Chapter 1054 Mystical Creature Obtained

When Lu Qing's scorched body plunged into the ground, countless eyes widened in shock, and the atmosphere outside the tower instantly stilled.

No one had expected the battle to be reversed so quickly.

Ten seconds ago, Lu Qing had pushed Zhou Yuan to his limit with his Guiyuan Qi-Fusion Barrier’s strong defense. But ten seconds later, it was unknown whether he was dead or alive.

The astonishing power that had suddenly erupted from Zhou Yuan made countless people turn pale. An attack of that level was obviously not something that could be achieved with 1.5 billion Genesis Qi stars!

The stilled atmosphere lasted for several breaths before it was torn apart by a sudden explosion of noise.

“Lu Qing was defeated!"   

“But Zhou Yuan had struggled to stop Lu Qing before!”  

"Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi shouldn’t be as strong as Lu Qing’s—Lu Qing is a veteran of the advanced Heavenly Sun stage with powerful means. How could he lose?!” 

“Even if it’s difficult to believe, it’s the truth. Everyone has underestimated the former king of the Divine Dwelling stage.”

"Impressive. I originally thought he would be undetectable for a period after entering the Heavenly Sun stage and before standing out again. Unexpectedly, we underestimated him.”

"It's no wonder that even supreme sovereign Cang Yuan thinks highly of him. His talent in cultivation and combat is indeed rarely seen in this world.”


A murmur went through the audience as they gazed at the young figure standing in the tower, their eyes brimming with astonishment, admiration and shock.

Amidst the commotion, the people on the Tianyuan Region’s side finally awakened from their stunned silence and erupted in deafening cheers. They sounded like thunder rumbling across the Wind Rain Lake.

For people from the Tianyuan Region, the mystical creature battle could be described as being full of twists and turns.   

At first, they thought it shouldn’t be too difficult for them to beat the Great Five Alliance with the Tianyuan Region’s tyrannical strength, but who would have thought that the Great Five Alliance would use secret means to drag out a tie in every match that the Tianyuan Region should have won?

Qin Lian, Bai Yu and the strongest Heavenly Sun experts from the Tianyuan Region all returned defeated...but Zhou Yuan, who seemed to be in the battle to fill in the last number, had unexpectedly reversed the situation at the most critical moment. 

It was just like he did in the nine regions tournament.  

So, even the Tianyuan Region’s arrogant Heavenly Sun experts looked at Zhou Yuan with particularly complex expressions. The unconvinced feelings they had before had almost all disappeared.

It wasn’t that they felt contempt for Zhou Yuan because of his status as the king of the Divine Dwelling stage. Due to their pride and their overconfidence in their strength, they felt that regardless of Zhou Yuan’s talent, it would be a while before he could challenge them.  

In this period of time, a newcomer should know his place.   

However, when Zhou Yuan's identity as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple came out, many Tianyuan Region’s Heavenly Sun experts couldn’t help feeling jealous and bitter. They even began to dislike him.  

However, all those emotions were completely wiped away after this battle.

"I finally understand why he could become our supreme sovereign’s disciple,” Qin Lian sighed, staring at Zhou Yuan's figure.

Mu Youlan pursed her lip and said, "That guy is abnormal. I have never heard of anyone defeating an advanced glass Heavenly Sun expert in just a few months after reaching the Heavenly Sun stage.”

Bian Buji nodded.  

Bai Yu's expression changed indefinitely. He originally wanted to dampen everyone’s excitement, but in the end, he couldn’t say anything because he knew that anything he said would sound especially ridiculous after Zhou Yuan had reversed the situation again. 

Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others hugged each other tightly, cheering excitedly.

The Four Pavilions’ members all flushed with pride. After all, Zhou Yuan was their chief pavilion master, and the glory of his victory would illuminate the Four Pavilions’ face.  

In the forefront, Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the other grand elders stared speechless at the iron tower for a long while. Then, they sighed gently.

