Chapter 1042 Huge Growth

The month was not very peaceful for the Tianyuan Region.

The root cause was naturally the twin tower battle with the Great Five Alliance. Although many did not understand the deeper implications behind this battle, they could feel that it would substantially impact the war between these two enormous entities.

There was one issue that the Tianyuan Region kept arguing over: the preliminary participant list.

Numerous Heavenly Sun experts signed a petition to change the participant list, but the higher-ups ultimately suppressed it. However, a forceful suppression only further incited them. For a time, it seemed impossible to put a rest to the dissenting voices.

The internal conflict naturally drew the attention of the other factions in Hunyuan Heaven. All of them could not help but sigh at how far the Tianyuan Region had fallen from its former glory.

Regardless of the details, the twin tower battle had undoubtedly become the focal point of the various Hunyuan Region factions over this period.

Some of the sharper factions could faintly sense that it was no simple clash between the two sides. After all, there had originally been a large-scale war between the two parties. But in the blink of an eye, it had suddenly turned into a lukewarm tower battle?

There was definitely more to this matter than the eye could see.

They had a feeling that the tower battle would greatly change the situation in Hunyuan Heaven.

Such a grand occasion naturally drew countless factions over. The various factions gathered around the tower battle sites, making it seem as if a storm was gathering on the Tianyuan Region’s two borders.


Tianyuan Utopia, a certain underground lava lake.

Terrifying heat filled the underground cavern, constantly melting the surrounding rock walls.

The lava lake had shockingly shrunk from its initial size, and only a small lava pool remained of the once giant lake.

A figure was silently seated at the center of the pool, allowing the boiling-hot magma to flow over him. Faint ancient scarlet-red markings were on his body, seemingly stretching across his skin like red stripes.

It was naturally Zhou Yuan.

He had undergone a tremendous transformation. His body seemed to have grown several sizes larger, and his skin was scarlet red. It looked as if magma was flowing under his skin while an extremely domineering aura brewed within his flesh. Each quiver of his muscles rippled the surrounding space.

Moreover, if one took a closer look, one would realize that Zhou Yuan was slowly absorbing the surrounding magma, draining it little by little.

His body had nearly devoured the enormous lava lake!


A strange noise suddenly sounded in the silent underground, originating from Zhou Yuan’s flesh.

Scarlet light blossomed from his body as his tightly shut eyes abruptly opened. His eyes were completely red as if they contained a raging world of fire. However, the burning rage did not affect Zhou Yuan’s mind.

Instead, his mind was in an untouchable state of calmness.

He could feel the dreadful power circulating in his body.

Zhou Yuan opened his mouth and sucked. The remaining magma immediately whizzed into the air, turning into a river of red as he swallowed it into his body.


Thick white fog rose from Zhou Yuan’s body, the frightening heat distorting the air. His large body began to shrink bit by bit as the ancient scarlet-red markings slowly receded. In the end, he returned to his normal state.

Zhou Yuan lowered his head and slowly clenched his fist.


Scarlet-red lava flowed out from his fist and covered his entire arm.


Zhou Yuan threw a punch. The ground below his feet crumbled, cracks extending in every direction. The entire underground cavern shook violently as boulders began to tumble from the ceiling.

The underground magma cavern had nearly been destroyed by a single punch. In addition, the terrifying and domineering magma had melted a giant pit in the ground.

“What tyrannical power…”

Zhou Yuan grinned from ear to ear. The Purgatory Great Flame Devil’s destructive power far surpassed the Mythic Saint Body. The force of magma was also surprisingly destructive.

After nearly a month of training, Zhou Yuan had finally reached the elementary level of the Purgatory Great Flame Devil art!

Such progress was exceedingly astonishing but also within expectation. Zhou Yuan had consumed a tremendous amount of Law Domain Source and had spent almost every waking moment of the past month cultivating the Great Flame Devil art. None of this art's past practitioners could squander resources as extravagantly as him.

Furthermore, Zhou Yuan’s talent and the training environment created by Chi Jing were also indispensable.


Zhou Yuan collected himself, then soared into the air. He instantly melted a hole in the rock wall as he charged out from the underground cavern with a few flickers and appeared in the sky. 


As he gazed upon the spacious land once more, Zhou Yuan felt very relaxed and carefree. He howled at the sky. His howl was akin to thunder as it rumbled across the land.


As his howl echoed, he suddenly heard the sound of rushing wind. A streak of light arrived, shooting straight towards Zhou Yuan.

When Zhou Yuan saw this, even more happiness flooded his eyes. Due to the relationship between them, he could naturally sense the mottled black brush within the light...

The Heavenly Yuan Brush!

Furthermore, the Heavenly Yuan Brush gave him an extremely mystical feeling. It seemed as if it had undergone a complete metamorphosis.


The Heavenly Yuan Brush gleefully danced around Zhou Yuan with astonishing liveliness. The surrounding Genesis Qi surged over and was absorbed into the brush.

Zhou Yuan reached out, and the mottled black brush slowly landed in his hand under his gratified gaze. Both hands closed around the brush as the Genesis Qi in his body poured into it.


A condensed aura of Genesis Qi converged in the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s snow-white tip. A beam of Genesis Qi abruptly shot out, rippling the surrounding space as it turned a mountain in the distance to dust.

The brush’s Genesis Qi amplification ability had grown stronger.

With a flick of his finger, the brush returned into his body. He could feel numerous new and amazing abilities from it.

He lightly shut his eyes. Snow-white hairs extended from his body, forming a pair of white wings.


With a flap, Zhou Yuan’s figure vanished from the spot.

His figure appeared ten thousand feet away. He clenched his hand, and a snow-white sword appeared within it. With a light swing of the sword, a slash of torrential sword light was sent flying forward.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, an unconcealable look of satisfaction in his eyes. The Heavenly Yuan Brush was nothing like before. Its near-endless transformations would greatly boost his arsenal of attacks.

With a wave of his sleeve, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared again, silently hovering in front of him.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across the ancient runes along its body, ultimately stopping on the seventh rune. The previously dim rune he had long yearned for now gave off a dazzling light...

Seventh rune, Promotion.

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