Chapter 1027 Shocking Everyone

In the depths of the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest.

A huge battlefront almost stretched across the world. Waves of ferocious Genesis Qi constantly collided, killing and filling the sky with a smell of blood.

The battlefield, like a meat grinder, had swallowed an unknown number of people from both sides.

Both sides were in a killing frenzy.

Based on overall strength, the Tianyuan Region originally had the slight upper hand, but the advantageous situation gradually tilted towards the Great Five Alliance. The cause of this was the mysterious light beams that erupted from the crystal tower in the depths of the alliance’s headquarters. The light beams provided a steady stream of Genesis Qi to the Great Five Alliances armies and allowed their wounds to recover at a much faster rate. 

The strength of the Great Five alliance’s armies had doubled, and gradually the Chiyun Prefecture’s battle line wavered and broke. 



As Qin Lian hovered in the sky, her long hair blazed like flames and her face was cold and fierce. She suddenly swung down the crimson blade in her hand. 

As the blade slashed through the air, blood spurted out, and an arm was severed. 

It was Ji Hu’s arm.

But at the same time, the Wang brothers’ venomous snake-like blades pierced her abdomen, and the three’s Genesis Qi fiercely collided. In the end, they were all blasted back. 


Beads of cold sweat dripped from Ji Hu’s forehead, and his face was deathly pale, but he still glared coldly at Qin Lian. The blood stopped gushing from his arms, and his flesh squirmed as he tried to recover.  

“Qin Lian, you must die here today!” Ji Hu hissed with a sinister smile.   

Expressionless, Qin Lian circulated the Genesis Qi around her body so that it rose like flames. She didn’t care about her abdomen injury and said indifferently, “Even if I die, you will have to come with me.”   

Wang Haiyuan smiled. “Qin Lian, you have no chance. You’re going to lose this time. 

“Do you not see your army is beginning to collapse?”    

Qin Lian shifted her eyes and swept the battlefield. Although there wasn’t a ripple of emotion on her face, her heart sank because the Tianyuan Region’s battle line was indeed collapsing. 

Wang Haiyuan smiled and continued to attack her psychologically, “And not only are the armies below being defeated, even your Nascent Source experts can’t last much longer. So, how do you think you can win this time?” 

Qin Lian suddenly lifted her head and saw monstrous Genesis Qi rolling through the air. The movements were far fiercer than that below. 

Elder Yi Yan was locked in a fierce battle with Xu Mou. Although he possessed tyrannical strength and wasn’t in the slightest afraid of Xu Mou, who was strengthened by the mysterious light beams, the other Nascent Source experts had fallen into a disadvantageous position.

The situation would truly become out of control once the Nascent Source experts lost. 

Wang Haiyuan smiled. “Qin Lian, before you completely lose control of the situation, why don’t you run away? Do you have to die here?” 

His intention was vicious. Qin Lian was one of her army’s pillars, and if she retreated, the situation would collapse more quickly. 

Qin Lian’s face was devoid of expression as she slowly clenched her slender hand. The crimson blade in her hold once again unleashed a long roar as she pointed its tip at the three. “If these were ordinary times, I would have killed you three like dogs. But today, even if you have other means, I, Qin Lian, will still kill you!” 

Wang Haiyuan’s and the others’ expressions turned cold.

“Then let’s see who will die first!”

Genesis Qi erupted from their bodies as they charged out once again.   

However, just when another fierce battle was about to break out between the four, Wang Haiyuan’s and the others’ expressions changed drastically because they noticed that the mysterious light beam behind them had dimmed. The Genesis Qi rushing into their body had also weakened.

“What’s going on?!” Their faces paled, and when they turned around and saw the dimming mysterious light beam, panic filled their eyes. 

Qin Lian was also taken aback by the change. She didn’t expect the opponent’s mysterious light beam to fail at this time. She peered down at the battlefield and, as she expected, found that the light beams behind the other experts had all begun to dim.

The battlefield’s chaotic frays also stilled because of the sudden change in situation, and both sides displayed different expressions. 

Naturally, the Tianyuan Region’s side was ecstatic, but the alliance’s army, which had the upper hand a moment ago, didn’t know what to do.    

“Hahaha, Xu Mou, it seems the heavens aren’t helping you!” Thunderous laughter echoed throughout the area. Even elder Yi Yan had been stunned by the change. 

Xu Mou donned a cloudy expression. He knew that he needed to stabilize the situation. “Don’t panic—it’s just a momentary fluctuation. Everybody, continue to attack and defeat the Tianyuan Region!”    

His roar rang in everyone’s ears.

Hearing Xu Mou’s voice, the alliance army finally calmed their panic.

But before they had fully calmed down, they were horrified to see the mysterious light beams behind them weaken rapidly. They then extinguished like a candle.

The mysterious light beam had faded completely.

As the light beams vanished, everyone could also distinctly feel the mighty Genesis Qi that had constantly poured into their body fade.

Everyone instantly reverted to their original strength.

Even Xu Mou couldn’t help exclaim in shock, “How can this be? What are those idiots doing?”

He turned to their headquarters with a livid face. Though the crystal tower was still standing tall, Xu Mou’s instinct told him that something had happened in the crystal tower. 

Elder Yi Yan also stopped his attacks because the sudden change had similarly stunned him. Is our luck really this good? Did the opponent really lose control of their Genesis Qi transmission?!

Or could this be the enemies’ trap?

The tragic battlefield turned strangely calm and quiet.   

Standing in the air, Qin Lian peered at the bright crystal tower in the distance, her eyes flickering.     


A petite figure appeared beside her. It was Mu Youlan. She also looked a little distressed after a tricky battle. 

“What happened?” she asked Qin Lian.

Qin Lian shook her head in puzzlement. “I don’t know...the opponent’s source of Genesis Qi suddenly failed. I don’t know whether it’s true or part of a trap. Let’s watch carefully first. If it really failed, command the entire army to attack.”

Mu Youlan sighed. “I hope it really has failed, otherwise...”   

She knew the Tianyuan Region would be defeated in the Chiyun Prefecture battlefield if it hadn’t really failed.    


While they were silent, Qin Lian felt the ground shaking, and its source seemed to be from the opponent’s camp.    


The quaking grew louder and more hurried.

Countless shocked gazes followed the source of the quaking and finally hovered on a crystal tower in the depths of the alliance’s camp. 

It is from there…


As countless people focused their eyes on the crystal tower, it suddenly shook violently, and Xu Mou and other experts were horrified to see the crystal tower explode suddenly and collapse. 

The entire world fell silent, and only the crumbling tower could be heard.

Not only were Xu Mou and the others horror-struck, but even elder Yi Yan, Qin Lian and the others were shocked. The Tianyuan Region experts inhaled sharply. What happened? Could it be that the Law Domain experts have finally made a move?!


It was under those countless suffocating gazes that the top of the crystal tower burst apart and a tremendous figure shot into the sky like an eagle. 

That figure lifted his head and roared skywards. Mighty Genesis Qi swept out, and it threw everyone on the campsite into chaos. 

Everyone stared fixedly at the figure.

The figure gradually calmed the Genesis Qi pulsing around him, revealing his face.

Countless soldiers of the Tianyuan Region’s army widened their eyes in shocked disbelief as though they saw a ghost.  

A look of astonishment crossed elder Yi Yan’s face.

Qin Lian also froze.

Mu Youlan couldn’t help rubbing her eyes repeatedly, “Why does he look familiar? It seems to be Zhou Yuan?!” 

“Zhou Yuan?!” Her voice became sharp at that moment.

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