Chapter 1039 Heavenly Sun Top Three

The war between the Tianyuan Region and the Great Five Alliance had become the focal point of Hunyuan Heaven over the last few months. Hence, any activity from either side drew the attention of countless people.

In a short few days, news of the double tower battle for the mystical creatures had spread throughout Hunyuan Heaven.

The outcome of the duel between the two supreme sovereigns left countless people sighing in amazement.

It was also at this time that the preliminary list for the Tianyuan Region’s five Heavenly Sun participants was spread, causing quite a commotion.

The source of the commotion was, of course, an all too familiar name on the list: Zhou Yuan.


The Xuanji Region, in a tall building.

Dressed in a wide robe and with a piece of gauze veiling her face, Jiu Gong read the report before her and sighed deeply. “Tch tch, Zhou Yuan really knows how to stir things up. Barely any time has passed since he advanced to the Heavenly Sun stage, and he already dares to lock horns with the advanced Heavenly Sun experts…”

The report contained information about the upcoming mystical creature contest between the Tianyuan Region and the Great Five Alliance. The Tianyuan Region participant list was naturally included, and Zhou Yuan’s name was exceptionally striking.

The servant girl beside Jiu Gong remarked, “Zhou Yuan really doesn’t understand the immensity of the heavens.”

However, Jiu Gong shook her head. She might have had the same view if the name was anyone else’s, but after experiencing the nine regions tournament, she now categorized Zhou Yuan as an extremely dangerous individual. After all, even the invincible Zhao Mushen had fallen to him. Zhou Yuan was basically a monster.

“It’s difficult to make a prediction. Who knows what kind of surprises there will be in this contest.” She slightly puckered her red lips as she tapped the report with her slender finger. “I’m looking forward to it somewhat.”

She also wanted to know if the emperor of their Divine Dwelling generation would still be as dazzling after stepping into the deeper waters—the Heavenly Sun stage.


The Wanzu Region, in front of a palace hall.

Zhao Mushen indifferently read the report in his hand. His gaze paused on Zhou Yuan’s name for a long time.

A raspy voice sounded from behind him, containing a strange sound that made one’s Spirit feel a slight piercing pain, “Hehe, he’s much bolder than you. How long has it been since he advanced to the Heavenly Sun stage? To think that he dares to cross hands with advanced Heavenly Sun experts already...” 

Zhao Mushen turned his head and saw a man in gaudy clothes. The man was handsome, and he had a pair of eyes that resembled peach blossoms. His clothes were extremely extravagant, and he gave off an irresponsible aura.

However, Zhao Mushen’s pupils shrank without anyone noticing at the sight of this individual.

He was called Wang Xuanyang. He was once the leader of the Wanzu Region’s Divine Dwelling experts and was now the main pillar of the Wanzu Region’s Heavenly Sun stage. As for the Heavenly Sun List, he ranked second.

Wang Xuanyang smiled and said, “The Great Five Alliance is so useless. They can’t even handle such a weak Tianyuan Region. What a waste of our Wanzu Region’s support.”

Zhao Mushen did not respond, his expression remaining indifferent.

Not minding the lack of response, Wang Xuanyang continued to talk to himself. Soon after, his tone suddenly changed. “You didn’t take Wu Yao and Su Youwei in the nine regions tournament?”

Zhao Mushen glanced at him and coldly said, “Senior brother Xuanyang, I have no interest in them. I only desire their luck and blessing.”

He was well aware of his senior brother’s character. Wang Xuanyang loved beautiful women, and his Genesis Qi leaned towards the yin and yang nature. Several girls had already been destroyed in his hands over the years.

Wang Xuanyang glanced at Zhao Mushen as if looking at an irrational fool. Soon after, Wang Xuanyang smiled. “Since you failed, don’t ask me to give them to you when I get them in the future.”

Zhao Mushen replied, “Senior brother Xuanyuan, Wu Yao and Su Youwei are not to be trifled with.”

A peach blossom fan appeared in Wang Xuanyuan’s hand. Yin-yang light flowed along it as it unfolded, revealing pictures of numerous beautiful girls in various postures. There were two empty spaces at the very center of the fan.

“It just so happens that there are still two empty spaces in my yin-yang peach blossom fan. If I manage to collect them...hehe, there’ll be hope to reach the Nascent Source stage in the future. As for whether or not they’re to be trifled with, that’s your senior brother’s business. Junior brother Zhao, you should spend your time thinking about how to retrieve your lost dignity from Zhou Yuan. After all, your defeat in the nine regions tournament has made our Wanzu Region suffer some backlash.”

He completely ignored Zhao Mushen’s words, slowly fanning himself as he unhurriedly left.

Expressionless, Zhao Mushen watched his senior brother leave as a glimmer of iciness flashed in the depths of his eyes. He inwardly muttered to himself, I will naturally take back what I lost. Moreover...your position shall be mine in the future—no, I will not be number two like you, but number one on the Heavenly Sun List!


The Zixiao Region, in an enormous mountain valley.

The valley was verdant with life. A waterfall crashed down from above, creating a loud rumbling that echoed throughout the valley.

A beautiful figure was seated on a boulder overseeing the valley. It was a girl wearing a white dress. A heart-palpitating chill spread around her, and her expression appeared exceptionally cold, making her look very unapproachable.

She was currently looking at the valley in admiration. On a stone platform within the waterfall, she could just barely make out a slender figure silently sitting in a cultivation position.

The girl in white murmured in a soft voice, “Junior sister Youwei’s talent is exceptional. Her accomplishments will one day surpass mine. Oh?”

Her expression suddenly changed while she was watching Su Youwei train. Moments later, she saw a young female disciple rush towards the valley.