“This disciple of our supreme sovereign’s is indeed quite special,” sect master Xuan Kun remarked.    

Although Zhou Yuan previously had some disputes with the Heavenly Spirit Sect, sect master Xuan Kun had to admit that Zhou Yuan had created many miracles after coming to the Tianyuan Region. 

A smile curved Chi Jing's red lips as she said, "That supreme sovereign must feel a little uncomfortable right now.”

She knew that supreme sovereign Wan Zu was paying close attention to the battle. He had racked his brain to make the Great Five Alliance work for him, but in the end, a little Heavenly Sun expert had destroyed his scheme. Even he, a supreme sovereign with a heart as deep as an abyss, would find this hard to accept. 

This made Chi Jing very satisfied.   

After all, she had been under immense pressure from supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s scheming during this period. 

Although they had lost the mystical creature in the Nascent Source Tower, they had still greatly disrupted supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s plan by defending the mystical creature in the Heavenly Sun Tower.

Overall, the Tianyuan Region hadn’t lost completely.  

Compared with the thunderous cheers on the Tianyuan Region’s side, the atmosphere around the Great Five Alliance was deathly silent.

Even Hong Jiuyuan and the other Law Domain experts were dumbstruck at their defeat, their faces somewhat livid. The other people behind them didn’t even dare to breathe.

The veins on Hong Jiuyuan’s forehead throbbed as he turned to say to mountain lord Gui Yuan, “Didn’t you say Lu Qing could hold on?!”  

Mountain Lord Gui Yuan’s face twitched as he tried to explain, “Zhou Yuan is abnormal. Even supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s means were ineffective against him. Do you expect Lu Qing to have absolute certainty in winning?”

Hong Jiuyuan choked for a moment. Mountain lord Gui Yuan was right. Zhou Yuan had countered even supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s means, so it was not surprising Zhou Yuan managed to win against Lu Qing.  

“Lu Qing’s defeat means the Tianyuan Region has won and we have lost the mystical creature in the Heavenly Sun Tower,” Hong Jiuyuan uttered in a low voice.

The other Law Domain experts nodded. No one had thought Zhou Yuan could ruin all their careful plotting. 

Mountain lord Gui Yuan waved his hand, saying, “We are just carrying out a mission. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s plan shouldn’t be this simple. We only need to follow the orders.” 

Hearing this, Hong Jiuyuan and the others finally nodded, their eyes flickering.  

Inside the black iron tower.  

Zhou Yuan's flame-devil body rapidly shrank, and very soon, he resumed his normal appearance.

He glanced at Lu Qing, who was like charcoal in the distance. Then, a stream of light descended from the sky, wrapped around him and expelled him from the tower.

This symbolized that the outcome of the tower battle had been decided.   

Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief because he could feel the mighty Genesis Qi in his body beginning to fade. He had reached the time limit for the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s Promotion.

He clenched his hand, and the Heavenly Yuan Brush flashed out.    

Gazing at the seventh rune, Zhou Yuan saw the ancient Genesis rune grow dim, and he knew he couldn’t activate Promotion again for a while. 

Fortunately, he didn’t need it any time soon.    


Zhou Yuan suddenly felt a vibration within the tower, and the jade slabs at his feet suddenly lifted up and slowly floated to the top of the tower.

He saw a stone platform.   

The stone platform was engraved with many ancient runes, and in the center, a crystal ball hovered in the air. The crystal ball was like a world of storm; it contained surging blue waves, roaring wind, and heavy rains. And as the waves surged, the crystal ball seemed to possess a life force that caused many changes.

It was like a water spirit.   

Zhou Yuan knew that the strange life inside the crystal ball should be the mystical creature of the Wind Rain Lake. So, he stretched out his arm and held the crystal ball in his hand without any obstruction.

The mystical creature in the Wind Rain Lake was finally in his hands. 

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