhu might be weaker than the other veteran supreme sovereigns, he was still a Saint stage expert, and even the other supreme sovereigns had to treat him as an equal.

The tremendous pressure they previously endured had diminished. 


“So, that’s senior brother Zhuan Zhu…”   

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise when he finally learned the identity of the man carrying the huge scarlet gourd.

Ever since coming to the Tianyuan Region, he had heard his senior brother’s name mentioned repeatedly, but he didn't expect his senior brother to break through to the Saint stage the moment he showed up.

“It’s grand elder Zhuan Zhu! Our Tianyuan Region is saved!" Qin Lian, Mu Youlan, Yi Qiushui and the others cheered. They couldn’t help flushing with excitement, and they almost wept with joy.

Zhou Yuan gazed at the figure with blazing eyes. This result was unexpected to him, but he wasn’t sure whether his senior brother Zhuan Zhu’s appearance could solve the Tianyuan Region’s crisis.  

After all, there should still be a gap between his senior brother Zhuan Zhu and supreme sovereign Wan Zu, even if Zhuan Zhu had broken through to the Saint stage. 

But Zhou Yuan was certain of one thing: everything would be very different now that a Saint expert had assumed command of the Tianyuan Region.

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