Chapter 1038 Number of places

"What? You plan to let Zhou Yuan occupy the fifth participant slot in the mystical creature battle!”

In the headquarters’ main tent, the Tianyuan Region’s five grand elders had gathered again. But when Mu Ni proposed to have Zhou Yuan participate in the mystical creature battle, sect master Xuan Kun unsurprisingly opposed it.

Sect master Xuan Kun's wrinkled face was tense. He swept a glance over Zhou Yuan. Although Zhou Yuan wasn’t a true grand elder, his status in the Tianyuan Region was unique, and he was eligible to attend meetings of this level. But sect master Xuan Kun wasn’t easier to talk to because of his presence. On the contrary, he said in a deep voice, "You don't know how important the battles in the twin towers are. According to the list we made before, those with a foundation less than 1.3 billion aren’t qualified to participate. I don’t deny that Zhou Yuan is talented, but he’s only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage.”

Mu Ni said with a smile, “But Nascent Source experts can’t do what he had done on the Chiyun Prefecture battlefield.”

Sect master Xuan Kun argued, “That was a special situation! But the battle in the two towers is going to be a real competition of strength, and any other means will be useless!”

Chi Jing said indifferently, "Zhou Yuan has the Heavenly Yuan brush, so as long as he awakens the seventh rune, Promotion, his strength will skyrocket, and he will be strong enough to deal with the mystical creature battle.”

Sect master Xuan Kun shook his head, saying stubbornly, “The Heavenly Yuan brush can indeed increase one’s strength, but who can guarantee his foundation can reach at least 1.3 billion with the Promotion rune? If he can’t achieve it, it will be meaningless.”

He looked at Zhou Yuan with fierce, piercing eyes and said, "Zhou Yuan, you can leave the situation to the top advanced Heavenly Sun experts. You don't need to take such a huge risk. This is best for you and the Tianyuan Region."

Zhou Yuan smiled helplessly. It was precisely because this matter was too important that he wanted to win a place. He didn't want to leave any matter related to the Ancestral Dragon Lantern to other people, but he didn't want to be in the limelight either. He even hoped that Qin Lian and the others could win three battles so he wouldn’t need to do anything. 

"Sect master Xuan Kun, after I awaken the Heavenly Yuan brush’s seventh rune, I will personally talk to the top advanced Heavenly Sun experts you selected. If they have no objection, let me have the last place.”

Sect master Xuan Kun and the others were all taken aback. How could they not know from Zhou Yuan’s tone that he didn’t plan to just talk to the other selected people? 

Bian Chang, the Profound Crystal Clan’sLeader, couldn't help chuckling, “No wonder you are supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple. You’re quite courageous."

Sect master Xuan Kun’s wrinkled face quivered. Since Zhou Yuan had said it like that, there wasn’t anything else he could do. “Fine, if the others object, you have to solve the problem yourself.

"The mythical creature battle is set to happen in one month, and the provisional list of the people chosen will be released. But if you fail to meet our expectations in the end, the final list will also change.”

Zhou Yuan nodded without any objection.

Seeing this, sect master Xuan Kun didn't say anything else. He took another deep look at Zhou Yuan, and then his figure vanished.

Grand elders Bian Chang and Bai Ye also disappeared. The present situation in the Tianyuan Region was very tense, and their Genesis Qi transformations were needed elsewhere.  

The atmosphere within the tent eased as they left.

"You really don't rest, ” Chi Jing teased. The mythical creature should have had little to do with Zhou Yuan, an initial Heavenly Sun expert, but he still came forward.

Zhou Yuan sighed, “I really hope I won’t need to appear in the end.”

If he doesn't appear, it means that everything is going well, but if he has to come to the rescue, it means the situation is very bad. So, he would rather not be in the limelight.

“Give me the Heavenly Yuan brush,” Mu Ni said with a smile.

