Chapter 1060 Sky Illuminating Eye


Like a river, the terrifying golden torrent pierced space and blasted through the endless void.

The vast torrent was clearly visible to the million Tianyuan Region citizens, and the destructive power it contained made their Spirits tremble with fear. 

Everyone in the Tianyuan Region was terrified because they knew a huge calamity was about to descend, and as members of the Tianyuan Region, its destruction would impact them hugely. The peaceful and orderly cultivation they had would be destroyed, and to establish a new order, they would inevitably have to experience killings and conflicts.

However, even if they wanted to participate in the war, they would be powerless against attacks of that level. They could only helplessly watch the torrent of destruction pierce the void and wait for their fate.


Amidst countless shocked gazes, the golden torrent struck a spot in the void. The void began to collapse, forming a massive black hole, and in the depths of the black hole seemed to be a domain with numerous floating islands.

It was Tianyuan Utopia!

But as the void continued to collapse, a huge circular light diagram suddenly emerged in front of the entrance. The light diagram, a protection boundary that Cang Yuan had personally set up in the past, was mysterious and exuded tremendous power, and its core was three mystical creatures.

The terrifying golden torrent struck the light diagram boundary, creating berserk ripples, but the boundary was clearly unimaginably durable. No matter how it was battered, there wasn’t a trace of damage.

Countless Tianyuan Region citizens breathed a sigh of relief.

In the void above the border, Hong Jiuyuan watched with narrowed eyes. He muttered, “Is that the protective barrier that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan set up in the past? It’s indeed frightening.” 

He couldn’t help shuddering at the power emanated from the boundary. Even if all their Law Domain experts simultaneously launched attacks, they wouldn’t be able to shake the boundary in any way.

“Unfortunately for them…” Hong Jiuyuan shook his head again, and one of the three mystical creatures that formed the light diagram boundary fell into the alliance’s hands.

He folded his hands together.   


The golden crystal engulfed by the golden torrent cracked, then broke into fragments.

The inside, which were like layers of cloud, was also torn apart.

Mighty power gushed out, and the golden torrent immediately absorbed it. The torrent surged wildly, and its momentum grew increasingly terrifying. 

Most importantly, as the golden crystal shatter, the numerous light runes within the originally perfect boundary began to dim, and flaws emerged on the perfect boundary.


The Tianyuan Region citizens all tensed up again.

Within Tianyuan Utopia, Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the others’ hearts also sank.  

“I can't let them attack anymore,” Chi Jing uttered in a low voice.  

Sect master Xuan Kun nodded. “What do you plan to do?”  

Chi Jing lifted her head, gazing at the bright sun hanging above the Tianyuan Utopia. It was the Sky Illuminating Eye, a double lotus Saint treasure well-known throughout Hunyuan Heaven.

She stretched out her hand, a token flashing in the center of her palm. The token was engraved with a deep ancient eye that emitted a mysterious aura.

It was the Sky Illuminating Token.

A saint treasure like the Sky Illuminating Eye possessed an independent spiritual intellect. It only listened to supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s orders, and Chi Jing could only control it using Cang Yuan’s power from the Sky Illuminating Token he had left behind.

As Chi Jing activated the Sky Illuminating Token, a wisp of azure mist rose from the token and dissipated in the void.

At that moment, everyone in Tianyuan Utopia felt the universe Genesis Qi surge frantically. Startled, they lifted their heads and saw a gap tear open in the scorching sun that hung high in the sky. 

An incomparably huge, ancient, mysterious eye was seemingly within the gap. 

Even Law Domain experts felt an intense chill rush out of their hearts when they looked at the eye.

“That’s…” Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened.  

“It’s the saint treasure that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan left behind, the Sky Illuminating Eye!”  Qin Lian exclaimed, a look of surprise lighting up her icy and solemn face.

"Master Chi Jing is going to mobilize the Sky Illuminating Eye! The Sky Illuminating Eye’s power can definitely defeat them!" Yi Qiushui exclaimed with excitement.

Although surprised, Zhou Yuan still knitted his brows in a frown, and a look of worry remained in his eyes. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu must already know about the Sky Illuminating Eye’s existence, so he must have come prepared. 

However, Chi Jing's move undoubtedly raised morale in the Tianyuan Utopia. The crowd cheered in unison, and they seemed to have full confidence in the legendary saint treasure.

The Sky Illuminating Eye slowly turned towards the outside of the Tianyuan Utopia, penetrated the void and locked onto Hong Jiuyuan’s direction. 

Hong Jiuyuan’s expression abruptly changed. The crisis that descended from the sky made him know that the Tianyuan Region had begun to fight back.

“Did they directly activate the Sky Illuminating Eye?” he asked solemnly.


A wisp of flame spurted from the Sky Illuminating Eye hanging high above the Tianyuan Utopia.

The flame was only around a foot long at first, but it blazed and transformed into a white flaming meteor when it penetrated the void.


The flame meteor shattered the void and appeared next to Hong Jiuyuan as though it had teleported. An indescribable force shrouded the entire space, and even Hong Jiuyuan couldn’t break the void to escape.  

The flame around the meteor was Saint fire! And within the meteor was a power that only a Saint expert could possess! If and when the meteor fell, even Law Domain experts wouldn’t survive! 

When Hong Jiuyuan saw the meteor speeding down from above, his expression changed drastically because he knew he couldn’t escape. So, he didn’t make any useless movements. He knew someone would help out, given the attack’s power. 


As the burning meteor neared, a mysterious light beam pierced the sky under countless astonished gazes and shone on the meteor. 

The meteor enveloped in Saint fire melted at a terrifying speed and completely vanished only a few meters from Hong Jiuyuan.  

A gust of wind lashed Hong Jiuyuan’s face, but his countenance remained unchanged even though his back was soaked in cold sweat.  

Chi Jing’s and the others’ expressions changed dramatically. 

They shifted their gaze to the outside of the void and locked their eyes on a golden pagoda at the Tianyuan Region border. A green-robed figure was standing there with his hands clasped behind his back, grinning.  

He wasn’t unfamiliar to Chi Jing and the others. He was Zhao Xiansun from the Wanzu Region.

Zhao Xiansun held an eight-sided bronze mirror in his hand. The mirror looked old and ordinary, but Chi Jing and the others turned ashen when they laid their eyes on it. 

Chi Jing gritted her teeth, and an icy voice rang out.   

“Ancestral Spirit Mirror!”   

It was the Wanzu Region’s Saint treasure, which was also classed at the double lotus grade, and it was listed 11th on the Saint Treasure List!

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