Chapter 1057 Rambling Woman

When the mystical creature battle ended, the unexpected result spread throughout Hunyuan Heaven at the most astonishing speed and caused a stir.

Many people were shocked to hear that Qin Lian and Bai Yu, the strongest Heavenly Sun experts in the Tianyuan Region, had failed in the mystical creature battle and that Zhou Yuan had reversed the tides once again. 

Although they all knew that Lu Qing, who was Zhou Yuan’s opponent, was considered the weakest of the Heavenly Sun experts selected from the Great Five Alliance, they were also aware that Zhou Yuan had only broken through to the Heavenly Sun stage a few months ago. The initial and advanced Heavenly Sun stage were two completely different levels!

Just look at the example of the Divine Dwelling List rankers who could change the direction of the wind with their roar. Even a person like Zhao Mushen became very low-profile after breaking through to the Heavenly Sun stage because he knew that he was a newcomer in the Heavenly Sun stage regardless of how dazzling he was before. 

He had to accumulate more experience before he could become dazzling once again in the Heavenly Sun stage. Before that, the wisest thing to do was to keep a low profile.

But Zhou Yuan had broken this norm.   

Not only did he forcibly participate in a battle that should have belonged to advanced Heavenly Sun experts, he also became the most dazzling one among them with strength at only the initial Heavenly Sun stage. 

Countless people, of course, secretly marveled at such a result. The king of the Divine Dwelling stage, who had broken the Divine Dwelling stage limit, was indeed different from others.

Although Zhou Yuan had suppressed Lu Qing, he had only succeeded because of help from foreign powers. However, his performance still made countless Heavenly Sun experts in Hunyuan Heaven look at him differently and attach more importance to him, the junior who had dominated the Divine Dwelling stage.  

Of course, the higher level one was, the more one needed to pay attention to the situation between the Tianyuan Region and the Great Five Alliance.

Each side had won a mystical creature in the mystical creature battle. Therefore, generally speaking, the Great Five Alliance and supreme sovereign Wan Zu hadn’t achieved the desired outcome. 

A few days after the battle ended, the people from both sides retreated from the battlefield, and the atmosphere was seemingly more peaceful. Only sharp-minded people could faintly feel the storm brewing.

The supreme sovereign was not a friendly person. Since he had clearly made a move, he wouldn’t stop until he achieved his goal. It was unknown what this unfathomable supreme sovereign was going to do next.  


The former best heaven prides on the Divine Dwelling List were silent when they learned about Zhou Yuan’s victory because they felt tremendous pressure from his remarkable achievement. Therefore, Zhao Mushen immediately applied to enter the most brutal training in the Wanzu Region, while Wu Yao increased the intensity of her training.

Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao were both extremely prideful and proud of their talents. Although they recognized Zhou Yuan’s abilities, they couldn’t watch him gallop farther and farther away. Their arrogance made them unwilling to give up, and so, they did everything they could do to catch up and surpass Zhou Yuan. 

The Zixiao Region, in a valley of waterfalls.  

Standing on a mountain wall, a beautiful woman in a white dress stared at the letter in her hand. A bewildered look flashed across her icy eyes. 

“Zhou Yuan...defeated Lu Qing from the Tri-Mountain Alliance?”  

The woman in white was naturally Dong Ye from the Zixiao Region. She was a well-known Heavenly Sun expert in Hunyuan Heaven and was ranked higher than Qin Lian on the Heavenly Sun List.

The young female disciple who came to deliver the letter couldn’t help but marvel out loud, "Senior sister Dong Ye, the Tianyuan Region’s Zhou Yuan is amazing. He is an initial Heavenly Sun expert, but he defeated Lu Qing, an advanced Heavenly Sun expert.” 

Dong Ye swept a glance over her and said indifferently, “He has some ability, but he could only defeat Lu Qing because he had temporarily increased his strength with external means. Otherwise, Lu Qing could have crushed Zhou Yuan to death with his Genesis Qi.

