Chapter 1036 Tower Competition

Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest.

The battles had ended, and the chaos left on the ground indicated how tragic the war was. 

The Tianyuan Region army was beginning to clean up the battlefield, gathering bodies of fallen comrades. The region’s troops had already captured the major camps of the Great Five Alliance and controlled them. 

Sitting in the camp, Zhou Yuan felt the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power leaving his body, and he entered a state of weakness and laziness and didn’t want to move anywhere.

The little jade tree, which the Heavenly Fire Tree King transformed into, was still rooted on Zhou Yuan’s shoulder. It wasn’t that it didn’t want to leave, but it would be captured again even if it escaped due to the mark grand elder Mu Ni left on it.

The Heavenly Fire Tree King possessed some spiritual intellect and felt that Mu Ni had no bad intention; therefore, it didn’t insist on fleeing. 

Many Heavenly Sun experts shuttled in and out of the camp, and when they caught sight of Zhou Yuan, their expressions turned complicated because many didn’t have a good opinion of Zhou Yuan before the battle. But everybody had seen what role Zhou Yuan had played in the Chiyun Prefecture battle.   

Zhou Yuan had truly reversed the tide. If he hadn't infiltrated the enemy’s camp and stolen the Heavenly Fire Tree King, the Tianyuan Region would have had more casualties.

Zhou Yuan had undoubtedly proved himself.

Even those jealous of Zhou Yuan had no choice but to put away their thoughts after seeing him contribute greatly to the war.

They knew they would have been killed if they had to infiltrate the heavily guarded enemy camp to capture the Heavenly Fire Tree King in front of a Nascent Source expert. 

But Zhou Yuan had done it. No matter what method he used, it showed that his means were greater than theirs.

Thinking about the previous rumors, they undoubtedly felt ridiculous. Those who took the rumors seriously could only sneak away with their face red with shame when they saw Zhou Yuan. 

Zhou Yuan, however, paid no attention to the gazes around him. He was instead very worried about what happened to Chi Jing and the others. While thoughts raced in his mind, he suddenly saw a pair of straight and slender legs stop in front of him.

Zhou Yuan looked up to see that the long-legged owner was especially tall. Her body was stained with blood, and her face was coldly beautiful and aloof.

It was Qin Lian.

Mu Youlan stood behind her, her petite body almost covered entirely by Qin Lian's figure.  

“It’s good to be alive,” Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

Qin Lian looked at Zhou Yuan's face with the same complicated expression as the others, and she immediately said indifferently, “I have killed the Wang brothers. I also broke Ji Hu’s arm and leg, but unfortunately, he managed to escape.”

“I also killed the Venomous Dragon Palace’s Chongzi,” Mu Youlan said softly.

Zhou Yuan secretly smacked his lips. The two were clearly beautiful women, but what they said was too terrifying.

“This time”—Qin Lian pursed her lips—“it’s all thanks to you.”

If Zhou Yuan hadn't stolen the Heavenly Fire Tree King, she would have had to pay a heavy price even if she successfully killed the Wang brothers.

Mu Youlan nodded, her fair cheeks reddening.

They originally had many opinions about Zhou Yuan’s decision to choose a target from the bounty list because they felt his action was too reckless and could affect the overall situation. But who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would be the one to earn the most war credit in the end?

This made Qin Lian and Mu Youlan a little embarrassed because, after some reflection, they found that they mainly felt that way because they hadn’t trusted Zhou Yuan from the beginning.

Zhou Yuan waved his hand, saying, “I am a member of the Tianyuan Region, and I did what I should have done.”

Of course, he also knew that the two women had previously doubted his ability. However, he thought it was normal because no one would believe someone could possess a foundation of 700 million Genesis Qi stars at the initial Heavenly Sun stage.

Normally speaking, any initial Heavenly Sun expert who dared enter into the depths of the enemy’s camp was seeking death.  

In truth, Qin Lian and the others were thinking of him.

Looking at Zhou Yuan's indifferent expression, Qin Lian thought he might be a little angry, so she bit her lip and said, “It’s my fault this time. We shouldn’t have questioned your ability.”

Mu Youlan hurriedly added, "If you want to blame someone, blame me. I said all those things to elder sister Qin Lian.”

Zhou Yuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard the two’s explanation. He awkwardly scratched his head, saying, “I really don’t blame you two. After all, you’re not master Cang Yuan, so how could you see my potential?”

Although Zhou Yuan’s words might be true, Qin Lian and Mu Youlan wanted to give him a beating.

“Just joking.” Zhou Yuan smiled.

Qin Lian's and Mu Youlan's expressions eased a little. They crouched down and asked curiously, "How did you steal the Heavenly Fire Tree King? I heard there was a Nascent Source expert guarding the camp.”

Zhou Yuan briefly explained it to them, seeing that they were so interested. Of course, he had succeeded mainly due to the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power.

But even so, the thrill and danger during the infiltration caused the two women to turn pale. Zhou Yuan’s behavior was undoubtedly the same as walking on the tip of a knife.

The three chatted leisurely, and their relationship unknowingly grew closer.

After a while, Zhou Yuan stretched his back and was just about to speak when his expression changed suddenly. Grand elder Mu Ni's voice fell in his ears, “Hurry and come to the main camp.”

Zhou Yuan sprang up immediately. He waved to Qin Lian and Mu Youlan, then hurried to the main camp.

When Zhou Yuan arrived, there was no one else inside except for Mu Ni, and her expression was a little solemn.

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Yuan’s heart pounded when he saw her expression, and he couldn't help but ask, "The two mythical creatures haven’t been taken away, right?”

Mu Ni shook her head, “The situation isn’t that bad. Chi Jing and the others rushed to the two locations, but supreme sovereign Wan Zu also sent someone there and summoned a decree to capture the two mythical creatures. Chi Jing and the others were no match for it.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed abruptly.

She continued, "But fortunately, Cang Yuan left behind some protection at the two locations, and it appeared at the critical moment to suppress supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s decree.”

Zhou Yuan patted his chest and shot an annoyed glance at Mu Ni, who was out of breath.

“Cang Yuan had left behind two iron towers. One is a Heavenly Sun Tower, and the other is a Nascent Source Tower. The two mythical creatures are each atop one of the towers.

“Only Heavenly Sun experts and Nascent Source experts can enter the Heavenly Sun Tower and the Nascent Source Tower, respectively. There are five levels in each tower, and both sides will send one person to compete on each level. The first to occupy three levels can climb to the top to take the mythical creature.”

Mu Ni stared at Zhou Yuan and continued, "This is the means Cang Yuan left behind. As for whether it can protect them till the end, perhaps it will depend on the Tianyuan Region’s strength.”

Zhou Yuan nodded.

The appearance of the two iron towers had prevented a large-scale battle from happening and could reduce the number of casualties, but the battles within the towers would likely be bloody and brutal.

Both sides would surely send their strongest Heavenly Sun and Nascent Source experts, and the battles would undoubtedly be the focus of the world.     

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