Chapter 1063 Appear?


Under the golden torrent’s battering, the boundary continued to shatter, and countless boundary fragments scattered in the void.  

The cracks in the light boundary multiplied, and some experts could even see a domain with numerous floating islands through the cracks. 

Countless Tianyuan Region citizens watched the scene in horror. Situated in the outside world, they naturally were unaware of Bai Ye’s betrayal, but they knew they were in a very bad situation from the boundary’s incessant splintering.  

They were very puzzled as to why there would be such a sudden change. The light boundary looked very stable to them before. 

The change in the light boundary caused panic to spread through the Tianyuan Region. The Tianyuan Utopia was the center of the Tianyuan Region and a blessed cultivation place that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan had created. Many Tianyuan Region citizens regarded it as a blessed land and had always hoped to find a chance to enter the Tianyuan Utopia for training. 

Therefore, the Tianyuan Utopia had an important position in millions of the Tianyuan Region citizens’ hearts. 

If the Tianyuan Utopia were destroyed before their eyes, it would have an unimaginable impact on them, and once their sense of purpose diminished, the Tianyuan Region would no doubt face destruction.

Powerful, mighty auras circled above the Tianyuan Region, closely watching the collision at Tianyuan Utopia’s entrance. 

Those auras belonged to the top experts from other forces in Hunyuan Heaven. Among them, many were Law Domain experts. Although the Tianyuan Region citizens couldn’t see past the void and didn’t know what was happening in the Tianyuan Utopia, the Law Domain experts had clearly witnessed Bai Ye’s betrayal. 

The unexpected change had shocked even Law Domain experts. They similarly hadn’t expected Bai Ye to betray the Tianyuan Region. Bai Ye was one of the five grand elders in the Tianyuan Region, and they wondered how much effort the Wanzu Region had put in to pull Bei Ye to their side.

The effect of Bei Ye’s betrayal was undoubtedly earth-shattering.

The boundary was unable to last after two mystical creatures were destroyed. 

The Law Domain experts sighed sympathetically. It seems the Tianyuan Region can’t escape calamity today.

Of course, some people were secretly delighted. After all, the Tianyuan Region was one of the nine regions, and the 900 prefectures under its rule possessed innumerable rare training resources that top forces coveted. Those top forces dared not do anything in the past, but if the Tianyuan Region were to split from the nine regions, they would undoubtedly take a huge bite of the Tianyuan Region.  

Given the Tianyuan Region’s size, one bite was enough to fill them up.

In addition to the Law Domain experts, some vast, mighty auras were in the void’s deeper depths. The auras belonged to the supreme sovereigns of the other seven regions! 

The great movements within the Tianyuan Region had awakened the supreme sovereigns from their training and attracted their attention. The other supreme sovereigns were all aware of supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s plan and intentions.

However, they made no effort to stop him and even somewhat approved his action. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu had long broken some rules. Except for the time supreme sovereign Wu Shen interfered when he attacked Zhou Yuan, the supreme sovereigns had kept quiet about all his other plans.  

After all, Cang Yuan had gone too far in that one matter.

Even if there were disputes, you can't act secretly and sneak out of Hunyuan Heaven and stay hidden for so many years, right? That matter is very important. If something goes wrong, even you, Cang Yuan, can't take such responsibility! It’s infuriating! It’s good that Wan Zu is trying to force you out, since some matters have to be resolved!

How infuriating!  

At that moment, all top experts in Hunyuan Heaven had their attention on the Tianyuan Region. 



Watching the light boundary shatter slowly, Chi Jing didn’t give up. Gritting her teeth, she operated the Sky Illuminating Eye. It refined Saint fire meteors one after another and bombarded the golden torrent. 

However, Chi Jing was put under a heavy load to activate a Saint treasure like the Sky Illuminating Eye, even if she possessed the Sky Illuminating Token. Soon, blood trickled down the corners of her lips.   

But she didn't care—her eyes were filled with stubbornness and persistence. However, her offensive had little effect. Every time a Saint fire meteor struck, a mysterious light beam pierced the void and directly melted the meteor.

Standing atop the golden pagoda, Zhao Xiansun smiled faintly as he watched the mysterious light beams from his Ancestral Spirit Mirror penetrate the void. 