The girl in the white dress moved and appeared in front of the female disciple. “What is it?”

The female disciple was taken aback. She hurriedly bowed and said, “Greetings, teacher-aunt Dong Ye!”

The girl in white was called Dong Ye. She was a famous individual not only in the Zixiao Region but also in Hunyuan Heaven, because she was ranked three on the Heavenly Sun List!

“What’s the matter?” Ye Dong nodded in acknowledgment. Her tone remained icy-cold.

The female disciple hesitated for a moment. Her teacher-aunt Dong Ye was known to have a bad temper, and she was very against the opposite sex. However, the disciple did not dare to conceal anything. “I have news to pass to my senior sister Youwei. She asked us to immediately deliver any new information about the Tianyuan Region’s Zhou Yuan.”

“Tianyuan Region, Zhou Yuan?” Dong Ye’s brows immediately furrowed at these words as an unhappy look appeared on her face.

Dong Ye greatly admired Su Youwei and thus hoped that Su Youwei would be able to concentrate on her cultivation. Dong Ye did not wish for Su Youwei to be distracted by any relationships. However, there seemed to be something special between Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei...

“Give it to me.” She extended a hand.

The female disciple did not dare to tarry, and she could only respectfully pass her the message with both hands.

Ye Dong casually unfurled it and swept a glance over it. A strange look flashed in her eyes. She then shook her head and sneered, “What arrogance.”

An initial Heavenly Sun expert dared to vie with numerous advanced Heavenly Sun experts? Did the brat think he was still the same invincible king among the Heavenly Sun stage? Did the Tianyuan Region’s Law Domain experts intend to watch all of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s hard-fought property be lost?

“Leave.” She waved her hand, sending off the messenger disciple. She then turned around and appeared on a cliff.

Dong Ye glanced at Su Youwei, who was still cultivating, before looking at the scroll in her hand. With a clench, the scroll was destroyed.

“Youwei, your future prospects are limitless, and you may even have the chance to become the next Law Domain expert of our Zixiao Region. These men are not worthy of your attention.”


The Wushen Region.


A berserk collision of Genesis Qi exploded deep within the mountains as an entire mountain forest was torn apart.

One could faintly see two figures exchanging a flurry of blows at the epicenter of the collision as the surrounding land crumbled around them.


After yet another astonishing clash, a slender figure was sent shooting backwards, then ultimately landed atop a giant tree.

The figure was dressed in skin-tight training attire that greatly accentuated her exquisite figure. Who else could that gorgeous face belong to but Wu Yao?

Her eyes were lightly shut as she focused on calming the churning Genesis Qi in her body.

Moments later, she opened her eyes and cupped her fists together. “Thank you, senior brother, for sparring with me.”

Genesis Qi converged towards another giant tree in front of her as a figure walked out.

It was a man in azure robes. The man’s body was as straight as a spear. Although he was not very handsome, his eyes were deep and reserved, giving off a peculiar charm. Such a man did not need superficial things such as good looks.

He gazed at Wu Yao, pausing on her fair and beautiful face. Ordinary men would feel ashamed and inferior at the sight of such beauty and not dare to speak. However, the man remained completely composed as he replied, “Junior sister Wu Yao, you are very strong. Although it’s not been long since your breakthrough, you will be hard-pressed to find any worthy opponents among the initial Heavenly Sun stage.”

Wu Yao shook her hand. “Senior brother, if you did not suppress your strength to the initial Heavenly Sun stage, I would have lost long ago.”

She suddenly raised her head as a white sparrow flew over and perched on her shoulder.

Wu Yao removed a small bamboo tube from the white sparrow’s leg and retrieved a strip of paper from it. She swept a glance over it, her eyes rippling slightly. “He already dares to participate in the fights between advanced Heavenly Sun experts?”

Wu Yao pursed her lips. Others might feel that Zhou Yuan had an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities, but she had a faint feeling that he had a reason for this choice.

If it was true, it would mean that Zhou Yuan was even stronger than she had imagined.

Wu Yao kept the slip of paper and said to the man in azure robes, “Senior brother Guan, let us stop here today. On a final note, please raise the intensity of the next session.”

The azure-robed man was a little taken aback. He was about to advise her against it but then nodded in acknowledgment after seeing the determination on her face. “Okay.”

Wu Yao cupped her fists together in thanks. Soon after, her figure turned into a streak of light and left.

As he watched her leave, the calm man’s eyes finally rippled for an instant.

Laughter suddenly sounded beside him. “Tch tch, is the stone head who only knows how to train and fight about to see her springtime of youth?” 

The azure-robed man turned his head and glanced at the figure. It was his good friend.

He said with a faint smile, “What nonsense are you spouting?”

“I’m sure you know full well what I’m talking about. There’s no reason to hide it. An outstanding girl like junior sister Wu Yao is worthy of you. If you’re interested, you should take action as soon as possible. Don’t let others beat you to her.” The person grinned.

“Moreover, the news junior sister Wu Yao received is likely related to the Tianyuan Region’s Zhou Yuan. She usually has zero interest in others, and it’s even less likely for her to specially collect information about someone.”

The azure-robed man was silent. “Aren’t they enemies?”

“Who and hate are the hardest to distinguish.”

The azure-robed man chuckled in an unconcerned manner.

“Don’t worry about me. If I am interested, I have never feared any enemy, no matter the area.” His calm tone was filled with absolute confidence and assertiveness.

However, no one would feel anything was out of place. This person did have the qualifications to say such words...because he was the king of Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling List—Guan Qinglong!

He was on a completely different level than Zhou Yuan.

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