Chapter 1025 Challenging a Nascent Source Expert

Zhou Yuan was glued to the spot, staring at his hands in astonishment. He could feel boundless Genesis Qi roaring within his body.

This Genesis Qi was far superior to his!

Moreover, the Genesis Qi was incredibly gentle and pure. However, just as he thought, such gentle Genesis Qi resulted in a poor attacking nature.

“Is this the power of the Heavenly Fire Tree King?”

Zhou Yuan glanced at the light beam connected to his back and couldn’t help scratching his head. He didn’t expect the Heavenly Fire Tree King to make such a move. But what surprised him the most was that he could hear the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s intermittent voices. The fact it could speak indicated that the Heavenly Fire Tree King possessed spiritual intellect.   

It was just that its spiritual intellect wasn’t obvious.


As Zhou Yuan felt the vast, endless Genesis Qi in his body, his eyes suddenly lit up, and he threw away his plan to flee.

Although the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s Genesis Qi lacked offensive prowess, that didn’t mean he had to flee. Moreover, that power would be different in Zhou Yuan’s hands than in the hands of the Heavenly Fire Tee King, which didn’t know any Genesis arts.

The boundless power in Zhou Yuan’s body continued to grow.


Dozens of Heavenly Sun experts shot over from every direction, Genesis Qi whizzed across the air, and many incomparably fierce attacks aimed for Zhou Yuan’s head. Even space gradually distorted.

Before, Zhou Yuan couldn’t do anything but flee when faced with such a large-scale attack, but now he simply stretched out his hand, palm facing up.

Endless Genesis Qi gushed from his palm, forming a dark-green wooden shield before him.

Several vines wrapped the wooden shield. This was the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power.


Waves of frantic Genesis Qi bombarded the vined, wooden shield but failed to chip off any wood shavings. The waves soon silently dissipated without any response from the shield.

Standing behind the shield, Zhou Yuan hadn’t moved an inch.


After swallowing the Genesis Qi attacks, the vines that tightly wrapped themselves around the shield suddenly shot out and pierced through space. They repeatedly struck the dozen Heavenly Sun experts, causing anguished screams to ring out. Blood spurted out wildly, and their figures slammed into the ground.

Horror-struck, the Heavenly Sun experts surrounding Zhou Yuan didn’t dare to take a step forward.

Zhou Yuan’s strength had rocketed!

The grey-robed Nascent Source expert’s face turned ashen. He knew that Zhou Yuan’s power came from the Heavenly Fire Tree King, but this was unexpected since the Heavenly Fire Tree King greatly cherished its power. They had failed to operate its power regardless of what method they had used after capturing it, and in the end, they had no choice but to extract its power forcibly.

But it was clear that the Heavenly Fire Tree King was willingly offering its power to Zhou Yuan.

“Hmph, so what if you have so much of that offensive-less Genesis Qi!?”

The grey-robed Nascent Source expert clenched his fists and punched out. A tiger roar filled the air as powerful Genesis Qi took the form of a giant tiger and charged towards Zhou Yuan with a monstrous fiendish aura and terrifying murderous intent.

But this time he looked much more serious than before, and his attacks were much more ferocious.

Watching the giant Genesis Qi tiger approach, Zhou Yuan was no longer afraid. Instead, he was itching to try its power because the feeling of danger his opponents were giving him had greatly reduced after he gained the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power.

He clenched his fist, and the mottled Heavenly Yuan brush flashed out.

Endless green Genesis Qi poured into the brush, and azure runes spread across its body. The power was so strong that even the Heavenly Yuan brush trembled and produced faint grumbles.

It was just that Zhou Yuan couldn’t display the Heavenly Dragon Qi’s power if he borrowed the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power.

Although the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s Genesis Qi was several times vaster than Zhou Yuan’s, Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Dragon Qi was superior based on attacking nature.

However, Zhou Yuan felt that the boundless amount of Genesis Qi had compensated for the loss of its attacking nature.

“Million Whale!”

As Zhou Yuan drew the Heavenly Yuan brush across the air, a resounding ancient whale cry rang out, and the void seemed to tear apart where the Heavenly Yuan brush touched. Hundreds of incomparably huge ancient whale silhouettes streaked across the sky, wrapped in earth-shattering power as they directly struck the Genesis Qi light tiger.


