Chapter 1053 Power of the Flame Devil


As the giant golden palm crushed down like a mountain, the long spear formed from snow-white hair in Zhou Yuan's hand shattered instantly, and the white hairs scattered and drifted in the air like snow.

A terrifying force blasted Zhou Yuan backward with a sharp sonic boom, and his feet left long trails across the jade floor.

“Corrosion!” Zhou Yuan roared in his heart. 

Countless hairs invisible to the naked eye entered Lu Qing’s body when Lu Qing breathed in.

“It’s useless!” 

When Lu Qing's voice rang out, the golden light in his body suddenly gushed forth and turned all the hair invading his body to powder. Then, he vomited them out.

After activating the so-called Mountainous Golden Transformation Art, Lu Qing's combat strength had evidently soared dramatically.


Even if Lu Qing was already dominating the battle, he didn’t hold back his attacks. Waving the golden wheel in his hand, he stomped and charged forward with his golden body, causing space to collapse. He then launched another fierce, storm-like onslaught on Zhou Yuan. 

The white hair in Zhou Yuan's hand frantically rushed out to take the form of a huge shield, and Genesis Qi rapidly flowed around the shield to counter Lu Qing’s attack.

One person was frantically attacking and one person was defending, but Lu Qing's momentum seemed to be growing stronger.

Sighs of disappointment spread through the crowd as they watched on. Zhou Yuan had already solved the biggest problem, but in the end, he still fell into a disadvantageous situation in a frontal battle against Lu Qing. However, this was normal. After all, Lu Qing was a true advanced Heavenly Sun expert.

On the Tianyuan Region’s side, everyone looked tense and held their breath anxiously. They all understood that the outcome of the war depended on Zhou Yuan.

"It's so troublesome for Zhou Yuan to deal with Lu Qing…. If we had the means he has, would we need to go through so much trouble!?” Bai Yu couldn't help grumbling.

But no one paid any attention to him. All eyes were fixed on the black iron tower.

After a while, Qin Lian's eyes flickered. “The Genesis Qi around Zhou Yuan seems somewhat stirred…"

The others focused their gaze and, indeed, felt the battle between the two had intensified. The Genesis Qi in Zhou Yuan’s body was beginning to show signs of restlessness. The temperature around steadily increased and even distorted space.


The golden wheel fiercely slashed the white shield, splitting it in half.

“Go die!”   

The killing intent in Lu Qing’s eyes surged when Zhou Yuan revealed a flaw. The golden wheel broke free of his hand, erupted with blinding golden light and roared towards Zhou Yuan like a giant golden-scaled beast. 

A biting wind howled, and Zhou Yuan lifted his head abruptly.

His eyes had unknowingly turned crimson-red, and red patterns had emerged beneath his skin. Even the Genesis Qi within his body had turned berserk. 


A low and violent roar came from his throat, and the crimson luster suddenly expanded, enveloping his body like a blazing red sun.


The golden wheel turned into a streak of golden light and slashed the crimson light with a loud metallic clang. The next second, the golden wheel was sent flying, covered in red-hot lava.

Lu Qing narrowed his eyes, staring cautiously at the crimson light.


The sound of footsteps ahead of him drew Lu Qing’s attention, and his expression changed drastically. A ten-foot-tall figure strode out slowly covered in molten lava and emitted an intense heat. His appearance made even the void show signs of distortion. 

Suddenly, a ruthless and oppressive force gushed out, like a flame devil coming out of purgatory. 

Zhou Yuan stared at Lu Qing’s golden figure. His eyes made him appear violent and manic, but the depths of his body were exuding an absolute calmness. He had finally performed the Purgatory Great Flame Devil technique. But because he had only just started practicing the technique, he needed some time to activate it, and he also needed to be filled with fury. 

Only with the combination of anger and powerful Genesis Qi could he possess the ruthless and oppressive power of the Flame Devil. Previously, he had allowed Lu Qing to repeatedly attack just to accumulate anger. And now, the wheel of fortune had reversed.

