Chapter 1061 Last Resort

Tianyuan Utopia.  

As the light screen flickered, Zhao Xiansun’s figure gradually emerged. The eight-sided bronze mirror in his hand immediately caused a commotion in the Tianyuan Utopia.

“The Wanzu Region even brought out the Ancestral Spirit Mirror. They really want to destroy our Tianyuan Region!” 

“They are going too far! If supreme sovereign Cang Yuan was around, would the Wanzu Region dare go that far?!”  

“Our supreme sovereign has been gone for many years. I wonder how he is. If he’s fine, why would he ignore the Tianyuan Region’s affairs?!” 

“How could something happen to our supreme sovereign? Isn’t chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan his newly accepted disciple?”

"That...may not be the case…maybe the five grand elders made it up to reassure people.”

There were whispers throughout the Tianyuan Utopia, and everyone’s heart was shaken.

They wouldn’t dare to say such things in the past, but the Tianyuan Region was facing a huge crisis. If the people’s minds weren’t set at ease, panic would no doubt spread through the Tianyuan Region.

Their murmuring voices had a significant impact on the Tianyuan Region’s morale, and some of the gazes on Zhou Yuan turned somewhat complicated.  

Zhou Yuan's expression was indifferent. It wasn’t that he didn’t notice the gazes but that it was meaningless to say anything in response because the slightest carelessness could lead to the Tianyuan Region being in danger of being overthrown. At that time, it wouldn’t matter whether or not he really was supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s official disciple.

Zhou Yuan stared intently at Zhao Xiansun’s figure on the light screen. His speculation was indeed correct. The enemy was aware of the Sky Illuminating Eye’s existence and had a way to deal with it. 

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu was determined to win!   

Even Zhou Yuan, who had always been calm and composed, couldn't help feeling worried and anxious in the face of such a situation. Only his master Cang Yuan could solve their present situation, but if Cang Yuan appeared, he would fall into supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s scheme.

Zhou Yuan wasn’t worried that anything would happen to his master, but he felt that something might happen to Yaoyao.  

Zhou Yuan felt that supreme sovereign Wanzu’s plot was targeting Yaoyao.   

On one side was the Tianyuan Region’s calamity, and on the other was Yaoyao. 

"Too weak, I’m still too weak..." He gritted his teeth and murmured bitterly in his heart.

Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the others all coldly stared at Zhao Xiansun’s figure.    

Atop the golden pagoda, Zhao Xiansun clasped the eight-sided bronze mirror in his hand, and as if he noticed the gazes of Chi Jing and the others, he lifted his head and grinned at them. It was a taunting smile, as though he were telling Chi Jing and the others that they couldn’t change the ending no matter how desperately they struggled. 

“Brother Jiuyuan, continue to attack.” He tilted his head, lips opening and closing, but his voice seemed able to penetrate space and directly fell into the ears of Hong Jiuyuan, who was on another side of the border. 

Hong Jiuyuan exhaled and nodded. 

The next moment, he changed his hand seal, and golden torrents continuously spewed from the nine pagodas and swept across the sky, causing strange spectacles throughout the world. 

The golden torrents were as mighty and vast as a galaxy, and they incessantly bombarded the light boundary at the Tianyuan Utopia’s entrance.


An indescribable boom resounded with every strike, and those booms directly formed a tangible sound wave. The thunderous collision could be heard throughout the entire Tianyuan Region. 

Fear filled countless people’s eyes as the people helplessly watched the destructive attacks in the void. 

Under the battering, the corner of the light boundary dimmed and constantly rippled with large waves. 

Everyone trembled, praying the light diagram boundary could withstand the terrifying attacks. Their prayers seemed effective. The dimmed boundary corner constantly quaked under the bombardment, but the boundary still stood firm at the Tianyuan Utopia’s entrance.

This gave a glimmer of hope to the countless Tianyuan Region citizens.

