Chapter 1044 Convincing the Masses

Alarmingly powerful Genesis Qi pressure unfurled from Zhou Yuan’s body like a storm, causing the entire hall to fall silent.

Shock colored everyone’s eyes, including the three Nascent Source experts, Qin Lian, Bai Yu and the other two...

A Genesis Qi foundation of 1.5 billion!

Naturally, the raw number alone wouldn’t make them lose their composure, but it became especially terrifying when the number was paired with Zhou Yuan, who had advanced to the Heavenly Sun stage only three to four months ago.

One must know that even Mu Youlan, an advanced glass Heavenly Sun stage expert, only had a Genesis Qi foundation of 1.6 billion!

It was this same 1.6 billion that qualified her for the Heavenly Sun List, making her one of the strongest among Hunyuan Heaven’s Heavenly Sun stage experts!

It had taken years of hard work for Mu Youlan to accumulate such foundations. Even so, Zhou Yuan was now fast approaching her level. How frightening and insane was this?!

Even these individuals were utterly shocked, let alone the other Heavenly Sun expert present.

Stupefied, they stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure. At this moment, they felt as if they understood the saying ‘all men were equal, but some were more equal than others’. They were basically dirt compared to Zhou Yuan. Was this why he had gained the supreme sovereign’s favor?

Many of the jealous Heavenly Sun experts could not help but feel rather dispirited.

The silence in the hall continued as a stifling atmosphere filled the place.

The Genesis Qi pressure gradually dissipated along with the glass sun behind Zhou Yuan. “Anyone who still has any complaints about my participation may voice them.”

Complete silence.

“If there’s none, go and do what you should be doing. I have no objections to any of you questioning my abilities, but those that can only talk are not welcomed in the Tianyuan Region.” The iciness in his voice made the hearts of several Heavenly Sun experts shiver.

The crowd regained their calm as their jealousy and anger faded. Zhou Yuan’s current status was very special, and even the numerous elders did not dare to show any rudeness towards him. Offending him would not be a wise decision.

Hence, rustling echoed in the hall as the numerous prideful and headstrong Heavenly Sun experts lowered their heads and began to leave, their backs looking a little pitiful.

“What about the two of you?” Zhou Yuan’s gaze shifted towards Wang Ping and Lu Ping. “If you’re still unconvinced, I will give you guys a fair chance to challenge me.”

Wang Ping and Lu Ping smiled bitterly as they exchanged a look. Their arrogance had long been shocked away by Zhou Yuan’s 1.5 billion Genesis Qi foundation. As such, they cupped their hands together and bowed before turning to leave.

With the rowdy crowd of Heavenly Sun experts finally dispersing after nearly an entire month, the three Nascent Source experts breathed a sigh of relief. They faintly nodded at Zhou Yuan before their figures also disappeared.

Zhou Yuan turned towards the still present Qin Lian, Bai Yu and the others. “It’s been hard on you guys.”

Qin Lian and Mu Youlan quickly walked over, their gazes filled with bewilderment as they looked Zhou Yuan up and down. “Your Genesis Qi?”

They had discovered that his Genesis Qi had weakened.

“It’s not from my own cultivation. I borrowed some external help and am unable to maintain the state for extended periods. However, it should be enough for the mystic creature battle.” Zhou Yuan chuckled. He did not hide anything. After all, it was very easy to find out.

Qin Lian and Mu Youlan breathed a tiny sigh of relief, especially the latter. Her current foundation was only at the 1.6 billion mark after many years of hard training. If it were really so easy for Zhou Yuan to catch up, she would really begin to doubt her own talent.

“Hehe, looks like the supreme sovereign has left many good things for little grand elder Zhou Yuan. But will the Genesis Qi obtained by relying on external methods be dependable?” Laughter sounded from behind him. It was Bai Yu.

Zhou Yuan glanced at him. Bai Yu seemed to be smiling, but there was some sarcasm in his voice. Zhou Yuan was no stranger to such treatment ever since his identity as the supreme sovereign’s personal disciple was revealed. The negative feelings Bai Yu felt towards him were likely greater than the other Heavenly Sun experts. After all, Bai Yu was one of the Tianyuan Region’s most outstanding Heavenly Sun experts. If someone were to gain the supreme sovereign’s favor, he would be one of the most likely candidates.

