Chapter 1034 Wind Rain Lake and Bottomless Golden Lightning Abyss

The memory image ended abruptly.

Battle cries sounded from all directions again, and Zhou Yuan opened his eyes with beads of cold sweat on his forehead.   

He panted heavily, and his face turned pale. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s vicious plan terrified him.

“Thank you,” Zhou Yuan said to the Heavenly Fire Tree King on his shoulder.

The information it passed to Zhou Yuan was very important. Otherwise, he wouldn't have known the enemy’s real motive even after they destroyed the Tianyuan Utopia.

Zhou Yuan swept his eyes around the chaotic battlefield and unhesitatingly crushed the jade medal Chi Jing gave him.

The void rippled, and two beautiful figures emerged. It was Chi Jing and grand elder Mu Ni.

"Zhou Yuan, you have made a great contribution this time.” Chi Jing smiled approvingly when she saw Zhou Yuan. If he hadn’t sneaked into the enemy’s camp and stolen the Heavenly Fire Tree King, the outcome of the war might have been very different. It was really hard to say, but she most likely wouldn’t have had the chance to severely wound old demon Long Gu. 

Grand elder Mu Ni stared curiously at the translucent little tree on Zhou Yuan’s shoulder. “So that’s the Heavenly Fire Tree King? It really does possess immense power.”

Given her perception, she naturally realized the Heavenly Fire Tree King possessed tremendous pure Genesis Qi full of life force. It was just that the life force was too intense that it led to a poor attacking nature.

“Something has happened,” Zhou Yuan said with a solemn look. He then told them about the memory images he saw and supreme sovereign Wan Zu’s plan.

Chi Jing’s and Mu Ni's expressions changed drastically, and shocked disbelief surged through them.   

“I can’t believe there are such secrets to the Tianyuan Utopia!” Chi Jing exclaimed.

Mu Ni clenched her teeth. “That old man is annoying. He didn’t even let us know about such an important thing!”

Chi Jing's expression was strangely serious. She suddenly lifted her hand, and the void around her rippled. Three more figures came out; it was Xuan Kun and the other two grand elders.

“Why did you call us?” Sect master Xuan Kun swept a glance over Zhou Yuan. “I know he has made great contributions to the war, but you don't need to call us all to praise him, right?"   

He thought Chi Jing wanted to use this chance to ridicule him. 

Chi Jing ignored him and turned to look at the Heavenly Fire Tree King. “Can we see the memory image?”

The Heavenly Fire Tree King didn’t refuse. It extended its branches towards the five grand elders.

Sect master Xuan Kun and the others scrunched their brows. They didn't understand what Chi Jing was doing, but they didn't oppose in the end, and they let the branch touch the center of their eyebrows. After all, given their strength, they didn’t need to worry that the Heavenly Fire Tree King would play any tricks in front of them. 

All five closed their eyes when a branch touched their skin.

Ten breaths later.

Their eyes snapped open, their expressions changing dramatically.

“Supreme sovereign Wan Zu is ruthless!” Bian Chang hissed.

"It turns out they want to target the Tianyuan Utopia.” Sect master Xuan Kun’s face also paled.  

Bai Ye nodded but then immediately looked at the Heavenly Fire Tree King with a suspicious stare. "Are those memory images really true? Could this thing be deliberately misleading us?”   

The Heaven Fire Tree King shrank back when it felt Bai Ye’s gaze.

Zhou Yuan shook his head, saying, "I would rather believe it than not believe it. If something really happens, it will be too late to regret it then."   

Bai Ye shot a glance at Zhou Yuan. If it were before, he wouldn’t care what Zhou Yuan said. But Zhou Yuan was now supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple. He couldn’t treat Zhou Yuan disrespectfully, so he didn't say anything in the end. 

After taking a deep breath, Chi Jing said, "This is a Genesis-drawing formation created by three mystical creatures. After the formation’s refinement, the universe Genesis Qi flowing into Tianyuan Utopia would become much purer. This is the reason why the Tianyuan Utopia could become a blessed land for cultivation.” 

