Chapter 1058 Golden Pagoda

Tianyuan Utopia. 

A secluded and grand manor stood on a small floating island, surrounded by rivers and lakes with beautiful reflections of the mountains. The island was inscribed with Genesis Rune boundaries that engulfed and refined the mighty Genesis Qi from the outside world before allowing it to flow into the island. Thus, the Genesis Qi around the island was particularly pure.

This place was regarded as a top training place in the Tianyuan Utopia, and ordinary people weren’t allowed to enter. Even the Tianyuan Region’s elders weren’t eligible.

This was Zhou Yuan’s training area.  

Given Zhou Yuan’s status as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple, although he wasn’t yet ranked a grand elder, many elders in the Tianyuan Region were respectful and polite to him. In addition, Zhou Yuan had repeatedly contributed greatly to the Tianyuan Region. As a result, Chi Jing rewarded him with this special place after the mystical creature battle ended.

On a little hill deep in the manor, Zhou Yuan sat cross-legged with his eyes closed, breathing in the universe Genesis Qi. 

A faint platinum dragon silhouette loomed behind him, and a low roar resounded, exuding oppressive pressure. Scarlet light constantly flowed under his skin, and occasionally, burning-hot lava-like markings flashed across his skin. The heat he emitted was enough to melt the little hill on which he sat cross-legged. 


It was unknown how long the training lasted. Zhou Yuan finally opened his eyes, and the scarlet light bubbled up, causing the void to distort. 

"The Great Flame Devil Art is more difficult to cultivate than the Mythic Saint Body.”

Zhou Yuan muttered to himself, but he wasn’t surprised because the Great Flame Devil was a top-level little Saint Art, while the Mythic Saint Body was only a Heaven Genesis Technique. The gap between them was difficult to measure.

"However, if I can integrate the seven Cangxuan arts, I’m sure that the true Saint Genesis Art will not disappoint me.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes blazed. A Saint Genesis Art was extraordinary, and not even Nascent Source experts would know many Saint Genesis Arts. If Zhou Yuan mastered one, it would undoubtedly become one of his powerful trump cards. But the integration of the seven Cangxuan arts was more difficult than Zhou Yuan had imagined. 

Although he had mastered the seven Cangxuan arts and had cultivated them to the greatest level possible, integrating them wasn’t as smooth as he hoped. However, there was indeed some progress, and Zhou Yuan believed he could succeed with more time. 


As thoughts raced in Zhou Yuan’s mind, the wind whistled in the distance. He peered up. A figure landed not too far away and said respectfully, “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, grand elder Chi Jing invites you to the conference hall.”

Zhou Yuan nodded.    

“Could the Great Five Alliance be up to something again?” he muttered to himself.

Half a month had passed since the mystical creature battle. The Tianyuan Region’s borders had been surprisingly quiet, and the Great Five Alliance hadn’t launched any attacks. However, this abnormal situation made the Tianyuan Region more vigilant than before, and the grand elders, including Chi Jing, guarded the Tianyuan Utopia at all times. 

Chi Jing most likely sent a message to Zhou Yuan because she detected strange movements from the Great Five Alliance.

Zhou Yuan didn’t waste any time. With a slight movement, he turned into a stream of light and soared into the sky. 


The conference hall.   

When Zhou Yuan arrived, all five grand elders were already inside. He apologized and quickly seated himself. He looked at Chi Jing first and saw a solemn expression on her face. “Senior sister, are there movements on the Great Five Alliance’s side?”

Chi Jing nodded, and with a stroke of her hand, rays of Genesis Qi light spread out and formed a map of the Tianyuan Region in front of her.  

"The Great Five Alliance has withdrawn all attacks, but our spies have found that there is an ulterior motive.”

Zhou Yuan's expression tensed, and before he could inquire further, Chi Jing flickered her finger. The Genesis Qi light screen rippled, and a pagoda-shaped silhouette gradually emerged. 

It was a nine-story golden pagoda. Each story was inscribed with ancient and obscure Genesis Runes. The runes were so powerful that even if Zhou Yuan’s Spirit was at the intermediate Transformative stage, he still felt bursts of pain shoot through his body. Zhou Yuan was horror-struck because he knew the pagoda was only an image, which meant the real pagoda was even more powerful. 

“What is this?” Zhou Yuan asked in a serious tone. 

“We don’t know…” Sect master Xuan Kun said in a low voice, “In recent days, although the Great Five Alliance temporarily postponed their attacks, they started to build pagodas just outside the Tianyuan Region’s border.”  

Chi Jing tapped her fingers, and Zhou Yuan saw the map light up with nine specks around the Tianyuan Region’s border. Those specks perfectly encircled the entire Tianyuan Region. They were also the locations of the nine-story golden pagodas. 

"The nine golden pagodas should be supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s masterpieces. Even we can’t inscribe Genesis Runes of that level, let alone the Great Five Alliance’s Law Domain experts,” Chi Jing explained. 

The atmosphere in the hall became tense. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu has indeed continued to make his moves.     

"Can they be destroyed?" Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows in a frown. Although he didn't know their enemy’s motive for building the golden pagodas, he was certain the pagodas wouldn’t be good for the Tianyuan Region. So, if the pagodas could be destroyed, that would be his first choice of action.

Chi Jing shook her head, saying, "After learning this information, we immediately dispatched elite teams to destroy the pagodas, but the Great Five Alliance are heavily guarding them. Moreover, the pagodas are emitting a particularly dangerous aura that fills even Law Domain experts like us with fear.”

Sect master Xuan Kun, wearing a glum expression, nodded. “We know that the golden pagodas must be a plot to target the Tianyuan Region, but we have no choice but to watch helplessly.”

Patriarch Bian Chang slammed his fist on the table. The table didn’t budge, but space shattered like glass. His face was dark, and the feeling of helplessness must have made him feel oppressed.

Zhou Yuan sighed inwardly. It was clear that supreme sovereign Wan Zu hadn’t given up after his failure last time, and instead, his attacks had become fiercer and more extreme.

In the face of supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s aggressive attacks, the Tianyuan Region had no other choice but to passively defend.

“What should we do next?” Zhou Yuan asked.

Chi Jing drew a deep breath and said, "Although I don't know the nine golden pagodas’ specific function, we speculate that the alliance is still targeting the Tianyuan Utopia, so we will do our best to guard the Tianyuan Utopia.

"As long as we have the power of the Tianyuan Utopia and the Sky Illuminating Eye, we can counter supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s plan.”

Chi Jing’s eyes blazed with determination. If Wan Zu goes too far, we will fight back with our lives!

Zhou Yuan nodded. The Sky Illuminating Eye, a double lotus saint treasure, was the sun hanging high in the Tianyuan Utopia’s sky. It was ranked 14th on the saint treasure list in all heavens, and its power was infinite. Even Law Domain experts would shudder under its might.

The treasure could be regarded as the Tianyuan Region’s last hope.

Zhou Yuan shifted his gaze to the map. Gazing at the nine golden pagodas standing on the border, he sighed deeply. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu is detestable.

However, Zhou Yuan, a little Heavenly Sun expert, had no role to play in a battle of this level. So, he could only watch and see what supreme sovereign Wan Zu planned to do.


As Chi Jing and the others anxiously waited, one month passed in the blink of an eye.

Under the attention of various forces, the nine golden pagodas outside the Tianyuan Region’s border gradually took shape.

It seemed that a storm of destruction was brewing to extinguish the Tianyuan Region, to transform it into a blazing fire.

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