Chapter 1055 Universe Prison

As the mystical creature fell into Zhou Yuan’s hands, gasps and exclamations rippled throughout the outside world. It seemed that victory in the mystical creature battle had fallen on the shoulders of the Tianyuan Region.  

Zhou Yuan felt a weight off his heart. Although they had lost the mystical creature in the Nascent Source Tower, they had fortunately won the Heavenly Sun Tower and had prevented the situation from crumbling into an unbearable state. 

“A supreme sovereign’s power is really too strong,” Zhou Yuan said, pursing his lips. Although the Tianyuan Region had won the match against the Great Five Alliance, in truth, Zhou Yuan had felt a tightness in his chest throughout the match. Ultimately, this was due to the pressure from supreme sovereign Wan Zu, who was behind the Great Five Alliance.

Supreme sovereign Wan Zu hadn’t acted personally, but some of his schemes had given Chi Jing and the others a feeling of crisis.    

It was unknown whether supreme sovereign Wan Zu would stop since his plan had failed this time, but if he wasn’t willing to stop, the Tianyuan Region could never be peaceful.

Zhou Yuan sighed in his heart. There was no use overthinking the matter. If a supreme sovereign were to do anything, it wasn’t something that he, a little Heavenly Sun expert, could interfere with. The Tianyuan Region could only settle the problems when they came.

With this thought, Zhou Yuan slowly floated up and emerged from the top of the tower. Standing atop the tower, Zhou Yuan planned to return to the Tianyuan Region’s main camp. However, he noticed something was wrong.

It was too quiet.   

Zhou Yuan stared toward the Tianyuan Region base camp where he could see Chi Jing and others, but he couldn't hear any voices for some reason.

It was as if he had fallen into an oil painting.   

A gush of horror surged within Zhou Yuan’s heart. He clearly didn’t feel imprisoned, but the world seemed to have become a prison isolated from the rest of the world, preventing him from contacting the outside world. 

In the face of such a terrifying imprisonment power, even Zhou Yuan was a little afraid. 

“Supreme sovereign Wan Zu!” 

He balled his hands into fists and gritted his teeth. Who else could create a prison-world apart from supreme sovereign Wan Zu!?   

It was clear that supreme sovereign Wan Zu didn't intend to let Zhou Yuan leave with the mystical creature and had no choice but to take action himself! 

Thick clouds stirred up in the void, and vaguely, there seemed to be a pair of indifferent eyes penetrating the domain and staring emotionlessly at him, the little ant struggling in the Universe Prison.

Zhou Yuan's spatial bag automatically opened itself, and the crystal ball containing the Wind Rain Lake’s mystical creature slowly floated up.

Zhou Yuan's face was ashen. He forcibly suppressed his fear and desperately clutched onto the crystal ball with trembling hands.

However, although that power seemed calm, it was impossible to oppose it, and Zhou Yuan could only watch his fingers crack open little by little. His flesh was exposed, and blood trickled out.

But Zhou Yuan still clung to the crystal ball with bloodshot eyes.


“Something’s wrong!” Outside the Wind Rain Lake, Chi Jing was staring intently at the silent black iron tower. Although there seemed to be nothing unusual, for some reason, she felt uneasy.  

Sect master Xuan Kun and the others scrunched their brows in puzzlement when they heard Chi Jing’s cry.  

Chi Jing didn’t waste any time and summoned an azure orb with a clench of her slender hand. Wrapped in monstrous azure wind, the azure orb flashed out of her hand and sped towards the Wind Rain Lake.  


The Wind God Orb pounded into something as though it had struck some kind of invisible barrier. The space around it rippled endlessly, and the Wind God Orb, which contained infinite power, was directly hurled back!

It had made no impact!    

“Universe Prison!”  

Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the others immediately paled. 

“Supreme sovereign Wan Zu is so shameless! He actually attacked a junior of the Heavenly Sun stage!” Chi Jing fumed. Who would have thought the high and mighty supreme sovereign Wan Zu would ignore the rules and take action himself after seeing his plan had failed!