"I have always wondered why the Tianyuan Utopia is full of life force. The Genesis Qi within the Tianyuan Utopia is not only good for cultivation, but it can also increase the speed of recovery,” sect master Xuan Kun exclaimed. 

Bian Chang said, “It’s useless to just talk about it. We must hurry and find the other two mystical creatures and protect them. Otherwise, it will be a disaster for the Tianyuan Region if they fall into the enemy’s hands.”

If the Tianyuan Utopia were destroyed, the Tianyuan Region would completely lose its prestige and the people’s heart.

Chi Jing said thoughtfully, “From the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s memory, the two mystical creatures should have the water attribute and the lightning attribute, respectively. There are quite a few special places on the borders of the Tianyuan Region with these two attributes.”

When she lifted her hand, she formed a huge map in front of her with Genesis Qi. The map glowed with many light specks of varying sizes. These were places that met the requirements of possessing water or lightning attributes.

Mu Ni studied the map, and with a flick of her finger, some light specks quickly disappeared. "Since it’s two mystical creatures comparable to the Heavenly Fire Tree King, their locations should be as impressive as the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest. These places do not match this requirement.”

Sect master Xuan Kun, Bai Ye, and Bian Chang also flicked their fingers and eliminated some unlikely places.

Very quickly, only a few spots were left on the map.

In the end, the five grand elders all cast their eyes on the two remaining spots. The two spots, one south and one north, formed a triangle with the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest and covered the entire area of the Tianyuan Region.

“Wind Rain Lake.”

“Bottomless Golden Lightning Abyss.”

The two places were the result deduced after the five grand elders analyzed various locations and their attributes, sizes and relations to the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest’s location.  

The other two mystical creatures were located in those two places.

“Let’s not waste time. Clan leader Bian Chang and I will head to Wind Rain Lake. Sect master Xuan Kun and clan leader Bai Ye will go to Endless Golden Lighting Abyss. And grand elder Mu Ni, please guard the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest," Chi Jing said without wavering.

Everybody nodded.

Chi Jing glanced at Zhou Yuan, nodded slightly at him, then immediately disappeared into the air.

The other three Law Domain experts did the same.

Gazing in the direction they left, Zhou Yuan let out a deep sigh, hoping they wouldn’t be too late. 

On the northern border of the Tianyuan Region.

An incomparably huge lake stood at the border. Its surface resembled a mirror, and the light reflected from it was almost blinding. Even Heavenly Sun experts wouldn’t dare look at it directly. Moreover, heavy rains and hurricane winds often hit the area.

It was Wind Rain Lake.

Space rippled as Chi Jing and clan leader Bian Chang appeared.

“There doesn’t seem to be much movement here,” Clan leader Bian Chang said with a sigh of relief as he scanned the surroundings.    

Chi Jing nodded and was about to speak when she caught a figure by the lake in the distance. She narrowed her eyes, watching the Genesis Qi roam around the figure. It was a Heavenly Sun expert not from the Tianyuan Region. 

Bian Chang's eyes were icy cold. Whether it was intentional or unintentional, since that person appeared here, they should kill him.

However, just as he was about to eliminate the little ant with one thought, the figure raised his head and smiled in their direction. He then bowed slightly to the space beside him.

“Respectfully welcome the decree.”

As the void slowly tore apart, Chi Jing’s and Bian Chang’s pupils shrank. A golden scroll emitting infinite power slowly floated out.  

The power from the golden scroll made Chi Jing clench her teeth, and a voice filled with hate rang out.

“Supreme sovereign Wan Zu!”

At the same time, on the southern border of the Tianyuan Region.

Above a bottomless abyss filled with golden lightning, sect master Xuan Kun and clan leader Bai Ye similarly saw an ant-like Heavenly Sun expert. The expert bowed with a smile. 

“Respectfully welcome the decree.”

Space shattered shattered, and a golden scroll slowly floated out.

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