Chapter 1028 Reversal


Mighty Genesis Qi erupted from the alliance’s main camp as if they were monstrous waves, and they devastated the countless surrounding tents. The camp was immediately plunged into chaos.

Everybody stared in astonishment at the figure rising into the sky.

Under those gazes, the Genesis Qi light around the figure soon faded and revealed an extremely young face.

“Zhou Yuan?” Elder Yi Yan was dumbstruck. He had never thought Zhou Yuan would be the one who had turned the alliance’s camp upside down.

Also, did he cause the crystal tower to explode?

How could a Heavenly Sun expert do that alone?!

Puzzled thoughts flooded his mind, and he was speechless for a good while.

Of course, he wasn’t the only one. Qin Lian, Mu Youlan and other Tianyuan Region’s experts all watched his appearance in astonishment. Who would have thought that as the war became more disadvantageous to them, the person who would appear and rescue them would be Zhou Yuan!

Although they didn’t understand what happened, they knew Zhou Yuan extinguished the tremendous mysterious light beams that were strengthening the Great Five Alliance’s army.

Countless Heavenly Sun experts wore serious expressions.

Before this, they could treat Zhou Yuan as a junior and criticize him to cover up their jealousy. But now, Zhou Yuan had fiercely struck them with the truth.

Didn’t they reach the Heavenly Sun stage before him? Even if he was only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage, he had achieved things beyond their imagination.

Zhou Yuan made them understand why supreme sovereign Cang Yuan thought highly of him and not of them.


Mu Youlan swallowed a mouthful of saliva and whispered, “How did he do it? Why is his Genesis Qi so strong? This isn’t something that a Heavenly Sun expert can do alone!”

Qin Lian also swept a puzzled glance up and down Zhou Yuan, and her gaze stopped abruptly on his shoulder. She noticed a little jade-like tree exuding endless spiritual intellect.  

“That...could it be the Heavenly Fire Tree King?” Qin Lian exclaimed.    

Mu Youlan expelled a gasp of shock, and her beautiful eyes widened with disbelief. “Impossible. How could he bring the Heavenly Fire Tree King out?” 

The crystal tower was no doubt heavily guarded, and even Nascent Source experts might not be able to break in successfully. How could Zhou Yuan, who is just at the initial Heavenly Sun stage, snatch away the Heavenly Fire Tree King? 

Did he think he was a Law Domain expert?!

Qin Lian also found it unbelievable, but she could only give a wry smile and say, “Although I don’t know how he did it, our Tianyuan Region’s Heavenly Sun experts have been taught a lesson.” 

Mu Youlan felt a little embarrassed because she had also misunderstood Zhou Yuan.

“Heavenly Fire Tree King!”

While they were taking, Xu Mou and the other Great Five Alliance’s Nascent Source experts also noticed the mysterious little tree standing on Zhou Yuan’s shoulder. Their pupils shrank, and their enraged roars filled the air. 

“Damn little thief! Dispatch everybody in the camp to kill him! We must recapture the Heavenly Fire Tree King!”

Xu Mou was infuriated. They were about to win, but who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would intervene and snatch away the Heavenly Fire Tree King under their multitude of tough defenses?  

The many experts standing guard in the camp trembled when they heard Xu Mou’s roar. The next moment, thousands of streams of Genesis Qi roared into the sky and desperately bombarded Zhou Yuan.

They knew that if they allowed Zhou Yuan to take away the Heavenly Fire Tree King, their battle line in Chiyun Prefecture would no doubt collapse.   

Under countless gazes, Zhou Yuan stood tall in the air as he watched experts pounce over like locusts. He was without the slightest change in his expression. He chuckled—he could feel that the Heavenly Fire Tree King on his shoulder was frantically instilling mighty Genesis Qi into his body. The tree had to also know that they were about to escape! 

“Omega Saint Spirit Art!”

Zhou Yuan folded one hand in a seal, causing a tremendous silhouette to shroud his entire body. Then, wings of light extended out behind him.

“Mythic Saint Body!”

His body suddenly emitted jade-green luster, and his flesh squirmed in high spirits.

