Chapter 1035 Twin Towers

Wind Rain Lake.

When the golden scroll broke through the air, both Chi Jing’s and Bian Chang’s faces darkened. It was obvious that supreme sovereign Wan Zu was behind everything, and his purpose was very clear—to destroy the Tianyuan Utopia.  

“A great supreme sovereign has committed such shameful behavior!” Chi Jing’s voice was icy cold. According to the rules, supreme sovereign Wan Zu shouldn’t be involved in the war, yet he shamelessly controlled the Great Five Alliance and used such despicable means against the Tianyuan Region, such as the Saint fire that old demon Long Gu possessed, the attack on the Tianyuan Utopia and the golden decree. 

Besides not taking action himself, supreme sovereign Wan Zu had done everything he could.

“Hmph!” Chi Jing snorted coldly. A little azure light gathered at her fingertips and finally formed an azure orb wrapped in azure wind. 

“Divine God Orb!”

With the flick of her fingers, the Wind God Orb transformed into an azure light beam and streaked across the sky. Its momentum wasn’t particularly earth-shaking, but where it passed, gusts of wind and pouring rain were dispersed in an instant. It even left eerie dark traces in the void.

The beam of azure light pointed to the golden decree.

As it descended, the golden decree swayed and began to burn with a sacred flame. 

It was a Saint fire!

The Saint fire rose, forming a gigantic flaming hand. The hand lightly patted the Wind God Orb.


The two collided and seemed to have formed a black hole in space; the surrounding universe Genesis Qi was abruptly turned to nothing as if in a vacuum.     

There was a deathly atmosphere.

The azure light around the Wind God Orb dimmed, and the orb shot back into Chi Jing’s body with a flash.

Chi Jing trembled as blood trickled down the corner of her lips.    

She had been wounded in the head-to-head collision with the golden decree. After all, she underestimated the power contained within the golden decree.

After striking Chi Jing’s Wind God Orb, the golden decree slowly rose and unfolded above Wind Rain Lake.


The next moment, the fire that filled the sky descended upon the world, transforming into a giant hand of Saint fire. The hand grabbed at the Wind Rain Lake, and everything it touched was set to flame, including the universe Genesis Qi. 

The berserk storm around the Wind Rain Lake rapidly intensified, and a terrified aura faintly rose from the water’s depths. It was likely coming from the mystical creature hidden within it.

Chi Jing and Bian Chang paled at the scene. Even they felt powerless facing a supreme sovereign’s means. The Saint fire was too powerful. Even if Chi Jing possessed a Law Domain treasure, it was still too difficult for her to withstand such an attack.

Chi Jing bit her lips. The blood on the corners of her lips looked particularly striking. She found that she could only helplessly watch the opponent capture the mystical creature in the Wind Rain Lake’s depths.  

Chi Jing’s pretty face turned ashen. She slowly closed her eyes in despair, unable to bear to watch anymore.

Bian Chang also sighed.

The Saint fire hand slowly descended.

At that moment, however, waves suddenly rolled up into a tremendous vortex on the lake’s surface, and an equally large water hand stretched out from within. The two giant hands collided in the air, turning the world upside down.  

This sudden change shocked both Chi Jing and Bian Chang because they noticed the Saint fire hand was blocked! 

“What kind of power is that?!” Bian Chang exclaimed.

The giant hand formed from lake water can withstand the power of a Saint expert!

Chi Jing stared intently at the giant lake-water hand, her eyes flickering. “No, that’s not a giant hand formed from lake water. It’s also a hand of Saint fire!” 

In the depths of the lake water hand, a sacred Saint fire was clearly blazing.

Moreover, Chi Jing found the power very familiar.

“It’s my master’s power!”

Chi Jing’s eyes widened with surprise.

Bian Chang also exclaimed, “Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan is back?!”

Chi Jing shook her head. “My master isn't back. It’s just that he predicted something would happen one day and left behind some means!:   

The golden decree fluttered in the void, and as the Saint fire continued to blaze, a pair of indifferent eyes slowly emerged. The decree emitted a low voice. “Cang Yuan.” 


The Wind Rain Lake’s surface undulated, and turbulent waves lifted up as something slowly rose from its depths.

Chi Jing and Bian Chang stared puzzledly at the lake.

The colossal object finally broke the surface. It turned out to be a jet-black iron tower engraved with ancient light runes. The tower had five levels, and when it appeared, the world dimmed abruptly. 

Strange light surged at the top of the iron tower.

"It's one of the mystical creatures!” Chi Jing exclaimed. One of the three mystical creatures that built the Tianyuan Utopia’s Genesis-Drawing Formation was standing atop the tower! 

However, when Chi Jing and Bian Chang failed to penetrate the tower with their powers, they found that the mysterious iron tower had formed a space of its own. It even possessed a certain control of the rules around it.

The indifferent eyes on the golden decree grew even colder, and boundless Saint fire sped down to incinerate the iron tower. However, this time, the fire that had greatly troubled Chi Jing and Bian Chang failed to have any effect. It quietly died out as it approached the iron tower. 

“Wan Zu. In my place, you have to follow my rules,” sounded a faintly discernible voice from the iron tower. Two words emerged as the voice faded.

Heavenly Sun.

“Only Heavenly Stage experts can enter the tower."

The indifferent eyes on the golden decree were watching intently, and they gradually faded. The golden decree also hid into the void. 

The black iron tower was a means left by Cang Yuan, and it was impossible to break through with a decree alone. It would be possible if supreme sovereign Wan Zu came in person, but that was unlikely to happen. What he had done to the Tianyuan Region was already close to the limit. If he were to go too far, the other supreme sovereigns would no longer sit still and do nothing. Therefore, he had to follow the rules.

Cang Yuan, the battle between you and me isn’t over yet.

Meanwhile, at the Tianyuan Region’s southern border, in the bottomless abyss where golden lightning raged endlessly...

Sect master Xuan Kun and clan leader Bai Ye were similarly watching a black iron tower rise from the abyss slowly and withstand the golden decree’s power.

Two words slowly emerged on the iron tower.

“Nascent Source!”

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