Crimson light flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes as he stamped his feet. Molten lava spewed out from beneath his feet like a torrent and instantly surged towards Lu Qing.

As molten lava gushed forth, Zhou Yuan vanished into thin air, and then, fists clenched, he drilled out the molten lava and flung out a punch towards Lu Qing in the most simple and most brutal way.

Space directly crumbled, and even the air seemed to burn.

Terrifying power roared towards Lu Qing like a hurricane, and he didn’t dare to be careless. Golden light rapidly flowed around his giant golden fist, and he threw out his own punch, meeting Zhou Yuan’s punch head-on with full strength. 


The moment the crimson and golden lights wildly collided, the jade slabs beneath Zhou Yuan and Lu Qing split and shattered. The collision tore numerous cracks in space.

However, the stalemate only lasted for a few breaths before the crimson light drowned out the golden light. The lava fist slammed into Lu Qing's crossed arms.


Lu Qing widened his eyes in astonishment. Zhou Yuan's fist was like a silent volcanic eruption, trying to incinerate everything. Even the Mountainous Golden Transformation couldn’t withstand the fist’s powerful and berserk force!

Lu Qing's tremendous golden body reeled back, his feet digging into the ground. 

“Flame Devil Meteor!”   

Zhou Yuan lifted his head and roared skywards like a flame devil, and then suddenly, he slashed the air with both hands.  

Molten boulders smashed through space, striking multiple holes into Lu Qing’s indestructible golden body.

The battle situation had been reversed.   

Outside, countless eyes widened in shock. Evidently, many didn’t expect the situation to be reversed so quickly.    

Meanwhile, there was a low commotion within the Great Five Alliance, and even the Law Domain experts’ expressions had changed.

Mountain lord Gui Yuan said indifferently, "Don't worry. Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi was achieved after relying on foreign means, and it won’t last forever. Lu Qing has yet to use Mt. Guiyuan's strongest defensive technique. Once he does so, the battle will end in a tie.”

The other Law Domain experts’ expressions finally eased when they heard his words.


At the same time, on the battlefield, Lu Qing, who was repeatedly suppressed, couldn’t hold on any longer. Zhou Yuan's attacks were too fierce, and if they continued, even his golden body could be forcibly exploded.

Therefore, Lu Qing didn’t dare to hesitate anymore. He suddenly folded his hands together and roared, "Guiyuan Qi-Fusion Barrier!”


A mysterious light film spread from Lu Qing's body and shrouded him. The film was only around one foot wide, and the ancient patterns on it vaguely resembled those on a turtle shell.  


The giant lava fist again blasted through the void, but this time, its surging power was suddenly reduced by half when the domineering and scorching lava passed the light barrier, and it only pushed Lu Qing back a few steps. 


Zhou Yuan’s crimson eyes flashed as he stared at the mysterious barrier around Lu Qing’s body.  

Lu Qing sneered, "Zhou Yuan, don't waste your efforts. My Guiyuan Qi-Fusion Barrier can dissolve all powers. Coupled with the power of my golden body transformation, you can't beat me!”

However, even Lu Qing's attacks would be weakened once the Guiyuan Qi-Fusion Barrier was activated. Therefore, it was a pure iron turtle shell.  

Zhou Yuan scrunched his brows, but his attacks didn’t stop. Instead, he launched a fiercer onslaught on Lu Qing and pelted him like a rainstorm.

But just as Lu Qing said, all attacks were weakened once they passed through the barrier, and they would no longer be able to inflict much damage to Lu Qing, who was in his golden body transformation.

“Hahaha, Zhou Yuan, are you at a loss on what to do?! I told you there is nothing you can do. No matter how hard you struggle, this battle will still end in a draw,” Lu Qing roared with laughter.    

Zhou Yuan's face was expressionless and as cold as water. His tone was indifferent when he said, "Your turtle shell barrier is indeed troublesome, but it's not as strong as you say. As long as there’s a power superior to it, it will naturally collapse.”

