Chapter 1064 Congratulations, New Saint

At Tianyuan Utopia’s entrance. 

Countless people cast shocked and suspicious gazes at the entrance. Light strands constantly seeped through the void. Those mysterious light threads seemingly possessed extraordinary power and even pieced together the broken boundary fragments.

In just a few breaths, the boundary’s last fragile piece unexpectedly stood strong even though it was covered in faint cracks and was about to shatter.

This scene stunned many experts, and the power contained within the mysterious light threads made their hearts pound with fear.  

That power well-surpasses the Law Domain stage! Could it be...supreme sovereign Cang Yuan has finally shown himself?  

Within the Tianyuan Utopia, sect master Chi Jing, Xuan Kun and the others were struck dumb by the sudden change. They exchanged surprised and worried glances with one another. 

That power must be from a Saint expert! But if Cang Yuan had really returned, even if he could solve the Tianyuan Region’s crisis, in a sense, he had fallen into the opponent's scheme. Therefore, they didn't know whether they wanted to see Cang Yuan appear. 

But only the high-level experts pondered that question. Countless people within the Tianyuan Utopia burst into deafening cheers, and their joy wiped out the despair that had previously filled the world. 

Zhou Yuan, on the other hand, was anxious. He was uncertain whether the mysterious power came from master Cang Yuan…

“Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan?” Hong Jiuyuan’s pupils shrank and fear filled his eyes. Naturally, he was afraid of the great supreme sovereign.

“Continue to attack!” Zhao Xiansun’s icy voice fell into his ears, causing him to hesitate for a while. In the end, he gritted his teeth and continued to operate the golden tower.    

Since they had already reached this step, they couldn’t give up regardless of whether supreme sovereign Cang Yuan had appeared. 


Under Hong Jiuyuan’s operation, more terrifying gold torrents rushed into the sky and frantically pounded the boundary put back together by the mysterious light threads.   

In the void’s depths, universe Genesis Qi surged and formed a mysterious eye that locked onto the light boundary.  

“Cang Yuan, if it’s you, then show yourself!” 


A mighty golden torrent charged through the boundary under countless gazes.  

A crack slowly tore in the void in front of the light boundary, and a hand popped out. The hand, slender and fair, gently reached out to pat the mighty torrent. It appeared extremely small beneath the torrent, but for some reason, its appearance caused the entire void to quake.


The void froze when the hand patted the golden torrent. Beneath the tiny palm, the torrent’s frightening power evaporated like air and turned into billions of dazzling light specks, shocking countless people.  

After the mighty torrent was destroyed, the crack in the void slowly widened, and a figure strode out.

All eyes gathered on the figure.  

The mighty auras in the void suddenly flickered.

“You finally showed yourself!” 

Endless Genesis Qi rushed forth from somewhere in the void, forming a blurry figure. The figure was imposing and almost invisible, but he emitted an oppressive pressure that made the world tremble. 

It was supreme sovereign Wan Zu!  

Cang Yuan’s appearance meant his goal had been achieved, and he could continue to the next step of his plan. Wan Zu’s gaze penetrated the void, locked onto the figure stepping out the spatial crack and then…seemed to still momentarily.


The other supreme sovereigns also cried out in puzzlement, and their auras shook violently. 


Countless people cast blank gazes towards the figure, including Law Domain experts, and their mouths slowly fell open.

They realized the figure that stepped out of the spatial crack wasn’t supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, whom they were familiar with.

It was a young man with a tall and straight body like a pine tree. His face was as pretty as jade, and his facial features resembled those of a carved stone statue. He exuded an astonishing charm, and the smile that curved the corners of his lips made one feel at ease. In particular, the scarlet-red gourd on his back, which was as tall as a person, exuded a faint terrifying aura.

The person before them wasn’t supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, whom everybody expected. 

The man with the gourd on his back scratched his head and said with a smile, “Hey, it’s so lively here.”

The world fell utterly silent.    

