Chapter 1052 Fighting Lu Qing

"I didn't expect Zhou Yuan to be hiding such powerful means…"

On the Great Five Alliance’s side, the Crimson Cloud Sword Sect’s sect master Hong Jiuyuan knitted his brows in a frown. The sudden change was evidently unexpected to everyone.

They had never thought that the runic sphere that supreme sovereign Wan Zu had carefully refined would fail!

Seeing the situation on the jade battle stage, mountain lord Gui Yuan from the Tri-Mountain Alliance said indifferently, “Although the situation has changed, don’t panic. Luckily, the means is in Zhou Yuan’s hands and not Qin Lian’s.”

The other Law Domain experts nodded. They understood what mountain lord Gui Yuan meant. If it were Qin Lian instead of Zhou Yuan, no Heavenly Sun experts on their side would be able to survive. But with Zhou Yuan, the result was not guaranteed. 

After all, Zhou Yuan was only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage, and his foundation of 1.5 billion Genesis Qi stars was only achieved after using foreign means, which meant it might not be stable.  

Lu Qing possessed a foundation of 1.6 billion stars. Zhou Yuan wouldn’t have much of an advantage against him. The gap of 100 million wasn’t considered small even in the Heavenly Sun stage. Moreover, even if Zhou Yuan possessed unexpected combat strength, as long as Lu Qing obtained a tie and didn’t lose, they could still follow their original plan.



Powerful Genesis Qi raged out from Lu Qing's body like a storm, bringing an oppressive pressure to the world.

Lu Qing's Genesis Qi appeared golden and exuded an eerie and sharp aura. It was a grade-7 Genesis Qi called Mystic Aged Gold Qi, and it had domineering offensive and destructive power.  

"I really want to know what's so great about a supreme sovereign’s disciple!" Lu Qing sneered and immediately launched an attack.


Mighty golden Genesis Qi rushed out, then transformed into billions of golden spears hurling down like a rainstorm. They blocked all of Zhou Yuan's escape routes. A sharp light flowed around the golden spears, and it tore tiny streaks in space where it passed.

Standing on the battle platform, Zhou Yuan peered up at the golden spears pelting down from the sky, his expression unwavering.


He stamped his foot.   


A torrent of platinum Genesis Qi suddenly rose from Zhou Yuan’s head, and as a dragon roar resounded throughout the sky, a huge platinum dragon claw extended out from the platinum torrent and met the golden spears head-on.

The white-gold dragon scales on the dragon’s claws shimmered like diamonds.


Many golden spears collided with the platinum dragon's claws, but only the spears shattered into small fragments, filling the sky with specks of light. Almost all the golden spears were wiped out like dry weeds after only a few seconds.

“Such strong Genesis Qi!”    

Lu Qing's expression changed ever so slightly. Their first clash was a competition of Genesis Qi. Lu Qing knew clearly that his Genesis Qi foundation was superior, yet he didn’t have an advantage against Zhou Yuan. It was obvious that Zhou Yuan’s platinum Genesis Qi was a higher grade than his Mystic Aged Gold Qi!

He estimated it to be at least grade 8! 

“He’s so lucky!” Lu Qing said through gritted teeth, his eyes filled with jealousy. He was already a talent among the Heavenly Sun experts from the Tri-Mountain Alliance, but even so, the Genesis Qi he cultivated was still only grade 7.   

“So what if his Genesis Qi is grade 8? The gap of 100 million stars can’t be compensated for so easily!”

Lu Qing folded his hands in a lightning bolt seal and rubbed it suddenly!

“Little Saint Art, Golden Wind Bone-Corroding Art!”

Gusts of golden wind whizzed forth from Lu Qing's palm, tearing space with its terrifyingly fierce and sharp power. That level of destructive power was astonishing.


The golden wind lashed the platinum dragon claws and corroded the platinum dragon scales.

Seeing this, Zhou Yuan flicked his fingers, and the dragon claw transformed into platinum Genesis Qi and retracted.

“Heavenly Dragon Qi, Heavenly Dragon Roar!” 

Mighty platinum Genesis Qi gathered above Zhou Yuan, and a fierce and imposing dragon head vaguely took shape. The dragon opened its mouth wide and released an earth-shattering roar.

Its near-solid sound wave clashed with the golden wind, constantly shredding space.

However, the raging golden wind was blocked.

Zhou Yuan looked quite satisfied with this result. His grade-8 Heavenly Dragon Qi was indeed powerful and remarkable; it successfully blocked the opponent’s little Saint Art by relying on the power of pure Genesis Qi.


But Zhou Yuan's eyes suddenly turned chilly. Space collapsed, and a stream of golden light, aiming for Zhou Yuan, shot out at an unbelievable speed.

Zhou Yuan intently focused his eyes and saw a golden wheel inside the beam of golden light. It was covered with scales and was exuding a fierce aura.

It was a peak Heaven Genesis Weapon! 

As Zhou Yuan clenched his hand, countless snow-white hairs broke his skin and quickly transformed into a giant snow-white shield in his hand.


The golden wheel fiercely slashed into the huge shield and immediately sliced numerous snow-white hairs. 

But just when the wheel was about to pierce the shield, the shield faded into countless white chains and tightly coiled around the golden wheel, rapidly slowing down the wheel. Eventually, the wheel halted only a few inches from Zhou Yuan’s face.


In the distance, a look of disappointment flashed across Lu Qing’s eyes when he saw that the golden wheel had failed to kill Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes.  

He shook his shoulders, and a pair of wings stretched out from his back.


Beating his wings, Zhou Yuan mysteriously vanished like a ghost, while Lu Qing’s expression changed drastically. Lu Qing rapidly drew back, leaving behind afterimages.  


Where he was standing a split second ago, a snow-white spear wrapped in mighty Genesis Qi was thrust out and split the jade floor. 

Clasping a long spear shrouded in white hair, Zhou Yuan sped toward him. He pointed the spear and sent out thousands of rays of light. They quickly shattered space and enveloped Lu Qing.

Lu Qing clenched his hand, and the golden wheel appeared in his grip. It flickered constantly, similarly containing monstrous Genesis Qi.


The spear shadow and the wheel shadow repeatedly collided like lightning bolts. In just a few dozen breaths, they collided hundreds of rounds, and their Genesis Qi shock waves exploded and quaked space. 

Zhou Yuan and Lu Qing were evenly matched.    

However, Lu Qing’s face darkened. His Genesis Qi was clearly stronger than Zhou Yuan’s by 100 million, yet he didn’t have the advantage. Moreover, the more he fought, the more he shuddered with fear because he found that Zhou Yuan’s platinum Genesis Qi was particularly mysterious and domineering. During every collision, a faint dragon roar drilled into his body and echoed in his Divine Dwellings, causing his Divine Dwellings to vibrate and lose control of their Genesis Qi. 

Zhou Yuan really is difficult to deal with.  


Lu Qing’s eyes glinted ominously.  

“You think I, Lu Qing, can be pushed around easily?!”  

Lu Qing erupted in dazzling golden light. As the light flowed around him, his body strangely expanded. In just a few breaths, he had transformed into a golden giant, and an extremely fierce aura had pervaded the air.

“I’ll let you try my Tri-Mountain Alliance’s powerful bodily strength!    

“Mountainous Golden Transformation!”  

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