Chapter 1050 Swallow


Under countless gazes, the rune-ball floated out. Even if it wasn’t particularly fast, no one dared underestimate the terrifying power it contained. 

Many people on the Tianyuan Region’s side shook their heads and sighed. The opponent hadn’t given them a chance at all. They previously thought that even if the match ended in a draw, the Tianyuan Region wouldn’t suffer too great of a material loss.

On the other hand, Chi Jing and the others, who knew the Tianyuan Region would lose the battle even if they tied in the end, clenched their hands and looked glum. Even Law Domain experts like them couldn’t change anything in the end. 

Once Zhou Yuan was defeated, supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s decree, which was hanging in the air, would forcibly take away the mythical creature atop the tower. 

The Tianyuan Region would be utterly defeated.

Qin Lian bit her lips with such force that she even broke the skin. As she watched on, unwillingness and bitterness filled her heart.

They had lost too much in the battle.

She wouldn’t have the smallest complaint if they were defeated in a fair fight based on strength. They clearly had an absolute advantage in strength, yet the other party had forcibly suppressed them. 

However, Qin Lian also understood that it was naive to ask for fairness on this occasion, but she still couldn’t quell her indignation.

Mu Youlan understood how Qin Lian felt. She stretched out her cold little hand, took Qin Lian’s and sighed.

Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others at the back were ashen-faced and had closed their eyes, afraid to watch what would come next.

Everyone from the other forces secretly sighed. It seemed that the game between the two supreme sovereigns would end soon and that supreme sovereign Wan Zu would become the final winner. 

Everyone fixed their eyes on the jade battle stage.

Zhou Yuan was also staring intently at the rune-ball shooting out. The power contained within it made him feel an intense danger. 

His eyes flickered wildly. After several breaths, a fierce glint flashed across his eyes, and he ultimately sped towards the rune-ball.

When Lu Qing saw him charging at him, his lips curved into a ruthless smile. “You have a death wish!”

The power contained in the sphere wasn’t something that Heavenly Sun experts could bear. If it weren’t for the fact that the power contained within it was mainly designed to destroy the iron tower barrier, they would have been wiped out long ago. If Zhou Yuan rushed forward, he would suffer the greatest impact and might even be killed outright.

Zhou Yuan's actions surprised everyone. No one thought he would dare to step forward to face the indestructible power.

“He really is crazy!”

Everyone shook their heads secretly.

Not only were the others surprised, even Chi Jing couldn’t stop her expression from changing. She didn’t know what Zhou Yuan was thinking, but she knew that even she couldn’t save him while he was within the iron tower!

“What is he doing? Does he really want to die?” Xuan Kun couldn’t help saying angrily.

Zhou Yuan had a special status: he was supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple. If something happened to him, the Tianyuan Region’s situation would likely worsen.

The faces of the other three grand elders were also stiff and cold like water.

To all other parties’ astonishment, Zhou Yuan had already appeared next to the rune-ball. The sphere released a dazzling luster, its terrifying force on the verge of exploding.     

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath. Then, he did something that shocked everyone. He opened his mouth and inhaled sharply, swallowing the rune-ball. 

“He’s crazy! He’s crazy!”

Countless people felt their scalps go numb. They were well aware of the terrifying power contained in the sphere and that even Nascent Source experts couldn’t bear that power. Zhou Yuan didn’t evade or block the sphere but swallowed it directly. Does he want to die that quickly?

Zhou Yuan paid no attention to the horrified gasps. He hadn’t swallowed the rune-ball but sent it into his Divine Dwellings.    

Inside his Divine Dwellings, the rune-ball descended from the sky, its terrifying power violently quaking them. 

Zhou Yuan appeared in his Divine Dwellings. As he gazed at the sphere on the brink of explosion, his heart pounded, and he shot a look at a ball of light close by.

It was the Saint Rune light sphere!

“Big brother, do me a favor!” he cried for help.

The Saint Rune light sphere, transformed from the four Saint Runes, possessed a strong spiritual intellect. More importantly, what existed inside the sphere was a fragment of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, which possessed an even stronger and astonishing spiritual intellect. 

This was what Zhou Yuan bet on!

Although he lacked the strength to withstand the rune-ball, the Saint Rune light sphere in his Divine Dwellings might have the ability to do so. 

The four Saint runes plus a fragment from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp were extraordinary existences!   

They existed within Zhou Yuan’s Divine Dwellings, which provided them shelter. Otherwise, if they were exposed, all four Saint Runes and the Cangxuan Saint Stamp would undoubtedly attract covetous gazes.  

Zhou Yuan believed that they would come to his rescue if any fatal danger appeared. Therefore, when the rune-ball shot out, Zhou Yuan stared at the Saint Rune light sphere hanging within his Divine Dwellings. 

Only a few seconds had passed, but those seconds felt like torment to Zhou Yuan.

But just as his heart pounded frantically, the Saint Rune light sphere within his Divine Dwellings finally moved. The four Saint Runes rotated rapidly, and the next instant, the Saint Rune light sphere appeared before the runic sphere as though it had teleported.

A crack spread across the Saint Rune light sphere’s surface and swallowed the rune-ball in one mouthful.

The crack quickly repaired itself, sealing the rune-ball inside.     

It was also at this moment when the rune-ball exploded and erupted with blinding rays of light like a small sun.

The entire Divine Dwelling shook frantically.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were blinded, and his ears were ringing, but his heart was beating like a drum. He knew that he had to take a huge risk this time. If the Saint Rune light sphere failed to suppress the rune-ball, his situation would look very bleak and he would likely be defeated in the battle. But he wasn’t afraid. He knew that not everything in the world was certain. To become the ultimate winner, courage was essential. 

The four Saint Runes rotated incessantly at the center of the burst of light and attempted to dissolve its terrifying power. However, the four runes were somewhat slow.  

The fragment inside the Saint Rune light sphere quivered and erupted with an endless suction force, frantically swallowing the rune-ball’s explosive power.

Zhou Yuan watched the blinding light rays be suppressed under the cooperation of the Saint Runes and the fragment. The light even began to fade. 

Ten breaths later, it vanished.

Zhou Yuan stared blankly into the distance. The Saint Rune light sphere continued to spin steadily, and the Cangxuan Saint Stamp’s fragment glowed with a mysterious luster. The rune-ball had completely vanished.

Although the Saint Rune light sphere had dulled a lot, it had successfully withstood the explosion.  

Suc...success? Even Zhou Yuan's emotions surged violently like a tide. Joy and excitement filled his heart, causing his entire body to tremble.

He had won!

The Saint Rune light sphere had lived up to his expectations and had dissolved the rune-ball’s power! 

He had destroyed his opponent’s greatest trump card!

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