"Chi Jing, you’re still resisting?" He sneered.

Chi Jing’s face remained expressionless, but her eyes gradually turned blue like sapphire. A Law Domain world seemed to be roaming in the depths of her eyes.  

She exhausted all her strength.   

The Sky Illuminating Eye that resembled a blazing sun grew even bigger, but Chi Jing had to pay the price for this. The bloodstains on the corners of her lips darkened.

“Chi Jing, let me do it,” Mu Ni said heartachingly.  

Chi Jing shook her head. She was the one who had always refined the Sky Illuminating Token, so she knew its power would weaken if its operator were changed to sect master Xuan Kun or Mu Ni.

“Oh, you’re getting angry…” Zhao Xiansun chuckled. 

He also felt the Sky Illuminating Eye’s power had grown stronger and knew that Chi Jing was trying to turn around her fate.

“Why do you have to do this?" Zhao Xiansun said in a pitying voice. Although Chi Jing’s action would create some trouble for him, it wouldn’t change the final ending. Therefore, in his view, Chi Jing was doing something meaningless.

As he lifted his palm into the air, the Ancestral Spirit Mirror floated up, and the ancient Genesis Runes that seemed to have existed since the beginning of the universe gradually grew brighter. Zhao Xiansun's face also turned purple-red.


A mysterious light beamed from the Ancestral Spirit Mirror, shattering space.



While Chi Jing and Zhao Xiansun attacked one another with the power of their respective Saint treasure, more than half of the boundary at the Tianyuan Utopia’s entrance was destroyed. 

The commotion brought by Bai Ye’s betrayal had faded, and the Tianyuan Utopia had quieted. However, the silence was an indication of their powerlessness and despair.

Everyone stared blankly at the crumbling light boundary. 

The glory the Tianyuan Region had in the past had shattered at that moment. In the future, they might no longer be proud to be citizens of the Tianyuan Region.

Muffled sobs rang out throughout the Tianyuan Utopia.

Chi Jing’s little hand in the air stiffened slightly as she stared out of the void in a daze. She didn’t operate the Sky Illuminating Eye this time and just gently wiped the blood at the corners of her lips. 

At this time, even someone as determined as her felt a hint of despair.

She painfully closed her eyes. 

Master, senior brother…I am incompetent and can’t defend the Tianyuan Utopia, she muttered sorrowfully in her heart. 

Under countless gazes, the last piece of the boundary that guarded the Tianyuan Utopia’s entrance began to crack and release countless specks of light. 

Once this piece broke, the Tianyuan Utopia would lose the Genesis Qi that connected the 900 prefectures of the Tianyuan Region, and it would undoubtedly collapse. 


The last boundary piece crackled as cracks spread throughout it. 


In the end, the light boundary could no longer hold on, and it finally broke apart. 

All the citizens within the Tianyuan Region were in despair.

A relieved smile lit up Zhao Xiansun’s face. Their plan had finally succeeded. From then on, there would be only eight regions in Hunyuan Heaven!

“Huh?” Before the smile fully bloomed on Zhao Xiansun’s face, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. He found that the universe Genesis Qi from the region’s 900 prefectures was still flowing towards the Tianyuan Utopia. 

“Huh?” The Law Domain experts also cried out in shock.

Mighty auras fluctuated in the depths of the void.

Many people cast their eyes towards the Tianyuan Utopia’s entrance.

Light rays were converging, and the last little boundary piece was still standing strong. Although the boundary was covered in cracks, one could see faint threads joining the cracks together upon a closer look. 

Moreover, endless silk threads were hanging down from the void. They constantly pulled over the fragments floating in the void and pieced them back into the light boundary, shocking countless people.

The Law Domain experts were especially shocked because they knew what kind of terrifying power was needed to put the fragments together. Moreover, the silk threads emitted an aura that made them shudder with fear. 

That aura…    

A Saint expert!   

The mighty auras in the depths of the void gradually grew more powerful, and unfathomable eyes revealed themselves in the void. All pairs of eyes stared intently at the light boundary.

"Cang Yuan...are you finally showing yourself?"

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