Zhou Yuan’s momentum climbed steadily.

Clasping the Heavenly Yuan brush, he grinned at the great army charging towards him. Then, he beat his light wings and dived down into the crowd. 


Berserk Genesis Qi erupted. Strengthened by the Heavenly Fire Tree King, Zhou Yuan was like a tiger charging into a flock of sheep. Where he passed, all Heavenly Sun experts were wiped out. People constantly fell and spurted out blood. 

Zhou Yuan was in a killing frenzy!

In his eyes, the Heavenly Sun experts were like chickens or dogs made out of clay!    

Only some advanced Heavenly Sun experts could barely withstand Zhou Yuan and the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s combined strength, but they immediately retreated. 

The alliance camp fell into chaos.

Countless experts from the Tianyuan Region’s army stared dumbfounded at the scene. Their scalps numbed when they saw Zhou Yuan slash the Heavenly Sun experts to death as if slaughtering chickens.

That guy is so fierce?!

Although they could feel that Zhou Yuan’s power came from the Heavenly Fire Tree King, he was still slaughtering Heavenly Sun experts! 

After seeing Zhou Yuan kill so many Heavenly Sun experts, they would most likely be fearful of him in the future.   

Qin Lian very quickly recovered from her shock. She took a deep look at Zhou Yuan, who was displaying invincible power, and her roar echoed throughout the battlefield, “Tianyuan Region’s army, listen to command! Attack with all your strength and defeat them!”   


Everyone snapped out of their shock when they heard Qin Lian’s roar. They immediately cast fierce glances at the Alliance’s army. It was time for them to get back at the enemy for pushing them to such an embarrassing state!  


Battle cries resounded, and the Tianyuan Region’s army charged out like a tide.

At a loss for what to do, the alliance army frantically tried to counterattack.  

“I am going to find that bastard!” Mu Youlan said through gritted teeth. She hadn’t had much of an upper hand against the Venomous Dragon Palace’s Chongzi, but now was the perfect opportunity. 

She disappeared with a flash.

Qin Lian tightened her grip around the crimson blade, staring fiercely at the Wang brothers and Ji Hu. “It seems that the heavens aren't on your side. Without the mysterious light beams’ power, you three are just like clay chickens to me.”   


As her voice faded, a crisp chirp rang out. She had already transformed into a beam of crimson light and shot out. Her unparalleled Genesis Qi enveloped the Wang brothers and Ji Hu.    

Above, Yi Yan threw his head back and laughed. He looked at Xu Mao, who had paled, and said, “Come on, Xu Mao. Let me see what you have without the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power.”

He flung his sleeve, and a river of crimson sparks gushed out like a meteor.

With a darkened face, Xu Mou operated vast amounts of Genesis Qi, and it rose from the top of his head, forming an ancient desert.


The two collided once again, quaking the ground and mountain.


Fights broke out on the battlefield again. But this time, the situation had clearly changed drastically. The Tianyuan Region’s attack was much fiercer than before.

On the other hand, the Great Five Alliance’s morale plummeted because Zhou Yuan had turned their camp upside down. The Great Five Alliance’s army began to retreat under the Tianyuan Region’s onslaught.  

Qin Lian, Mu Youlan and other top Heavenly Sun experts, as well as Yi Yan, all began to gain the upper hand in their battles. 

The battle was completely reversed.

From the looks of it, the Great Five Alliance’s defeat was imminent.


As the situation was reversed, there was also a reversal in the void filled with terrifying auras.    

Chi Jing had almost failed to control herself from erupting, but then there was a sudden turn of events. Zhou Yuan’s appearance had changed the situation once again. 

Chi Jing withdrew her power and quietly waited with the other Tianyuan Region’s grand elders while preparing an ultimate move.

They could feel the aura of the Great Five Alliance’s Law Domain experts was already looming. The sudden change of events must have made them feel anxious.

The void was silent and oppressive, and there was even an emerging deathly atmosphere.

Until a certain moment…

The void suddenly tore apart, and terrifying auras descended.

The Great Five Alliance’s Law Domain experts finally couldn’t control themselves and were attacking!

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