Chapter 1026 Breaking Out of the Tower


Incomparably ferocious lightning exploded underground. Shock waves raged out and caused tremendous movement beneath the tower.

The Heavenly Sun experts fixed their eyes on the black-and-white dragon as it collided with the white tiger. Where the lightning raged, the two terrifying forces collided frantically and corroded each other.

The two forces seemed equally matched, but the lightning prison flashing with multiple lightning bolts was greatly increasing the black and white lightning dragon’s power. Therefore, the deadlock in the battle lasted dozens of breaths until the black-and-white lightning dragon suddenly roared out loud.     


Black and white light rushed out and poured all over the white tiger’s huge body.

The white tiger let out a miserable howl, and its body was shredded under the domineering attacks from the black and white light.

“What?!” Cheng Guang cried out, watching the white tiger shatter to pieces.


But the moment he cried out, the black-and-white lightning dragon that had destroyed the white tiger pierced the void with ferocious power and slammed into his body with lightning speed.


Cheng Guang was blasted away. Although the black-and-white lightning dragon’s power had diminished greatly after tearing apart the white tiger, Cheng Guang was still scorched black, and his clothes were shredded by the time he steadied his body. He looked incredibly miserable.

“You deserve to die!” Cheng Guang flew into a rage.

He exploded with anger after seeing that a Heavenly Sun expert had pushed him to such an embarrassing state.

“I’m going to kill you!” he roared.

But when his gaze shifted to Zhou Yuan, he was stunned for a moment because Zhou Yuan had already disappeared.

He scanned the surroundings, and his pupils shrank rapidly. He found Zhou Yuan standing atop the stone platform he guarded before, grinning at him.

Seeing Cheng Guang cast a glance over, Zhou Yuan tightened his grip around the Heavenly Yuan brush and instilled powerful Genesis Qi into its body. A layer of dark-green crystal spread across the brush and completely shrouded the tip. 

“Stop!” Cheng Guang roared. If Zhou Yuan destroyed the center, the Heavenly Fire Tree King would escape, and if it then chose to transfer its power to Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan’s strength would soar again!

He really couldn’t stop Zhou Yuan at that time.


Zhou Yuan paid no attention to him. He fiercely swung the Heavenly Yuan brush down into the stone platform. Dark green light runes rapidly spread and covered the stone platform.


The next moment, cracking sounds rang out as the stone platform that Zhou Yuan stood upon collapsed. It soon disintegrated into powder, which then whirled in the air.

Cheng Guang trembled with rage. He transformed into a giant Genesis Qi meteor and charged towards Zhou Yuan with terrifying momentum.

Zhou Yuan ignored him and turned to look at the suppression boundary. As the center fell apart, the chains crumbled, and the remaining Saint Fire aura dimmed and weakened after losing the Genesis Qi support.

With the light cluster in the center, the tree-shaped silhouette suddenly swayed and slapped the boundary with its branches.


After multiple slaps, a crack split the void, and it shattered with a loud boom.

An indescribable wave of Genesis Qi erupted from the ground, and where it touched, the ground collapsed into chaos.

“You deserve to die!”

The wave continuously pushed back Cheng Guang, who was still in the form of a giant Genesis Qi meteor. His face turned livid, and his eyes flashed with anger.

He knew the Heavenly Fire Tree King had been freed and that he needed to call for reinforcements immediately. Otherwise, it would be troublesome if the Tree King escaped!

“It’s finally free...” Zhou Yuan lit up with joy.

The void rippled, and a silhouette landed on his shoulder with a flash.

Zhou Yuan stared at his shoulder in astonishment. A small translucent green tree was exuding a relaxing ethereal aura as if cast from jade.

Moreover, upon a closer look, he found flames mysteriously burning inside the little tree.

“Is this the Heavenly Fire Tree King?”

Zhou Yuan was surprised to find that the little jade tree exuding spiritual intellect was the great Heavenly Fire Tree King.

The Heavenly Fire Tree King swayed its branches as though bowing towards Zhou Yuan to thank him for his help.

“It’s still a bit early to say thanks. We are still in their campsite,” Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

The Heavenly Fire Tree King extended its roots as though taking root in Zhou Yuan’s shoulder. However, Zhou Yuan could feel endless, torrential Genesis Qi flooding into his body from his shoulder.

Blood oozed from Zhou Yuan’s skin as the powerful Genesis Qi shook his body, but very quickly, the Heavenly Fire Tree King repaired his wounds with its life-filled Genesis Qi.


Zhou Yuan felt the wildly soaring power in his body. The power was so strong that it felt hypnotizing. Fortunately, he still maintained a clear head because he understood the power didn’t belong to him. If he were absorbed in that power, it would harm his future.

He understood what the Heavenly Fire Tree King meant. It wanted to lend its power to Zhou Yuan to escape!

“As you wish.” Zhou Yuan chuckled. It was rare that he could possess such power and display it freely. He wanted to have a taste of beating a Nascent Source expert while at the Heavenly Sun stage! 

He soared into the sky with a stamp of his feet, creating bursts of booming noise.

“The Tree King is mine!” Cheng Guang whizzed across the air, his expression sinister. He clenched his hand, and a giant blade appeared in his grip. A fierce tiger shadow wrapped the blade, and as he swung, a deafening tiger’s roar quaked the void.

However, facing his obstruction, Zhou Yuan curved his lips in a contemptuous sneer.

“Get lost!”

The Heavenly Yuan brush swept across the air, and Genesis Qi, as boundless as a galaxy, collided with the giant blade.


Space collapsed, and shock waves raged across the area, Cheng Guang’s expression changing drastically. He spurted a jet of blood from his mouth, and his body plunged into the depths of the ground under countless shocked gazes. He was buried alive.

The scalps of the Great Five Alliance’s Heavenly Sun experts numbed. Cheng Guang is a Nascent Source expert! But Zhou Yuan blasted him into the ground with one strike!

Zhou Yuan let out a long roar, and content filled his heart. He stamped his foot and transformed into a torrent!


Wherever he passed, terrifying Genesis Qi overflowed the area as the crystal tower crumbled.


The crystal tower collapsed, and Zhou Yuan broke out!

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