“There’s no need to explain to you whether or not it will be dependable. If you have any doubts, go find sect master Xuan Kun,” said Zhou Yuan in a friendly voice.

The smile on Bai Yu’s face turned rigid. How could he not feel the sharpness under Zhou Yuan’s friendly demeanor? This made Bai Yu somewhat angry. If not for Zhou Yuan’s status, what right would he have to say such things to him?

Bai Yu indifferently said, “Don’t be angry, little grand elder. I was merely thinking about our Tianyuan Region. The battle is a best of five. If an accident happens to you, the rest of us will be put under a lot of pressure.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. “How I perform is my business. You only need to maintain your own condition.”

In the face of Zhou Yuan’s superior attitude, Bai Yu could not help but clench his fists tightly under his sleeves. He ultimately restrained himself and displayed a cold smile. “Then I’ll wait and see. I hope that the little grand elder will not bring shame to the supreme sovereign when the time comes.”

As the final word rang out, he waved sleeves and left.

Zhou Yuan then turned his gaze towards Bian Buji, but before Zhou Yuan could speak, Bian Buji slowly said, “I don’t care where your power comes from. I naturally have no complaints as long as you win and preserve the dignity of our Tianyuan Region. But if we end up losing because of you, I will send a formal complaint to the five grand elders regardless of your status.”

He looked straight at Zhou Yuan without the slightest hint of avoidance, then also turned to leave.

However, Zhou Yuan was not angered by his bluntness. Dealing with someone like this was far better than Bai Yu, who played all kinds of little tricks.

Qin Lian said, “Bian Buji always speaks his mind. You shouldn’t find fault with him because of this.”

“Bai Yu, on the other hand, has definitely been pissed off, and he’s not a forgiving person.” Mu Youlan chuckled. From the contact they had previously, she felt that Zhou Yuan was not someone who would purposely put on airs. It was likely that he had intentionally put up an act to piss off Bai Yu because he did not like him.

Zhou Yuan nodded and asked, “Is the Great Five Alliance’s participant list for the Heavenly Sun Tower Battle already out?”

Qin Lian nodded. “It’s out. Every participant is a core pillar among the Great Five Alliance’s Heavenly Sun stage, and they are extremely powerful. None of them have a Genesis Qi foundation smaller than 1.5 billion stars. The Great Five Alliance has sent forth their best personnel this time.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened slightly. The battles between the advanced Heavenly Sun stage was not going to be easy.

Qin Lian said, “We’re putting you last in the mystical creature battle. This way, you won’t need to fight if we manage to take three matches. I hope that you’ll be able to accept this arrangement.”

Although Zhou Yuan could temporarily boost his Genesis Qi to the 1.5 billion mark, Bai Yu was right—it was not a reliable solution. Hence, it would be best if Qin Lian and the others could take three matches, allowing Zhou Yuan to sit this one back. After all, his status was too special, and there would be substantial repercussions if he lost.

Under Qin Lian’s nervous gaze, Zhou Yuan helplessly answered, “I already told you that I’m not participating for fame or glory. I’ll happily accept any arrangement, even a victory without having to lift a finger.”

He knew that Qin Lian was worried that he would be too prideful and refuse to be someone who did not contribute. But the truth was that he did not care. He was only participating because he did not wish to put his fate in someone else’s hands.

He would be more than happy to sit back and watch Qin Lian and the others obtain a smooth victory.

Although he did not know whether he would be able to bring about a comeback if Qin Lian and the others lost, he would do his best if the time came.

Qin Lian secretly breathed a sigh of relief as a smile appeared on her usually stern face.

“I hope that everything will go well,” she said as she extended her hand.

Mu Youlan giggled and placed her hand on Qin Lian’s.

Zhou Yuan hesitated slightly before also reaching out. “I wish you guys victory. Bring glory to our Tianyuan Region.”

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