Faint sighs of relief could be heard throughout the Tianyuan Utopia. Even if a corner of the protective boundary that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan had left behind was chipped, it wouldn’t be so easy to destroy it. 

Zhou Yuan also breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that supreme sovereign Wan Zu was too impatient. With only one mystical creature in his hands, he could at most weaken the protective boundary. It would be difficult to shake its foundation.

From the looks of it, if supreme sovereign Wan Zu didn’t take action himself, he might not succeed in breaking the protective boundary.     

Zhou Yuan wasn't the only one who had such thoughts. Within the Tianyuan Utopia, many people’s tensed hearts relaxed.    

Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the others glanced at one another. Although their faces remained solemn, the glum expression between their eyebrows had faded because the protective boundary’s defensive power was beyond their expectations.

"I hope supreme sovereign Wan Zu will not personally attack,” patriarch Bian Chang said.

Even though the Wanzu Region had sent out Law Domain experts, without supreme sovereign Wan Zu, the significance was completely different. But even if supreme sovereign Wan Zu took action himself, the other supreme sovereigns might not sit still.

After all, a supreme sovereign had personally attacked the center of one of the nine regions and had completely broken Hunyuan Heaven’s rules.

Chi Jing nodded lightly. It seemed that as long as supreme sovereign Wan Zu didn’t personally make a move, the Great Five Alliance wouldn’t succeed in breaking the protective boundary. This was the only piece of good news for the Tianyuan Region.

But for some reason...Chi Jing still felt slightly uneasy. 

Could the enemy really not have other things planned?    


Gazing at the indestructible light boundary for a long while, Zhao Xiansun grinned. A supreme sovereign’s power is extraordinary. Even if we gathered all nine Law Domain experts’ power, we can’t break the boundary.   


The corners of his lips curved upwards in a strange arc.  

Chi Jing, Chi Jing, if you think that only your master has extraordinary means, you are too naive. It’s just that some means are too important and shouldn’t be used so recklessly. But today, the Wanzu Region must win, and those means have to be used.

Zhao Xiansun chuckled. Once those means are activated, the Tianyuan Region will likely be turned upside down.

“The show is about to begin.” As Zhao Xiansun lifted his hand into the air, a jade seal appeared in his palm. The jade seal produced a halo of light before it crumbled bit by bit and dissipated into specks of light.  

Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the others locked their eyes on Zhao Xiansun. Zhao Xiansun’s action made them very vigilant and puzzled about why nothing happened after the jade seal shattered. 

Zhao Xiansun seemed to have just crushed an ordinary jade seal.

But Chi Jing and the others understood that Zhao Xiansun wouldn’t possibly do something so pointless. There had to be a purpose to his action, but they didn’t know what deep meaning it had, and they only instinctively felt uneasy. 

“What is he doing…” Before Chi Jing's voice completely faded, she sensed a bizarre wave of energy emerging behind her. Her body tensed up, and she slowly and stiffly turned her head.

Behind her, patriarch Bai Ye wore a complex expression and was tightly holding a crystal ball in his hand. Wind and rain raged inside the crystal ball. It was the mystical creature that Zhou Yuan had obtained from the Wind Rain Lake. 

Sect master Xuan Kun, Mu Ni and patriarch Bian Chang all stared at him intently.  

The void froze. 

Chi Jing closed her eyes bitterly and said hoarsely, "Bai Ye, don't do something stupid.”

She finally understood why Zhao Xiansun crushed the jade seal.

Patriarch Bai Ye sighed and said, “A fine bird always chooses its tree to nest in. The Tianyuan Region is no match for supreme sovereign Wan Zu. Why do you all have to stubbornly resist?

“I’m sorry.”  

His voice was apologetic, but his eyes were cold and determined. He suddenly folded his hands together and poured a tremendous amount of Genesis Qi into the crystal ball.  


The crystal ball shattered, and a mighty torrent shot into the sky. It directly pierced through the Tianyuan Utopia and slammed the boundary at the entrance. 

The entire Tianyuan Utopia began to crumble. 

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