However, Chi Jing’s voice didn’t evoke any response. She scanned the surroundings and found that everyone across the world was in a kind of silent and still state. Evidently, they were all imprisoned in the Universe Prison, and everything before their eyes was illusory and not real.

Perhaps, they saw Zhou Yuan exit the tower and witnessed him leaving safely.

Only Law Domain experts weren’t affected by the illusion. Even so, they couldn’t do anything in the face of a supreme sovereign’s tremendous power. Chi Jing was about to fight back when sect master Xuan Kun obstructed her.

“Don’t waste your strength.” Even if Chi Jing sacrificed her life, she wouldn't be able to shake the Universe Prison.

Chi Jing bit her lips and broke her skin because she also knew it was useless. The blood trickling down showed her indignation and powerlessness.

“Supreme sovereign Wan Zu! Does he think he could conceal what’s happening by using the Universe Prison?!” 

However, Chi Jing also understood that it was impossible to restrain a supreme sovereign with rules alone. An expert at the supreme sovereign level could do anything as long as they wanted to.

Chi Jing couldn’t help blaming herself. If it weren’t for their incompetence, how would Zhou Yuan need to come forward and be targeted by Wan Zu?!

“Wan Zu, if you kill Zhou Yuan, I won’t rest until you are killed!”   

Intense killing intent and hatred filled Chi Jing's eyes. She indeed couldn’t do anything to supreme sovereign Wan Zu now, but if there was a chance in the future, she vowed to avenge Zhou Yuan, even if it meant training painstakingly hard for the rest of her life! 



Zhou Yuan’s fingers snapped one after another, and the blood-soaked crystal ball was about to slip from his hand.   

His eyes were intently fixed on the void. There wasn’t a hint of anger in his eyes, and instead, they were calm and deep. 

He might just be an ant to Wan Zu, but there was no guarantee as to what would happen in the future. When he first started on his cultivation path, King Wu was also beyond his reach.


His tenth finger finally snapped, and he was in an extremely miserable state. 

The crystal ball left his grip and slowly floated up. But it was at that moment that another imposing power descended upon the world and brought the crystal ball to a still.    

“Wan Zu, enough,” a majestic voice sounded from the void.  

Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled when he heard the familiar voice. The voice belonged to the Wushen Region’s supreme sovereign!

When the Wushen Region’s supreme sovereign retrieved the last part of Zhou Yuan’s Sacred Dragon Blessing in the nine regions tournament and returned it to Wu Yao, he had made a deal with Zhou Yuan. 

But Zhou Yuan didn't expect the Wushen Region’s supreme sovereign to actually help him out at this most critical juncture!

Two mighty forces collided outside the endless void, causing the Genesis Qi within the Tianyuan Region to ripple violently. 

But in the end, Zhou Yuan saw the floating crystal ball slowly land back in his palm. 

The silence was broken, and voices fell into Zhou Yuan’s ears once again. 

Zhou Yuan blankly stared at the void. Everything before seemed like an illusion to him. Only his broken fingers proved he had indeed gone through a terrifying experience. 

“Boy, I don’t owe you anything now,” an indifferent voice echoed in the void, drilling into Zhou Yuan’s mind.  

Zhou Yuan was silent for a moment and then bowed towards the distant void, expressing his thanks to supreme sovereign Wu Shen. After all, the difference in status between him and supreme sovereign Wu Shen was too great. Even if supreme sovereign Wu Shen didn’t intend to fulfill the deal they had made, Zhou Yuan would have no choice but to accept it.

But to keep to his promise with Zhou Yuan, supreme sovereign Wu Shen didn’t hesitate to clash with supreme sovereign Wan Zu. Supreme sovereign Wu Shen could be said to have given Zhou Yuan enough face. However, this was more likely due to Zhou Yuan’s master, Cang Yuan.

But Zhou Yuan was still very grateful.   

He drew a deep breath and took a deep look toward where supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s indifferent eyes were previously in the sky. After a while, he turned to face the Tianyuan Region’s base camp.

“Supreme sovereign Wan Zu...if I have the chance in the future, I will get revenge for breaking my ten fingers!”   

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