Chapter 1033 Open up


Zhou Yuan stared in astonishment at the figure hovering within this illusory scene. This image should be one of the Heavenly Fire Tree King's memories, but why would Cang Yuan be within it!?    

What’s happening?!

The Heavenly Fire Tree King had met master before?

Full of puzzlement, Zhou Yuan stared intently at Cang Yuan’s figure. 

In the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s memory, Cang Yuan still had white hair and a beard, but when he had appeared, the world had rumbled as though in awe of the Saint expert. Compared to the Cang Yuan in Zhou Yuan’s mind, this Cang Yuan possessed a far more powerful aura.

Hovering in the void, Cang Yuan swept his eyes across the rolling mountains beneath him and nodded gently. He then immediately lifted his hand, and a jade-green sapling appeared in his palm. Flames were slowly rising from its body.


Cang Yuan opened his mouth and exhaled a mouthful of Genesis Qi towards the jade-green sapling. The Genesis Qi flickered with countless stardust, like a starry sky. It was clearly only a mouthful of Genesis Qi, but it seemed to contain a little world. 

The starry-sky-like Genesis Qi wrapped around the jade-green sapling.    

He whirled his hand around, and the jade-green sapling descended from the sky and landed on the mountain.  


The sapling instantly merged into the ground when it landed, quaking the mountains. Endless groves of large red trees erupted from the ground and grew at an astonishing rate, stunning Zhou Yuan.

The mountain range transformed into a crimson forest in just a few minutes, and the forest boundaries continued to expand.    

It eventually became the present Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest.

“My master is the one who had planted the Heavenly Fire Tree King?!” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself.

The sapling that Cang Yuan tossed down was clearly the Heavenly Fire Tree King!    

But Cang Yuan didn’t stop after planting the Heavenly Fire Tree King. He lifted his hand and another two light spheres, one blue and one silver, rose from his hand again.

As before, Cang Yuan breathed out and wrapped them in a mouthful of Genesis Qi. With the flick of his finger, the spheres streaked across the air and sped away.   

Cang Yuan closed his eyes and waited for an unknown amount of time before folding his hands together.


The entire world quaked, and Zhou Yuan could feel a domain forming between Cang Yuan’s hands.

Cang Yuan had opened up a new domain.

As the domain expanded, Cang Yuan's body gradually floated into the air. He then spread his hands out, and the new domain began to rise, merging with the world.   

But it wasn’t over. Cang Yuan flicked his fingers, and the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest below trembled frantically as beams of green light shot into the sky and pierced the clouds. They intertwined in the void to form a tremendous green light diagram.     

After that, another two light pillars shot into the sky on the other two sides of the world, one azure blue and the other silver. They formed two gigantic light diagrams at a high height, and the diagrams rotated slowly with unfathomable power. 

As the three light diagrams appeared the world, light beams burst from them, pierced the void and connected to one another.   

Cang Yuan smiled at the light formation, then lifted his hands into the air. 


A scene that shocked Zhou Yuan appeared. Large beams of light fired into the sky from all over the vast world, merging into the light formation. Each light beam was dazzling and mighty, and the Genesis Qi it gathered made Zhou Yuan shudder with fear.

Under the Genesis Qi, he felt as small and insignificant as an ant.

What is master Cang Yuan doing?

Zhou Yuan watched in astonishment as hundreds of terrifying Genesis Qi light pillars fused into the formation. After some guidance and refinement within the light formation, they then poured into the domain that Cang Yuan had opened up like monstrous torrents.    

As a result, the domain, which was originally devoid of life force, turned into a blessed land!

Even from just looking at this memory, Zhou Yuan could feel the vast, boundless Genesis Qi within the domain.    

As more and more Genesis Qi gushed into the domain, with Cang Yuan’s extraordinary means, the three light diagrams were forcibly imprinted onto the domain entrance. The rippling throughout the world gradually subsided as the domain merged with the world.

The source of the three light diagrams also silently hid into the world.   

Zhou Yuan was quietly watching. After a good while, he exhaled deeply. He finally knew what master Cang Yuan was doing.

If his guess was correct, the domain that Cang Yuan had opened up should be the center of the present Tianyuan Region, the Tianyuan Utopia!    

Genesis Qi wasn't born in the Tianyuan Utopia, and according to his senior sister Chi Jing, it was the 900 prefectures of the Tianyuan Region that provided the Tianyuan Utopia with endless Genesis Qi. 

But she evidently didn’t know the real reason why the Tianyuan Utopia had become the blessed land for cultivation that countless people in the Tianyuan Region yearned for. It was because of the mysterious light formation formed from the three light diagrams.   

Only after refinement within the light formation would the world's universe Genesis Qi allow the Tianyuan Utopia to develop to its current state.  

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help marveling. If his guess was right, the source of the three light diagrams was the Heavenly Fire Tree King and two other mythical creatures.  

This was the Tianyuan Region’s greatest secret.

Perhaps, even the grand elders such as Chi Jing and Xuan Kun didn’t know it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be confused about the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s existence. 

But why would the Great Five Alliance know about the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s existence and even try to capture it?  

Zhou Yuan was taken aback for a moment. The next moment, he seemed to understand something. A chill surged from the soles of his feet.

The opponent’s real target might be the Tianyuan Utopia?

Why would they know about the secret that even Chi Jing and the others didn’t?

Hong Jiuyuan and the other Law Domain experts do not have that kind of ability.  

It was supreme sovereign Wan Zu!

Zhou Yuan felt a chill in his heart. Others might not know, but supreme sovereign Wan Zu, a top expert in the world, would perhaps be able to see through this secret. 

He wanted to hunt down the three mystical creatures, break the formation diagrams and destroy the Tianyuan Utopia from the roots!

What a vicious plan!

It was much more terrifying to destroy the Tianyuan Utopia than capturing the region's many prefectures! 

Zhou Yuan’s scalp numbed. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu would use any trick to force my master out.

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