Zhou Yuan was also a little dumbfounded. He stared at the mysterious man blankly. He clearly isn’t master Cang Yuan, but if it’s not my master, who is he?

He cast a glance over at Qin Lian and the others and saw puzzled expressions on their faces. They seemed to be vaguely familiar with him, but they couldn’t recognize him.

Zhao Xiansun, Hong Jiuyuan and the other Law Domain experts similarly stared dumbly at the man, and it was only after a good while that shocked disbelief rushed forth from their eyes. 

Chi Jing’s eyes widened, and her voice trembled, “Senior brother!?”  

Although the man with the huge gourd on his back had a slightly different bearing than he did in the past, Chi Jing recognized him from his familiar aura.

“Zhuan Zhu?!” sect master Xuan Kun exclaimed. He was also stunned because the man was supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s eldest disciple who had been missing for a long time. 

They had never imagined that the person who would appear during the Tianyuan Region’s most critical time wouldn’t be supreme sovereign Cang Yuan but Zhuan Zhu!


Uproar and commotion broke out among the millions of Tianyuan Region citizens. They also recognized the man after a little reminder. But very soon, they felt a little uneasy again because the person who had come wasn’t supreme sovereign Cang Yuan. Could supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s eldest disciple, who had been missing for many years, solve their crisis? 

“Zhuan Zhu, I didn’t expect it to be you!” A glum look surfaced in Zhao Xiansun’s bewildered eyes. For some reason, he felt a disturbing aura exuding from Zhuan Zhu, a former rival of his. Zhuan Zhu had been in closed-door cultivation for so many years, and Zhao Xiansun had even thought he had died.  

But it seemed this wasn’t the case. His eyes gleamed as he passed a message to Hong Jiuyuan, “Attack him!”  

Although Zhuan Zhu had shown terrifying powers, those could be the means of Cang Yuan. Zhao Xiansun didn’t dare to think about it and didn’t even dare to believe it.  

Hong Jiuyuan immediately activated the nine golden towers when he received the command because he wanted to confirm something. But while the nine towers frantically rotated, Zhuan Zhu seemed to have detected something. His gaze pierced the void, and he smiled, applying pressure with his hand.


Space crumbled.   


Then, the scene that Zhao Xiansun, Hong Jiuyuan and the other Law Domain experts saw sent a chill down their spines. The golden towers that supreme sovereign Wan Zu had personally created collapsed and were forcibly crushed into golden pancakes.

Even Zhao Xiansun and the others felt fear surging into their hearts because they couldn’t believe what they saw.

After suppressing the nine golden towers behind him, Zhuan Zhu peered up and said with a smile, “Elders, please show yourself.” 

The depths of the void vibrated ever so slightly, and mighty Genesis Qi gathered and gradually transformed into eight figures, stunning the countless watchers.

The eight figures stood tall in the void, and when they appeared, the entire world trembled as though it couldn’t bear their powers. 

It was the supreme sovereigns of the eight regions! The strongest existences in Hunyuan Heaven! They had all appeared at the same time!

Awe filled countless eyes, but the eight supreme sovereigns ignored those gazes and only stared at Zhuan Zhu. They didn’t utter a word, but their eyes glinted as though they were confirming something.

Zhuan Zhu also knew what they were thinking. He smiled, and the next moment, a wisp of aura rose from his head and turned into a slowly blooming Saint lotus.

The Saint lotus’ appearance caused the heaven and the earth to hum simultaneously and made the Genesis Qi surge wildly. Countless strange sights appeared throughout the world as though congratulating something.

All living beings across the world were astonished. 

As for the eight supreme sovereigns, they quivered in the void as they silently watched the saint lotus bloom above Zhuan Zhu’s head with different expressions. But in the end, they all stood with one hand in front of them and bowed their head, performing the most ancient ceremony.

“Congratulations, new Saint.”   

Deafening voices as clear as a bell rang throughout Hunyuan Heaven.

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