He had already seen through the Guiyuan Qi-Fusion Barrier during his previous attacks.

Lu Qing was taken aback at first but then said with a grin, “You’re very smart, but so what if that is the case?”

Zhou Yuan said indifferently, "Then I’ll break it.”

"Nonsense!" From their previous exchange, Zhou Yuan's combat strength was indeed tyrannical, but Zhou Yuan, at best, was only slightly stronger than him, and it was ridiculous of Zhou Yuan to think he could forcibly break the Guiyuan Qi-Fusion Barrier.

However, Zhou Yuan didn't waste time talking to him anymore. He strode forward. Snow-white hair rushed out from the huge lava fist and covered it like a glove.  

“Genesis Breaker.”   

A jet-black light spread out, turning the snow-white glove a mysterious jet-black color.

“Ignite, Golden Blood.”    

As Zhou Yuan muttered, his ten-foot tall body quivered sharply, and a hundred drops of golden blood blazed in his heart. A mighty and terrifying power raged through him like a monstrous torrent, pouring into his every limb and bone.


As Zhou Yuan stood in the same spot, a frightening power erupted from him and continuously rippled space. 

Lu Qing narrowed his eyes, but he wasn’t the least bit afraid. Zhou Yuan’s power was remarkable, but he knew his Guiyuan Qi-Fusion Barrier wouldn’t break that easily! As long as it blocked Zhou Yuan’s final fatal attack, Lu Qing would complete his mission.

Golden blood erupted, and the red markings on Zhou Yuan's body turned even more striking. In his crimson eyes, a destructive power seemed to brew.


He stepped forward, exuding oppressive pressure, and appeared before Lu Qing mysteriously like a ghost. Then, he swiftly thrust his fist out!

His punch was not complex, but the power contained within it was extremely concentrated.


Under countless gazes, the tremendous jet-black fist slammed into the Guiyuan Qi-Fusion Barrier and created violent ripples. 

The two were in a stalemate, and the terrifying power released from both caused space to tremble wildly.

"Haha, Zhou Yuan, I told you that you couldn’t break my barrier. Your strength is lacking!" Lu Qing laughed widely. 

Many people shook their heads in disappointment.

“Is that right…” Zhou Yuan smiled faintly as he watched Lu Qing roar with laughter. He folded one hand into a seal. “Seven Cangxuan arts, Azure Sky Art!”  

The void suddenly undulated, and a drop of deep azure liquid landed on the giant black fist.

The Azure Sky Art was the only Genesis art among the seven Cangxuan arts without active attacking properties, but the Azure Sky Essence that it refined could greatly enhance the power of a Genesis weapon and a Genesis art!

Back when Zhou Yuan was in the Cangxuan Sect, he and Chu Qing had once experienced this technique’s power in the Chosen challenge. But this was the first time Zhou Yuan displayed this technique since receiving it.

Azure ripples spread out from the giant black fist, and at that moment, the void seemed to still for a moment. Expressionless, Zhou Yuan punched out once again.

Cracks tore space.   


Faintly, there seemed to be the sound of shattering.   

Lu Qing's eyes snapped wide with shock as he noticed tiny cracks emerging on the Guiyuan Qi-Fusion Barrier.

“How is that possible?!” Before his astonished muttering had faded completely, Zhou Yuan’s fist again erupted with monstrous torrents of lava.


The Guiyuan Qi-Fusion Barrier exploded to pieces.  

However, Zhou Yuan's attacks continued unabated. After the ruinous molten lava battering, he aimed a fierce punch at Lu Qing's golden body.


Lava swept forth, and Lu Qing’s golden body abruptly exploded.    

A scorched figure blasted out from the explosion and left deep trails on the jade floor. Lu Qing’s aura had dramatically diminished, and it was unknown whether he survived. 

Both the inside and the outside of the tower fell utterly silent.

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