Chapter 1047 Draw

When Qin Lian and Zhang Chengfeng were blasted out of the black metal tower, astonishment filled the countless watchers’ gazes. No one had expected this result.

Qin Lian was the sixth-ranker on the Heavenly Sun List, and her Genesis Qi foundation far exceeded Zhang Chengfeng’s. This match should have been hers!

However, with both of them exiting the tower, it was clearly a draw!

This situation was undoubtedly the most beneficial to the Great Five Alliance. After all, a sure defeat turning into a draw was greatly to their advantage.


Whispers erupted in the area as several gazes turned excited. They had originally believed the Tianyuan Region would achieve a smooth victory, but now, it seemed that things were turning out quite differently.

No one faulted the Great Five Alliance for using such tactics because the metal tower was constructed by supreme sovereign Cang Yuan and had its own probing abilities. If the Great Five Alliance were able to successfully bring in that strange rune, it meant that they had tricked the senses of a supreme sovereign.

Some of the smarter individuals knew that this was akin to a game of chess between the two supreme sovereigns.

Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan wished to restrict the Great Five Alliance through the tower, but supreme sovereign Wan Zu was no pushover either. Although they had entered supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s arena, supreme sovereign Wan Zu clearly did not plan on following the rules set by Cang Yuan...

Amidst the whispers, the Tianyuan Region camp was silent.

The outcome was clearly very difficult for them to accept.

“How despicable!” Mu Youlan gnashed her teeth.

Zhou Yuan’s expression had also darkened substantially, but he did not say anything because it was meaningless.

Although Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the others surged with anger in their eyes, they did not speak either. They also understood that it was pointless.

Qin Lian returned with a frosty face, a chilling aura spreading from her entire body. She was the most sullen one. Victory was clearly right before her eyes, but her opponent had ultimately forced her into a stalemate. It was nearly impossible to suppress such emotions.

Mu Youlan hurriedly walked over and consoled her in a soft voice.

Qin Lian didn’t utter a single word, but her tightly clenched fists revealed her inner feelings.

There was nothing good for Zhou Yuan to say at this juncture. He could only wait for her to calm her anger.

Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the other three grand elders exchanged a look before looking towards Bai Yu. “You will take the second match.”

On the Tianyuan Region side, Bai Yu’s strength was second only to Qin Lian’s. His Genesis Qi foundation had reached the 1.9 billion level, making him roughly equal to Zhang Chengfeng. However, Zhang Chengfeng was the strongest Heavenly Sun expert of the opposing camp and had already been matched with Qin Lian. Hence, Bai Yu also had a high chance of victory now.


Zhou Yuan glanced at Chi Jing, seeing her grave expression. No one knew whether their opponents still had any more of that strange rune. It was something that even Law Domain experts could not create, and it was likely supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s handiwork.

That old dog! Zhou Yuan could not help but curse inside. To think that an almighty supreme sovereign would be so unscrupulous. He clearly did not care about his status and was determined to force the Tianyuan Region into its grave.

All of this was for the sake of forcing out master Cang Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils suddenly shrank. From the information he currently had, the supreme sovereign had to have a deeper reason for forcing out master Cang Yuan...his target was likely Yaoyao.

Who exactly is Yaoyao? Why did she elicit such elaborate schemes from Hunyuan Heaven’s big bosses?

Zhou Yuan’s face was extremely stormy. No matter who Yaoyao was, there was absolutely no way he would let her land in supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s hands. Zhou Yuan could trust Cang Yuan, and Cang Yuan also treated Yaoyao as his kin. There was no need for Zhou Yuan to worry about Cang Yuan hurting her.

But the same could not be said for supreme sovereign Wan Zu.

Old dog, how dare you plot against Yaoyao. When I step into the Saint sage, I’ll definitely chop off your head! Zhou Yuan made a small goal for himself.

Before he could accomplish this goal, however, the Tianyuan Region had to first solve the problem in front of them. If the mystical creature fell into the hands of supreme sovereign Wan Zu, he might be able to force out master Cang Yuan by taking the Tianyuan Region hostage.

While Zhou Yuan’s eyes were flickering in thought, Bai Yu’s figure shot forward under countless watching gazes.

A figure also emerged from the Great Five Alliance side. It was the Venomous Dragon Palace’s Chen Le. His Genesis Qi foundation was said to have reached the 1.8 billion level, and he was second only to Zhang Chengfeng in the Great Five Alliance.

The two individuals did not waste any time, and they directly shot into the black metal tower.

It was the same azure jade arena. However, the duelists were now Bai Yu and Chen Le.

Bai Yu coldly stared at Chen Lu. Even if he was stronger than his opponent, Qin Lian’s earlier example made him even more cautious than Chen Le.

He was not the only one. The countless onlookers outside were all closely watching Chen le.

They wanted to determine a certain matter...

Chen Le smiled under everyone’s gazes, chuckling as he looked at the cautious Bai Yu. “Come on, Bai Yu. You’re one of the famous rankers on the Heavenly Sun List. Is there a need for such prudence against a small fry like me?”

His tone was filled with mockery.

Bai Yu sneered. “If we were to use our real abilities, wouldn’t it be easy to deal with trash like you?”

“Come at me then.” Chen Le retained his smiling appearance.

Bai Yu did not move but continued to scan Chen Le’s body.

Chen Le acted as if he was struck by a sudden flash of understanding. “So you’re afraid of that thing…”

He shook his head and said, “You don’t know how much one has to suffer to conceal that toy within one’s flesh. I previously watched Zhang Chengfeng howling in pain for three days and nights. I definitely do not want to experience such suffering.”

Bai Yu relaxed inwardly when he heard this.

But before a smile could form on Bai Yu’s face, Chen Le sighed softly and said, “But so what if I don’t want to? We’re only pieces on the chessboard, that’s why…” The smile on Chen Le’s face suddenly turned sinister and crazed. “Hahaha, you’re right, you fool. I also have the same toy in me!

“Not just me, all of us have it in our bodies!”

He laughed maniacally as he suddenly sliced his finger across his chest. His flesh split open and squirmed as the same strange rune slowly climbed out like a worm.

The bloody rune swiftly folded into itself, turning into another glowing rune-ball that pulsed with terrifying energy.


A torrential uproar erupted outside the tower.

All five of the Great Five Alliance participants had the rune in their bodies. Wouldn't this mean that they were already in an unbeatable position?

On the Tianyuan Region side, everyone’s faces turned ashen as a heavy atmosphere engulfed them.

The five grand elders were no exception. Although they remained silent, anyone could feel the nearby space begin to ripple around them.

However, even Law Domain experts like them could not interfere in this battle of schemes between supreme sovereigns. All they could do was helplessly watch by the sidelines.


Another terrifying explosion of energy burst out from the black metal tower as two ragged figures were blasted out. Their mangled bodies spiraled through the sky, blood violently spurting from their mouths.

It was Bai Yu and Chen Le.

The second match had ended in a draw again!

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