Zhou Yuan quickly took out the mottled black brush, respectfully handed it to Mu Ni, and said sweetly, “I will have to trouble Aunt Ni.”

Mu Ni received the Heavenly Yuan brush and stroked the body lightly. It immediately provoked strong surges of nostalgia, and her expression softened. "I haven't seen it in many years.”

After a good while, she smiled at Zhou Yuan and said, "It will take some time to awaken the seventh rune, but it should be done within a month.”

Zhou Yuan nodded obediently.

Chi Jing tossed something over, which Zhou Yuan quickly caught. It was a scarlet-red bamboo slip engraved with complex runes. It even faintly emitted a red-hot aura.

“This is the little Saint Art you had asked me to find to help you improve your bodily strength. This technique is called the Purgatory Great Flame Devil, and it is considered a top little Saint Art. It’s much stronger than your Mythic Saint Body.”

Zhou Yuan’s face lit up. The Mythic Saint Body was only a top Heaven Genesis Technique, and although it had displayed remarkable power in the past, it had gradually reached its limit when his strength had increased. Regardless of how hard Zhou Yuan had tried, the amount of golden blood refined and born in his heart was still no more than 300 drops, and the increase was slowing.

This was the limitation caused by the Mythic Saint Body’s level. To quickly raise his bodily strength, he needed a more powerful Genesis Art to strengthen his body.

"You have obtained a large amount of Law Domain Source in the Fallen Abyss, and it should be enough for you to master this art.”

Filled with joy, Zhou Yuan nodded repeatedly. "Thank you, senior sister Chi Jing.”

If one were to exchange war credits for this kind of Genesis Art, one would have needed to use a ton of war credits, but Zhou Yuan luckily didn’t need to.

This was one of the benefits of revealing his identity. Even if Chi Jing gave him a top-level little Saint Art, the other three grand elders had to turn a blind eye because Zhou Yuan, an official disciple of the great master, had the right to such a technique.

Chi Jing waved her hand. "During this period of time, concentrate on training and leave the Heavenly Yuan brush to Aunt Ni.”

She paused, then seemed to have thought of something. She couldn’t help chuckling, "When the list of names is announced, you will likely be where the wind and the waves are the fiercest again.”

Zhou Yuan shrugged, not caring. After all, this kind of matter was a frequent occurrence.

The Tianyuan Region and the Great Five Alliance didn’t conceal the matter regarding the mythical creature battle, and so, within a few days, the matter had become both sides’ focus of attention. Many other forces in Hunyuan Heaven also paid close attention to this matter.  

Therefore, as Chi Jing had said, the provision list for the mythical creature battle in the Heavenly Sun Tower caused a huge uproar when it was released.

Unsurprisingly, the list of names shocked the countless Heavenly Sun experts in the Tianyuan Region. Of course, their shock wasn’t directed at Qin Lian, Bai Yu, Bian Buji and Mu Youlan but at the fact that Zhou Yuan, an initial Heavenly Sun expert, had made it onto the list.

After the initial shock, a wave of fierce opposition broke out.

Of course, the majority of the Heavenly Sun experts who opposed hadn’t participated in the battles on the Chiyun Prefecture battlefield. In contrast, those who did were much more rational. After all, they had witnessed Zhou Yuan’s remarkable skills, but even so, many still expressed their concern about the provisional list:

“Sect master Xuan Kun is right. One needs to rely on true strength in the mythical creature battle, and no tactics or means can change anything.”

Zhou Yuan's ability indeed isn’t bad, but he is only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage!”

The ones chosen for the mythical creature battle need to be top Heavenly Sun stage experts!” 

“There’s still a huge gap in strength between Zhou Yuan and them, isn’t that right?”

The release of the list of names also led to many arguments in the Tianyuan Region.

Moreover, the matter didn’t end there. The list had disseminated at the fastest speed possible and had spread throughout not only the Tianyuan Region but also the other eight regions, causing quite a stir.

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