Chapter 1029 Law Domain Battle


When Zhou Yuan wrecked the enemy’s camp, a terrifying pressure descended upon the void, tearing it apart.  

The fierce battles on the battlefield halted, and countless people shuddered in fear. Under a Law Domain expert’s oppressive pressure, they were as weak as ants. Everyone would be crushed into ash if that terrifying power descended. 

Zhou Yuan also suddenly froze. All his hair stood on end as though there was imminent danger. 

“They finally can’t endure anymore?” he muttered, but he wasn’t in the slightest afraid because he knew the opponents had exposed themselves in the battle by bringing out a Law Domain first. 

The Law Domain experts on his side wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity to attack.


A huge crack tore the void, and a draconic roar filled with devastating power rang out. A jet-black dragon swooped down and shredded the void to pieces before descending toward Zhou Yuan. 

As the jet-black dragon dived down, the Genesis Qi across the world instantly merged with it and filled it with corrosive, destructive power. 

It was like a heavenly punishment.

But just when the jet-black dragon descended, an icy voice echoed throughout the void, “Old man Long Gu, are you so desperate to die?” 

It was Chi Jing’s voice.


When her voice sounded, an azure tornado seemed to form in the void. It directly engulfed the black dragon’s figure, crushing it to death. 

As the azure tornado rushed across the void, there seemed to be a tremendous Law Domain faintly visible inside the previous spatial crack. The Law Domain was dark, and thousands of venomous beasts roared inside. A thin black shadow could be seen in its depths.

It was the Venomous Dragon Palace’s Law Domain expert, old demon Long Gu.

“Since you’re the first to expose your Law Domain, I will start with you.”    

An endless gust of azure wind howled towards the pitch-black Law Domain, blotting out the sun and sky.

As the thin figure in the depths of the Law Domain watched the azure wind speed across his Law Domain, his face changed drastically. He knew the azure wind was the Azure Divine Wind born from Chi Jing’s Law Domain and knew it was extremely domineering and bizarre. Where it touched, even the universe Genesis Qi would be shredded and form a death zone. 

Law Domain experts always concealed their true body within a Law Domain, and as long as they didn’t expose themselves, it wouldn’t be a serious problem no matter how an enemy attacked.

Since Long Gu couldn’t hold back any longer and had made a move, consequently exposing himself, Chi Jing took advantage of this chance to strike.


As the azure wind gusted into the black Law Domain, countless black shadows resembling venomous beasts suddenly roared out and bombarded the gust of azure wind. 

The dark shadows all exuded terrifying power that could shred and swallow even Nascent Source experts. 

However, they couldn’t exert any effect this time because they were instantly disintegrated and turned to nothing as the wind swept past.

Moreover, the azure wind began to corrode even the inside of the pitch-black Law Domain. Soon, specks of azure light emerged throughout the Law Domain.    

A grunt sounded from the Law Domain’s depths, followed by old demon Long Gu’s voice, “The Azure Divine Wind is indeed powerful! Why don’t you guys help out too?!”

His voice shook the void.

Cracks began to split the void, and soon unfathomable abyss-like auras descended one after another. 


A sword cry echoed throughout the world as it slashed down with boundless blazing sword qi like a prairie fire. The sword qi was as intensely hot as the scorching sun, and it melted everything in seconds wherever it passed. 

It was the Crimson Cloud Sword Sect’s Law Domain expert, Hong Jiuyuan! 


Endless claps of thunder followed after the sword qi, and black thunderbolts appeared from unknown places as though to destroy the world. 

Vaguely, a black lightning Law Domain was at the source of the black thunderbolts, and standing within was a giant-like figure.  

It was the Thunder Mountain’s sect master!


Fog rolled into the Law Domain, and faintly, the chilling screech of a million ghosts could be heard. The voices could shatter even Spirits of the Transformative stage.

The Spirit Swallower Pavilion’s pavilion master!

In addition to them, the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s three Law Domain experts also acted one after another. Unable to withstand the sudden vast power, even the void began to collapse.

“This group of old tortoises couldn’t hold back any longer.” A sneer sounded in the void. It was sect master Xuan Kun’s voice.

The void split apart, and a giant kun* wandered out, opened its huge mouth, and swallowed the scorching sword qi incinerating the void. At the same time, its giant tail swayed as though strengthened by a terrifying power and crushed the Thunder Mountain sect master’s black thunderbolt to powder.

[TN Note: A legendary giant fish that can transform into a mythological bird]

At the same time, an endless sea of forests appeared in the void, and a torrent of life force gushed forth, wiping out the million ghost shadows.   

It was grand elder Mu Ni!

A huge white eye emerged in the void, spurting out white light that turned everything into white smoke upon contact. It enveloped the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s Law Domain experts. 

“Bai Ye, you’re too arrogant!” the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s Mountain Lord Gui Yuan fumed.

The ethereal Moon Palace’s Mountain Lord summoned a moon into the void. It poured out moonlight with indescribable chilling intent. At that moment, even the universe Genesis Qi turned to frost. 

The white light and the moonlight collided, causing the void to crumble.

“Haha, can I join in?” A hearty laugh rang out, shaking the void. A crystal giant strode forward. His figure was tall and imposing like a mountain, and as he thrust his giant crystal fist out, space seemed to be crushed to powder. 

It was the patriarch of the Profound Crystal Sect, Bian Chang.    


A hunched old man stepped forward to face Bian Chang’s crystal fist, waving his hand. A palm-sized turtle shell rose into the air as it expanded and met the wind. It grew to a thousand feet wide, and the turtle shell was mottled and covered with traces of age. 

It was the mountain lord of the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s Mystic Turtle Mountain.    


As the crystal fist slammed into the turtle shell, a deafening peal of thunder rumbled throughout the Chiyun Prefecture. 

Both sides’ Law Domain experts had made a move!     

There were also abyss-like auras circulating in distant voids. It was from other Hunyuan Heaven Law Domain experts. They didn’t dare to recklessly set foot into the area in case either side thought they were up to no good.

Even Law Domain experts would want to avoid a battle of this level.    

They naturally could tell that, although the Great Five Alliance had a higher number of Law Domain experts, their combat strengths were inferior to the Tianyuan Region’s five Law Domain experts. 

Moreover, old demon Long Gu was the first to expose his aura, and now that Chi Jing had locked her eyes onto his real body, she certainly wouldn’t want to waste such a great opportunity. She intended to severely wound old demon Long Gu first.

But the Great Five Alliance’s Law Domain experts naturally wouldn’t let her succeed. They did everything they could to stop her; however, the other four Tianyuan Region Law Domain experts obstructed them.

At that moment…

The outcome depended on what would happen in the collision between Chi Jing and old demon Long Gu.

The Law Domain onlookers were very curious to see Chi Jing’s attack. It was probably the first time she, the youngest Law Domain expert, had made a move in all these years.    

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