"The gap between the initial Heavenly Sun stage and the advanced Heavenly Sun stage is greater than you think. Also, Zhou Yuan only faced Lu Qing, a Heavenly Sun expert with a weak Genesis Qi foundation. If Zhou Yuan went against someone else, such as Zhang Chengfeng, he wouldn’t succeed even if he has help from external means.”

The young female disciple stuck her tongue out and said, "Do I still have to provide information to senior sister Youwei?”

Dong Ye said nonchalantly, "I told you before that junior sister Youwei needs to concentrate on her training and shouldn’t receive news that will distract her.”

The young female disciple helplessly nodded.    

“Senior sister Dong Ye,” a soft and crisp voice suddenly rang out from behind them.

Expressionless, Dong Ye hid the letter in her hand and turned around, looking at the girl coming over with light steps.

The girl was stunningly beautiful, and because she had just come out of training under a waterfall, the silk fabric draped over her was marked with water stains, making her fair jade-like skin glisten under the sun. Even a beautiful girl like Dong Ye was stunned by the woman’s beauty.

It was Su Youwei.   

"Youwei, is your training going well?" A smile came to Dong Ye's icy face.

Su You smiled slightly, extended her slender finger and pointed to the scroll in Dong Ye’s hand. “Senior sister Dong Ye, that’s something for me, right?”  

Dong Ye’s smile stiffened. “Junior sister Youwei, you are still training. Don't be distracted by some unnecessary things. You have a boundless future. If this matter slows down your training, I can’t take responsibility if our supreme sovereign were to get mad.”

However, Su Youwei didn’t say anything and just continued to smile at her.

Dong Ye had no choice but to give in. She knew that, although Su Youwei looked gentle, she was extremely stubborn and persistent.

Su Youwei took the scroll and read it carefully. A smile quickly bloomed on her pure and beautiful face. Her smile was so joyful and radiant that it took Dong Ye’s and the young female disciple’s breaths away.

"His Highness is really amazing." Su Youwei chuckled, a glimmer of admiration in her eyes.

Dong Ye coughed intentionally and said, “Junior sister Youwei, you aren’t the same as back then, so don’t address him as you did before.”

Even the Zixiao Region’s supreme sovereign thought highly of Su Youwei, and with time, she, without a doubt, would become a rising star in the Zixiao Region. Although Zhou Yuan was capable, she shouldn’t address him as His Highness. Otherwise, outsiders would think the Zixiao Region was weaker than the Tianyuan Region.  

Su Youwei, who always spoke gently, said in a serious tone, “Senior sister Dong Ye, without His Highness, there wouldn’t be the present Su Youwei. So, no matter what status I have, I will never stop calling him His Highness.” 

Dong Ye was startled. It was the first time she saw Su Youwei so serious and stern, which made her feel a little awkward.  

“Junior sister Youwei, I am just reminding you,” she explained.    

Su Youwei shook her head. “Senior sister Dong Ye, I understand your kind intentions, but if someone comes to pass on information about him in the future, can I ask you not to intercept it? Although you’re in charge of my training, that doesn’t include my personal affairs.

"Also...His Highness Zhou Yuan is the true Sacred Dragon heaven pride. I can never match up to him in terms of accomplishments. Of course I have to be respectful to him.”

She bowed apologetically to Dong Ye, then turned and left.

Watching her beautiful departing figure, Dong Ye couldn’t help stamping her feet in fury. She sincerely wanted to make friends with Su Youwei, so she could only direct her anger at Zhou Yuan, whom she had never met before. 

“What Sacred Dragon heaven pride? Silly girl, you have been deceived…he just defeated that trash, Lu Qing. There are so many tortoises in the shallow waters of the Divine Dwelling stage. Let’s see if that kid can be as remarkable in the Heavenly Sun stage as he was in the Divine Dwelling stage.”   


In a huff, Dong Ye, who was always cold and elegant, had become a loud, rambling woman.

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