Chapter 1030 Law Domain Battle Techniques


Azure wind raged in the depths of the black Law Domain, instantly turning infinite venomous beasts to nothing in the void no matter how many pounced over. 

The whistling of azure wind triggered specks of azure light to bloom in the black Law Domain, signifying that the Law Domain was corroding. 

Old demon Long Gu erupted in anger when he saw the azure wind wreaking havoc in his Law Domain. “Chi Jing, don’t go too far! Do you really think I would be afraid of you? I’ve been in the Law Domain stage much longer than you!”   

“Then you’re really incompetent! You’ve reached the Law Domain stage so many years ahead of me, but you still only possess such abilities.” Chi Jing’s sneer sounded from the azure wind. 

Old demon Long Gu reddened. He was considered one of Hunyuan Heaven’s top experts. All Law Domain experts within Hunyuan Heaven were most likely watching this battle, so if he let Chi Jing suppress him, how could he maintain face in the future?   

“Nonsense! I will discipline you on behalf of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan!”  

As old demon Long Gu’s voice faded, the black Law Domain vibrated violently, and the countless black shadows halted their attacks and instead began to swallow one another.


Roars rang continuously in the air, and in less than ten breaths, all beasts merged into a tremendous black shadow in the Law Domain’s depths. The shadow was a hideous, extremely sinister-looking ten-winged demon dragon. Its whole body emitted a corrosive stench, and its black saliva trickled down and corroded the void. 

An indescribable ferocious power filled the air, and the pressure from the power alone was enough to make Nascent Source experts shudder with fear. The demon dragon’s body was marked with multiple Law Domain runes that brought it infinite power. 

It was a world-devastating demon dragon.

When the ten-winged demon dragon emerged, the Law Domain experts watching the battle gasped in astonishment.    

“Old demon Long Gu has actually refined a Law Domain Spirit...”   

There were three levels in the Law Domain stage. The first was the so-called ordinary Law Domain, which was when one established a Law Domain. The second level was when a Law Domain Spirit was born in the Law Domain, causing the Law Domain’s power to soar to an unimaginable level. The third and highest level was when a Law Domain treasure was born. This level was particularly mysterious, and those whose Law Domain could give birth to Law Domain treasures were all top Law Domain experts with the qualification to touch upon the legendary Saint stage. 

The ten-winged demon dragon that appeared in old demon Long Gu’s Law Domain was the so-called Law Domain Spirit!    

This proved that old demon Long Gu had reached the Law Domain stage’s second level.


Under many Law Domain experts’ astonished gazes, the ten-winged dragon threw its head back and roared, producing solid sound waves that shattered the void.


Its ferocious dragon mouth widened, spewing out a black viscous dragon breath that contained Law Domain power! 

Endless black dragon breath gushed across the void and collided with the raging azure wind. The void collapsed as if the world was turned upside down.   


Fortunately, they were situated inside a Law Domain. Otherwise, at least half the Chiyun Prefecture would have been instantly destroyed. A battle between Law Domain experts was indeed terrifying. 

After the Law Domain Spirit was summoned, the raging azure wind halted and even showed signs of subsiding.   

“Law Domain Spirit...I’ve underestimated you, old man.” Chi Jing’s icy voice rang out from the azure wind.


The azure wind’s howling turned increasingly ferocious, and a giant beautiful figure emerged under countless watchful gazes. The shadow was blurred, and only a palm-leaf fan could be clearly seen in her hand.  

An indescribable pressure spread out.

The eyes of many Law Domain experts turned solemn because they recognized that it was Chi Jing’s Law Domain Spirit, the Wind God!    

It had been a long while since Chi Jing summoned the Wind God, and it was much more real and tangible than before. Moreover, its power had evidently rocketed.  

The Wind God’s shadow swung down the palm-leaf fan the moment it was summoned.


The azure divine wind suddenly turned berserk, and every gust of wind transformed into a wind sparrow and blasted the dragon breath to nothing.   


After piercing through the dragon breath, the azure wind sparrow teleported to the front of the ten-winged demon dragon and pounced towards its face.


The ten-winded demon dragon erupted with an enraged roar. Even it couldn’t withstand the attack with its mighty body, and it finally drew back after ten breaths. Its tremendous body was riddled with wounds.

It was clear that Chi Jing’s Wind God was superior in the battle between the Law Domain Spirits!

Standing in the depths of the black Law Domain, old demon Long Gu was infuriated when he saw the ten-winged demon dragon being pushed back. He thought that even if his ten-winged demon dragon failed to beat Chi Jing, the battle could still end in a tie. Unexpectedly, Chi Jing’s Law Domain Spirit was too fierce. 

Old demon Long Gu’s eyes flashed, then glowed with a sinister glint.

With a wave of his sleeve, the retreating ten-winged demon dragon roared skywards. Light rapidly flowed around its ten wings, then gathered in its mouth.

“Ten Dragon Flame Prison!” Old demon Long Gu’s roar reverberated throughout the void.

The dragon spewed out black flames. They were sticky like magma and contained destructive power. 

Black dragon flames sped through the area, torching the azure wind sparrows.

But the azure wind god simply sneered at old demon Long Gu’s desperate counterattacks. The palm-shaped fan vibrated, and two gusts of azure wind charged out. The wind entwined, then transformed into gigantic wind shears. It slashed through the air and tore apart the terrifying dragon flames.

A flash of contempt crossed the depths of old demon Long Gu’s eyes. 

The wind shears severed the dragon flames, but it was then that a lantern appeared and was cut apart. A cluster of faint white flames appeared as the lantern was destroyed.

Flames swept past the wind shears, setting aflame the azure wind shears and instantly turning them into nothing, astonishing everyone.

“Haha, Chi Jing, weren’t you very arrogant before? Come try this fire!” Old demon Long Gu’s sharp laughter rang out as the dragon flames controlled another cluster of flames to strike the tremendous Wind God’s shadow. 

The scene was evidently unexpected to many Law Domain experts. Looking at the cluster of faint white flames, they were silent for a moment before they cried out in astonishment.

“Is that the...Saint fire?!”

Nobody thought that old demon Long Gu would possess a real Saint fire! 

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