Chapter 1062 Traitor

Everyone within the Tianyuan Utopia was stunned to see a mighty Genesis Qi torrent slam into the light boundary from behind them.

The shocked disbelief throughout the world made the atmosphere deathly still. 

Countless people stared dumbstruck at the figure standing in the void. They would never have imagined that grand elder Bai Yu, a top expert in the Tianyuan Region, would launch a fatal attack at the Tianyuan Region in the most critical moment. 

Patriarch Bai Yu was one of the five grand elders!

When the Tianyuan Region was founded, he followed supreme sovereign Cang Yuan and made significant contributions to the Tianyuan Region. Many experts in the Tianyuan Region saw him as their goal to work towards. But as one of the Tianyuan Region’s pillars, he had betrayed the Tianyuan Region at the critical moment!

Many people were paralyzed with shock, and their eyes glazed over in a hypnotic trance, which showed how hugely the betrayal impacted them.   

The Tianyuan Utopia’s morale almost instantly collapsed. 

“How can this be…” Qin Lian was also rooted to the spot, body trembling and beautiful face ashen. She couldn't imagine why someone with a high status and identity like Patriarch Bai Ye would choose to betray the Tianyuan Region. 

Zhou Yuan was similarly stunned. But for some reason, his expression was somewhat calm. Perhaps, it was because he had seen this kind of thing happen in the Cangxuan Sect before.  

From a certain point of view, patriarch Bai Ye was similar to peak master Lei Jun from the Cangxuan Sect. They both kept a low profile, but that was only a disguise. 

No one had thought that grand elder Bai Ye, who had always been low-profile, would secretly seek refuge with the Wanzu Region.

Could it be that he wasn’t optimistic about the Tianyuan Region?  

But it made sense. Although the Tianyuan Region remained one of the nine regions, the absence of a supreme sovereign had led to the Tianyuan Region deteriorating over the years. The Tri-Mountain Alliance and Crimson Cloud Sword Sect had never dared to jump in front of the Tianyuan Region to display their power, but they had now joined forces and attacked the Tianyuan Region together. 

Under such circumstances, if supreme sovereign Wan Zu had made some sort of deal with grand elder Bai Yu, even someone with his status and identity would understandably be tempted.

Zhou Yuan glanced around and sighed, "It seems that grand elder Bai Ye had come prepared. It’s no wonder I don’t see Bai Yu and the other core members of the White Clan today.”

Qin Lian hurriedly swept her gaze around and indeed saw no sign of Bai Yu.

“I was also wondering why I didn't see Bai Yu today. It turns out he..." Mu Youlan gritted her teeth.

"It’s not only Bai Yu—some other experts of the White Clan also aren’t here in the Tianyuan Utopia. Senior sister Chi Jing mentioned that grand elder Bai Ye had sent them to guard the Tianyuan Region’s borders. Haha, our grand elder Bai Ye’s schemes are always flawless,” Zhou Yuan said with a cold smile.

Qin Lian and the others fell silent, finding it very hard to accept the truth. After all, the White Clan was a powerful member of the Tianyuan Region. They had fought together side by side for many years, but now the clan had suddenly betrayed them.

“Will our Tianyuan Region really be destroyed?" Qin Lian mumbled, her voice trembling. Even she felt helpless.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and peered at the figures standing in the void. They could have defended the Tianyuan Utopia, but the situation spiraled out of control with Bai Ye’s betrayal. So, even he was a little pessimistic.

As the Tianyuan Utopia’s morale crumbled, Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun, Mu Ni and Bian Chang all glared at Bai Ye. 

"Bai Ye, why did you betray us?" Chi Jing said through gritted teeth, her voice chilling. 

Bai Ye drooped his eyes as he said, "Chi Jing, supreme sovereign Cang Yuan has been gone for many years because he had made a wrong choice. The Tianyuan Region will collapse sooner or later if it continues like this. So, I have to find a way out for the White Clan.” 

“Our supreme sovereign will return soon!" Bian Chang said angrily.

Bai Ye said indifferently, "But when? Should we wait thousands of years for him? Would the Tianyuan Region still exist then? Without the Tianyuan Region, is there a need for us to struggle bitterly?”

Sect master Xuan Kun's face darkened. “Is it because supreme sovereign Wan Zu promised you something?”

Bai Ye's eyes flickered, and he didn’t deny it. “That’s correct. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu has promised to help me comprehend the Saint stage. I, of course, want to reach the supreme cultivation state.

“Only when one becomes a Saint expert will one be a true ruler of the world. Even Law Domain experts are only second best.”  

An ambitious fire blazed in Bai Ye’s eyes.    

Sect master Xuan Kun shook his head, saying, "Ambition has clouded your mind. If the Saint stage is that easy to achieve, there wouldn’t be only one supreme sovereign in the Wanzu Region in so many years!”

Mu Ni said coldly, "For your own selfish desires, you dragged the White Clan into a dangerous situation. Have you thought about what would happen to your White Clan if the Wanzu Region’s plan fails today?”

Bai Ye snorted, “Don’t tell me you are still waiting for supreme sovereign Cang Yuan to return? But if he does return, that would be great news since it would more greatly satisfy supreme sovereign Wan Zu.”

Obviously, he knew some secret that made him so confident.

“Since you won’t listen to our advice, I have to expel you on behalf of my master.” Chi Jing’s short burgundy hair fluttered in the wind, and terrifying killing intent gathered in her bright eyes, causing the temperature around her to plummet. 

She opened her little mouth and released a wisp of azure light. 


An azure orb shone brightly within the azure light, seemingly containing a world of storm.     

Chi Jing had summoned the Wind God Orb immediately, which clearly showed how angry she was with Bai Ye's betrayal.


The Wind God Orb quivered and directly broke space. Wrapped in frightening power, it appeared above Bai Ye as though it had teleported, and it was about to crush down.

The Wind God Orb descended, collapsed space and brought an earth-shattering aura to the world.

Bai Ye’s expression remained unchanged as he watched the Wind God Orb descend. He didn’t evade or strike back with any defensive moves. Instead, he let the Wind God Orb explode his body.

His body shattered, but his laughter filled the air. "Haha, Chi Jing, you should focus on how to protect the Tianyuan Utopia. I’m not interested in playing with you.”

He was a Genesis Qi double, and his real body most likely wasn’t in the Tianyuan Utopia. 


But before they could track his real body, the entire Tianyuan Utopia quaked violently.

Chi Jing raised her head abruptly, peering at the Tianyuan Utopia’s entrance. The stabilized light boundary began to crack, and Genesis Qi fragments constantly dropped from it. 

Even Chi Jing felt a chill run down her spine when she saw the boundary falling apart. She knew that the boundary would lose its stability once two mystical creatures were lost. The protection boundary Cang Yuan created was about to be destroyed. 

The boundary connected the 900 prefectures in the Tianyuan Region. So once the boundary broke, the Tianyuan Utopia would lose its Genesis Qi support, and the rich vitality within the Tianyuan Utopia would be lost. The blessed land for cultivation would gradually become a place without a source of Genesis Qi. 

The loss of the Tianyuan Utopia would be a fatal blow to the Tianyuan Region. The region might even lose its status as one of the nine regions.

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