Chapter 1059 Destruction Descends

The nine golden pagodas the Great Five Alliance were building close to the Tianyuan Region’s borders had caught the attention of many forces in Hunyuan Heaven. Since Chi Jing and the others could see something strange with the obscure Genesis Runes on the golden pagodas, so could the Law Domain experts from other forces. 

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu was creating the nine golden pagodas, and unsurprisingly, he wouldn’t stop until he achieved his goal. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu had always kept his means a secret and had manipulated the Great Five Alliance to attack the Tianyuan Region. However, infuriated by their previous defeat, he no longer disguised his attacks and even unmasked his intentions.  

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu would rather give up face to destroy the Tianyuan Region.

His determination made many people shudder because it seemed the Tianyuan Region couldn’t evade calamity this time. This was a major event that could shake the entire Hunyuan Heaven. Thus, many people shifted their attention to the nine golden pagodas being built.


On the Tianyuan Region’s western border.  

A nine-story golden pagoda stood quietly on a towering mountain a hundred miles from the border. The sun shone brilliantly. Its golden light bounced off the pagoda’s surface, and the ancient Genesis Runes on the pagoda squirmed like living creatures. A disturbing energy could vaguely be felt. 

Hong Jiuyuan, mountain lord Gui Yuan and the other Great Five Alliance Law Domain experts were gathered above the towering mountain. They peered down at the golden pagoda and looked at one another with relief in their eyes.  

If what supreme sovereign Wan Zu said would come true, today is the Tianyuan Region’s doomsday, and we will finally complete our mission.  

Thinking about what supreme sovereign Wan Zu promised them after they successfully completed their mission, they couldn’t control their impatience and excitement.  

“The nine pagodas have formed…” 

Mountain lord Gui Yuan drew a deep breath and signaled at Hong Jiuyuan. “Get ready to act.”

Hong Jiuyuan nodded and swept his gaze around the area, feeling the many different powerful auras circling them. He could sense that several Law Domain experts from the Tianyuan Region were spying on them, but he didn’t care. 

He needed an audience to make the Great Five Alliance rise to fame in Hunyuan Heaven through this grand event. Then, perhaps the Great Five Alliance would replace the Tianyuan Region and become one of the nine regions.

"Chi Jing, I want you all to witness the end of the Tianyuan Region! Is everybody ready?” Hong Jiuyuan ran his eyes over the other Law Domain experts. 

They nodded, and immediately afterward, their figures turned to wisps of mist and dissipated into thin air. They were merely fake bodies made from Genesis Qi.

Their real bodies appeared outside the golden pagodas around the Tianyuan Region’s border.

A sinister smile twisted Hong Jiuyuan’s lips when he saw that the several Law Domain experts had returned to their positions. 

He folded his hands in a seal with lightning speed. The ancient Genesis Runes on the golden pagoda grew brighter, and the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth frantically surged. Soon, the golden pagoda emitted a terrifying energy that would make even Law Domain experts turn pale. 

Many onlookers’ hearts trembled with fear. Such power and momentum…presumably, supreme sovereign Wan Zu racked his brain to create these golden pagodas. 

The Genesis Qi between the heaven and the earth rushed towards the golden pagoda, and eventually, an endless Genesis Qi vortex formed above it.

The vortex was thick and deep and made one’s scalp go numb.

Everyone within a tens-of-thousand-mile radius was shocked to find that the universe Genesis Qi had become much weaker. The universe Genesis Qi was vast and endless, and it required immense power to weaken the Genesis Qi within such a huge area. 


The Genesis Qi vortex slowly rotated, and in the end, it whizzed down and sank into the nine-story golden pagoda. The pagoda erupted with billions of rays of golden light, and the blinding brightness suppressed even the blazing sun. 

At the same time, the other eight golden pagodas around the Tianyuan Region similarly exploded with boundless golden light.


Tianyuan Utopia.   

The atmosphere in the Tianyuan Utopia was oppressive. 

Chi Jing and the other grand elders stood in the void. All elite experts from the Tianyuan Region had gathered in the Tianyuan Utopia, and powerful undulating Genesis Qi had filled the sky.

A huge light screen stretched across the void. It was the brilliant light released from the nine golden pagodas.

Chi Jing watched the light screen form with an ashen face. She gritted her teeth and said, "Each of those golden pagodas needs to be controlled by a Law Domain expert. When did the Great Five Alliance ever have nine Law Domain experts?!”

Others might not see it, but Chi Jing and the other grand elders felt it clearly. A Law Domain expert guarded each golden pagoda, but the number of Law Domain experts present exceeded the Great Five Alliance’s strength.

Sect master Xuan Kun looked glum. Law Domain experts wouldn’t emerge so easily. Therefore, it went without saying that the extra Law Domain experts had come from the Wanzu Region! 

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu had disregarded his face and dispatched the Wanzu Region’s Law Domain experts to participate in the war.

Chi Jing drew a deep breath and cast a glance below her at Zhou Yuan. Her lips moved slightly, and her faint voice rang in his ears, “If the Tianyuan Utopia collapses today, I will teleport you out at the last moment. Hunyuan Heaven is vast, and even the Wanzu Region won’t be able to find you that easily. You should be safer there.”   

Zhou Yuan's pupils shrank. From Chi Jing’s tone, she seemed to be making arrangements in case she died. It seemed she didn’t plan to flee even if the Tianyuan Utopia collapsed; instead, she was planning to be destroyed with it. 

Zhou Yuan clenched his hands, staring at the light screen. The nine golden pagodas seemed to exude a deathly aura, and he once again felt small and weak.

He had already been forced to flee Cangxuan Heaven. He didn’t want to be forced out of the Tianyuan Region again. 


As Hong Jiuyuan watched the destructive power emanate from the golden pagodas, his eyes turned strangely solemn. He lifted his hand, and a golden crystal flashed out. A golden cloud was faintly visible within the crystal, and the cloud was spewing out endless golden lightning bolts. 

It was the mystical creature from the Golden Lightning Abyss!   

With a flick of his finger, the mystical creature swiftly rose into the sky and floated in the endless void. It hovered at the exact center of the nine golden pagodas.


The nine golden pagodas brewing destructive power shook, and nine thousand-foot golden torrents shot into the sky. The power they contained shattered space and hurled spatial fragments in all directions.  

Amidst shocked gazes, the nine golden torrents blasted towards the golden crystal in the endless void.


Space continued to collapse. 

Even Law Domain experts from other forces stared horror-struck at the terrifying Genesis Qi.


Ripples rapidly bloomed around the golden crystal. The next second, the crystal rotated, and its mirrored surface released countless rays of light. The light rays condensed at an astonishing speed and finally pointed toward something within the Tianyuan Region.

"Found it." A cold smile tugged at the corners of Hong Jiuyuan's mouth.

It was the entrance to the Tianyuan Utopia!  


As though drawn by some kind of force, the converged nine golden torrents engulfed the golden crystal and pierced through space with destructive power. In the end, amidst stunned gazes, it fiercely slammed into the entrance to the Tianyuan Utopia!   

Destruction descended at that moment!   

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