Incomparably berserk shock waves erupted from the collision, causing the surrounding Heavenly Sun experts to draw back with terrified faces.

Zhou Yuan had withstood Cheng Guang’s attack!

Zhou Yuan waved the Heavenly Yuan brush across the air to dissolve the shock waves surging towards him. He smiled at the grey-robed Nascent Source expert’s dark face and said, “Although the attacking nature isn’t strong, it should be enough to deal with initial Nascent Source stage experts, right?”

Cheng Guang’s face twitched visibly, and his eyes reddened with fury. He hadn’t seen a little Heavenly Sun expert dare to taunt him in so many years.  

“Shameless! Since you want to die, I will fulfill your wish!”

He folded his hands together, roaring, “Little Saint Art, White Tiger Art!”

Mighty and dazzling Genesis Qi roared out and gathered together to form a huge white tiger in the void, as though wrapped in a layer of crystal. The white tiger leaped across the air, its fur fluttering in the wind, its eyes exuding endless sparks. Its white fangs caused space to tremble.

All Heavenly Sun experts on the ground shuddered at the white tiger’s appearance, shocked by its ferocity.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. He had seen a little Saint Art before when he had fought Zhao Mushen, but there was a world of difference between the power of Zhao Mushen’s little Saint Art and a Nascent Source expert’s.

The white tiger that Cheng Guang brought out was like a true fierce beast and didn’t seem to be formed from Genesis Qi.


The white tiger unleashed a deafening roar that contained terrifying oppressive pressure that could shatter one’s Spirit.

Green Genesis Qi surged wildly around Zhou Yuan’s body, turning into multiple azure runes on the center of his eyebrows.


Zhou Yuan shook his body, and the azure runes on the center of his eyebrows flashed rapidly then calmed down. However, he couldn’t help exhaling deeply. The tiger roar was extremely terrifying and specialized in crushing one’s Spirit. If he didn’t have the protection of the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power, he would have most likely been severely wounded even if his Spirit was at the intermediate Transformative stage.

A Nascent Source expert was indeed terrifying.


Cheng Guang snorted coldly when he saw that Zhou Yuan had survived the tiger’s roar attack. With one thought, he sent the white tiger charging out to slaughter Zhou Yuan. 

Even space itself shattered like a mirror.

Zhou Yuan rapidly drew back, his face growing serious as he swiftly folded his hands into a seal.


A loud clap of thunder echoed throughout the skies.

“Lightning Prison Art!”

As Zhou Yuan lifted his hand into the air, countless bolts of lightning appeared out of thin air, twisting around each other to form an incomparably huge lightning prison. Then, extremely violent lightning flashed, followed by shattering claps of thunder.

It was the Lightning Prison Art, one of the seven Cangxuan arts!

During his closed-door cultivation, Zhou Yuan had also practiced the seven Cangxuan arts, but he still hadn’t made much progress in merging them.

The lightning prison enveloped the white tiger, but the countless thunderbolts didn’t seem to have much effect on the tiger’s body.

“You really have no shame to present just a Heaven Genesis Technique,” Cheng Guang said contemptuously. Judging from the lightning prison’s movements, it obviously hadn’t reached the level of a little Saint art.

 Zhou Yuan was indifferent to Cheng Guang’s ridicule and simply smiled. “What’s the hurry?”

His right hand suddenly stopped forming seals.

Little Saint Art, Yin Yang Lightning Rune! Zhou Yuan muttered in his heart.


Space cracked, and black-and-white lightning entwined like a black-and-white dragon. It swooped down with earth-shaking power, shattering space.

Countless lightning bolts gathered around the black-and-white dragon’s body as the dragon sped into the lightning prison. In such an environment, the dragon’s power soared once again! 

Cheng Guang’s face paled. He finally understood that Zhou Yuan’s Lightning Prison Art wasn’t to wound them but to create a more perfect environment for the coming little Saint Art! 

The Yin Yang Lightning Rune’s power was evidently rocketing inside the lightning prison.

That boy is really cunning!


Without waiting to see how Cheng Guang would react, the black-and-white lightning dragon collided with the giant white tiger amidst countless dragon roars, bringing with it extremely ferocious lightning bolts. 

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