Chapter 1032 Memory


The entire Law Domain seemed to have frozen when the little azure light speck penetrated the center of old demon Long Gu’s brows.

The Law Domain experts watching closely couldn’t help gasping in astonishment. Chi Jing’s strength had far surpassed their expectations.  

Of course, what surprised them the most was that Chi Jing had refined a Law Domain treasure, which signified she had reached the top level of the Law Domain stage. Among the Tianyuan Region’s five grand elders, only sect master Xuan Kun, who had the most experience, had reached that level.

The fact that Chi Jing could surpass the other three grand elders and refine a Law Domain treasure before any of them clearly demonstrated her amazing talent. It was no wonder that supreme sovereign Cang Yuan thought highly of her and accepted her as an official disciple.     

In the black Law Domain, old demon Long Gu’s body gradually turned to black powder and dispersed, but at the same time, a beam of black light entered the void and fled.    

The black Law Domain cracked and shattered like glass, eventually crumbling.

Old demon Long Gu wasn’t killed directly because it wasn't easy to kill a Law Domain expert. Even if Chi Jing possessed a Law Domain treasure, she couldn't completely obliterate her opponent. 

However, old demon Long Gu hadn’t escaped unscathed. Not only did his Law Domain shatter, but he had also suffered severe injuries. It would take him a long time to recover, and it could even affect his progress in the future. He might even have difficulty reaching the third level of the Law Domain stage in this life.

He had paid an extremely heavy price, and Chi Jing had fiercely established her authority through her victory.

When old demon Long Gu was severely wounded and he fled, both sides’ Law Domain experts paused for a moment.

Hong Jiuyuan, from the Crimson Cloud Sword Sect, said, “Grand elder Chi Jing is powerful. I didn’t expect her to have hidden her strength so well.” 

The main reason old demon Long Gu was wounded and lost this time was because he fell into Chi Jing’s trick. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have suffered such severe injuries even if he couldn’t win.

The Great Five Alliance’s other Law Domain experts hadn’t said a word, but it was clear they had increased their vigilance.

Space rippled as five figures slowly emerged from the void. They were Chi Jing, Xuan Kun, Mu Ni, Bian Chang and Bai Ye, the five grand elders.  

Nearby, a group of figures also appeared. It was Hong Jiuyuan, mountain lord Gui Yuan and the other Law Domain experts.  

They hadn’t appeared in their real bodies; instead, they were using Genesis Qi to create their figures.

Chi Jing’s short, burgundy hair fluttered as she narrowed her eyes fiercely at her opponents. “If you’re still so stupid and stubborn to listen, you will all suffer the same result as old demon Long Gu.”    

The white-haired and white-bearded ethereal mountain lord Gui Yuan chuckled, “Grand elder Chi Jing is too arrogant. Although you’ve refined a Law Domain treasure, it won’t be enough to destroy us all.” 

Chi Jing lifted her slender hand. A little azure light speck emerged and then turned into an azure orb whirling in her palm. She smiled. “Old man Gui Yuan, if you don’t believe it, you can have a try first.”

Mountain lord Gui Yuan’s pupils shrank when he saw the azure orb, and an obviously fearful, vigilant look flashed across his eyes.    

Sect master Xuan Kun said indifferently, “Don’t talk nonsense here. Since you have no intention of fighting, get out of the Chiyun Prefecture with your people.”   

After one Law Domain expert had suffered serious injuries, the others most likely didn’t intend to continue to fight. Moreover, the Tianyuan Region had begun to strike back in the battlefield below, and the Great Five Alliance’s armies were already showing signs of defeat. 

The Tianyuan Region was evidently winning the Chiyun Prefecture battle.

Xuan Kun and the others didn’t plan on stopping Hong Jiuyuan and the others from leaving because their opponents were just apparitions formed from Genesis Qi. Without locking onto their Law Domains, it would be useless no matter how many times they destroyed them. 

Law Domain experts possessed means that could do anything. How could they be defeated so easily?

Hong Jiuyuan and the others swept their gazes across the battlefield below and paused on a young figure. Zhou Yuan was the one responsible for the failure of their plan.   

Their gazes collided, looking furious.


Hong Jiuyuan drew a deep breath, quelling his anger. He said calmly, “Don’t worry, the Great Five Alliance will give up on the Chiyun Prefecture’s battleline. But don’t be so smug. This war hasn’t finished.”

“My Tianyuan Region is ready to fight anytime.” Chi Jing smiled coldly.  

Hong Jiuyuan chuckled, but a strange expression came to his face. “Grand elder Chi Jing, you won’t be happy for too long. Your Tianyuan Region will lose this war!”

Chi Jing glared coldly. “Don’t talk nonsense!”

With a flick of her finger, the boundless azure wind mightily gushed forth and tore Hong Jiuyuan’s and the others’ bodies to shreds.

Their bodies scattered like powder, but cold, mocking laughter continued to echo throughout the void.    

As Chi Jing, Xuan Kun and the others watched the opponents’ Law Domain disperse, they exchanged glances with one another.    

Grand elder Mu Ni scrunched her brows. “What did Hong Jiuyuan mean by that?”    

Could he be just acting tough?

The others shook their heads, frowning. Although the Great Five Alliance’s offensive was fierce, they wouldn’t be able to break through the Tianyuan Region’s defense line. Since one of their Law Domain experts had been wounded, they would likely rest for a period of time first.

Sect master Xuan Kun waved his hand. “It doesn’t matter. Just be on guard.”

Chi Jing nodded and shifted her gaze to the battlefield below.   

Her voice resounded throughout the world. “The Great Five Alliance’s Law Domain experts have retreated. Attack with all your strength! Drive the enemy away!”    

Her voice resembled the sound of heaven when it fell in the ears of the Tianyuan Region’s soldiers. The army burst into deafening cheers, and their morale soared. 

On the other hand, the Great Five Alliances’ armies panicked. If even Law Domain experts fled, they would no doubt die if they stayed any longer. 

They had lost their will to battle!

Even the Nascent Source experts sighed inwardly and left without any hesitation. Their retreat led to the alliance army’s collapse, and countless figures fled haphazardly.

Standing in the center of the campsite, Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. The situation had been reversed, and more importantly, the opponent’s Law Domain experts had paid a heavy price. 

Having been deterred in such a way, the Great Five Alliance would likely not dare create trouble in the near future.

While thinking this, Zhou Yuan tilted his head to look at the jade-like Heavenly Fire Tree King on his shoulder. 

The Heavenly Fire Tree King also sensed that the crisis had been averted. It waved its branches at Zhou Yuan as though expressing its gratitude.   

Then, it suddenly extended a branch towards the center of Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows. 

Zhou Yuan didn't feel any malicious intent, so after some hesitation, he let it pierce his skin with the branch.


A deep roar echoed in his mind when the branch touched him. The world then spun, and the battlefield vanished, the battle cries fading. 

The surrounding mountains and rivers also changed, but the scenery remained Chiyun Prefecture. The only difference was that the mountains weren’t occupied by an endless ancient red forest.    

Zhou Yuan was puzzled why the Heavenly Fire Tree King would pass this memory to him.

It was then that he suddenly felt a change in the scenery. Space rippled, and a figure stepped out from the void.   

The figure exuded a vast and boundless aura, and even if it was clearly just an image, Zhou Yuan couldn’t help shuddering when the person appeared.    

His eyes widened.

The figure was master Cang Yuan!

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