Chapter 1049 Zhou Yuan Appears

When Zhou Yuan appeared before the back iron tower, people gazed at him with countless different expressions.

Zhou Yuan wasn't considered a nobody in Hunyuan Heaven; he had risen to fame after his remarkable performance in the nine regions tournament, and his fame had further increased after he revealed his identity as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple. However, it didn't matter how famous he was. Strength was the most important attribute in an occasion like this.    

A few months ago, Zhou Yuan was the king of the Divine Dwelling stage. But when the former king stepped into a new world, the so-called invincible halos he possessed completely disappeared. He was no longer the king, and he was instead at the bottom. It would take him some time to bloom to the same radiance he had before. 

Therefore, many people were puzzled to see Zhou Yuan appear in front of the tower to participate in the incomparably fierce mystical creature battle.

Only advanced Heavenly Sun experts who had opened up a glass Heavenly Sun were qualified to appear in such an occasion. Even if Zhou Yuan had achieved this, he was still only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage!

How huge was the gap between him and the other chosen experts?

However, Zhou Yuan had a special status, so he didn't draw many contemptuous gazes. Instead, many eyes were filled with doubt and curiosity. They wanted to see what the king of the Divine Dwelling stage could do in a battle of the Heavenly Sun level.

Would he shock everyone again, or did he, the newcomer, enter the wrong place? 


As Zhou Yuan appeared outside the black iron tower, a stream of light also descended from the sky on the other side of the black tower.

It was a man with narrow eyes. Sizing up Zhou Yuan, he lifted a corner of his lips and said mockingly, “Are you really at the initial Heavenly Sun stage? Don’t tell me you think nobody would do anything to you because you’re supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple.”  

This person was Lu Qing from the Tri-Mountain Alliance and the Great Five Alliance’s last person to appear.

Zhou Yuan swept an indifferent glance over him and didn’t respond. With a slight movement, he transformed into a stream of light and sped into the black iron tower. 

“How arrogant.” Lu Qing curled a corner of his lips into a sneer. “It was you who defeated Chen Xuandong and made my Tri-Mountain Alliance lose face. Today, I want to see how it feels to trample a supreme sovereign’s disciple.”

Under countless gazes, he immediately entered the iron tower.

On the huge jade battle stage.

Zhou Yuan stood opposite Lu Qing.

With a smile on his face, Lu Qing stamped his feet and brought monstrous Genesis Qi gushing forth. Three great glass suns loomed behind him, and a terrifying Genesis Qi pressure overwhelmingly suppressed Zhou Yuan. Contained within the glass suns was a foundation of 1.6 billion!

"Zhou Yuan, bring out all your trump cards. Otherwise, you won't have much chance in winning," Lu Qing said indifferently.

Ordinary initial Heavenly Sun experts would be too terrified to move an inch under the pressure of his Genesis Qi. If Zhou Yuan didn't have any trump cards, there was no point in proceeding with the battle. Lu Qing believed that shouldn't be the case; otherwise, it meant Zhou Yuan had only come to embarrass himself. 

Feeling the oppressive Genesis Qi, Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly. The pressure brought about by 1.6 billion Genesis Qi stars was indeed terrifying. Without the Heavenly Yuan Brush, he couldn’t possibly compete with an opponent of that level.


Clenching his hand, Zhou Yuan exhaled a mouthful of white qi, and the mottled Heavenly Yuan Brush flashed out. He gently wiped its body and directly activated the seventh rune. 


The Heavenly Yuan Brush’s seventh rune erupted in dazzling light, and even the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth seemed to have been stimulated. The Genesis Qi mightily raced towards the Heavenly Yuan Brush, and once the Heavenly Yuan Brush refined the qi, it rushed into Zhou Yuan’s body without reservation.


The space around Zhou Yuan vibrated fiercely, and a glass Heavenly Sun appeared behind him. It was just that the power of the Genesis Qi erupting from the glass Heavenly Sun was soaring at an astonishing speed.

In just a few breaths, the number of Genesis Qi stars reached the level of 1.5 billion.


A torrential uproar broke out in the audience. Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Sun was said to only be at the initial Heavenly Sun stage, so how could he have achieved a foundation of 1.5 billion Genesis Qi stars?!  

However, as everyone gradually calmed down, they came to understand that it was impossible for anyone to possess such a terrifying foundation at the initial Heavenly Sun stage. Zhou Yuan should have only achieved such a level due to some foreign means. 

As a result, many eyes gleamed with interest. It seemed Zhou Yuan had come prepared.

But the atmosphere on the Tianyuan Region’s side was as tense as before. Even Chi Jing and the other grand elders wore expressionless faces and didn’t show any joy. The 1.5 billion foundation had only pulled the gap between the two sides closer, and it would be insignificant if the opponent used any strange runes to further raise his foundation. 

“So this is your trump card?” Lu Qing’s face was filled with surprise as he looked at Zhou Yuan. “It is no wonder that you are supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple. Many people would be envious of your trump cards. But 1.5 billion isn’t enough.”

Staring at Lu Qing, Zhou Yuan tightened his hold on the Heavenly Yuan Brush and said indifferently, “If it weren’t for the presence of those runes, it wouldn’t require much effort to deal with trash like you.” 

Lu Qing’s eyes flashed, and he smiled angrily. “Is that right? Then I really need to test out your 1.5 billion foundation!”

His voice faded, and he was about to charge out. However, the moment he lifted his foot and stepped forward, the fury on his face suddenly disappeared. He stared at Zhou Yuan contemptuously. “Do you think you can anger me to do what you want? Zhou Yuan, you only wanted to anger me so that I wouldn’t activate the rune. Then, you would have waited for the chance to strike.”

Smiling, Lu Qing shook his head. 

“What a good plan, but unfortunately for you, it's useless.” He said with pity, "It seems you also know that everything you do is useless. Don't worry, I won't give you any chance. I will let you feel what despair is.”

Zhou Yuan remained expressionless. Lu Qing was too cautious. Zhou Yuan did intend to anger him and kill him before he activated the rune-ball. 


Seeing that there wasn’t the slightest ripple of expression on Zhou Yuan’s face, Lu Qing soon felt bored, and his eyes turned icy. He ran his fingers down his chest and tore his skin. Blood gushed out. 

Many sighs echoed around, and some people cast sympathetic gazes toward the Tianyuan Region. 

On the Tianyuan Region’s side, everyone’s eyes were filled with despair.

Bizarre runes squirmed out of Lu Qing’s flesh and quickly gathered to form a rune-ball.

Lu Qing stretched out his fingers and flicked lightly. The runic light sphere immediately shot out.

“Zhou Yuan, I will make you know the feeling of despair. This time, the Tianyuan Region is bound to lose!”

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