Chapter 1024 Beat Him


The expression of the retreating gray-robed Nascent Source expert changed drastically when the terrifying Genesis Qi undulation erupted from the suppression Genesis Rune boundary. However, his fearful gaze was still fixed onto the black-robed figure from which a Law Domain was slowly spreading.

Although the Heavenly Fire Tree King was a mystical creature, all it had was Genesis Qi and was incapable of turning its power into proper fighting strength. Hence, even a few Nascent Source experts would be able to trap it.

The mysterious Law Domain expert was the most terrifying existence here!

All of them would die once the Law Domain reached them!

However, the gray-robed Nascent Source expert was also somewhat bewildered. He realized that the Law Domain around the black-robed figure suddenly stopped when it extended to a radius of two and a half feet, seemingly no longer able to grow.

“What’s going on?” The Nascent Source expert’s expression rapidly fluctuated.

Doubt soon rose in his eyes. His senses told him that the Genesis Qi undulations given off by the black-robed figure were only at the Heavenly Sun level. Furthermore, the five-foot Law Domain did not give him the same fear he felt when facing a true Law Domain even though it felt similar to one.

Moreover, the black-robed figure showed no indication of chasing them after forcing them off the platforms.

The gray-robed Nascent Source expert’s eyes flickered in thought. Soon after, he fiercely gritted his teeth. Genesis Qi surged forth with a wave of his sleeve, turning into a roaring glowing tiger. It leaped through the air as its shadow swiftly enveloped the black-robed figure.

The Nascent Source expert and the numerous Heavenly Sun experts were stupefied to see the black-robed figure immediately turn tail and run.

The gray-robed Nascent Source expert was momentarily stunned before his expression abruptly turned steely green with anger.

How could he not understand by now that he had been tricked!

This was no Law Domain expert!

The intruder was a mere Heavenly Sun practitioner, and he had been putting up a bluff to scare them out of the boundary core zone, allowing the Heavenly Fire Tree King to escape!

The gray-robed Nascent Source expert’s face twisted in rage as he roared, his booming voice shaking the surroundings, “Capture him! I will peel his flesh off piece by piece!” 

The Heavenly Sun experts looked at each other as they felt their faces flush red with embarrassment. So many of them had been scared off by a single Heavenly Sun practitioner.


Genesis Qi erupted from their bodies as they charged towards the retreating black-robed figure.

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned a little graver as he cast a glance behind him. His gaze soon shifted towards the center of the chains where the Heavenly Fire Tree King was releasing waves of terrifying power that continuously destroyed the rune-covered chains around it.

However, the Saint Fire aura in the boundary was evidently extremely troublesome to deal with. The waves of energy from the tree king were instantly incinerated the moment they came into contact with the Saint Fire aura.

The Nascent Source expert paid no further attention to Zhou Yuan after realizing his cultivation level. His figure flickered and appeared on a stone platform. Majestic Genesis Qi poured out of his body, powering the breaking boundary to frantically suppress the tree king.

Zhou Yuan could not help but frown deeply when he felt the boundary’s power begin to circulate once more. He had not expected the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s combat power to be so pathetic despite its boundless Genesis Qi.

He had already helped it create an opening in the boundary, and he had even chased the others from the core area. Even after all this, the Heavenly Fire Tree King still appeared to be struggling.

Zhou Yuan transmitted a thought, Elder tree king, hurry up!

The tree king did not respond, but it was clearly redoubling its efforts to break free from the boundary’s suppression.


The numerous Heavenly Sun experts finally caught up. Zhou Yuan did not dare to take them on. His figure swiftly turned into a shadow and disappeared.

“Find him!” yelled the Heavenly Sun experts.

One of the Heavenly Sun experts suddenly retrieved a copper mirror. The mirror rose into the air as dazzling rays exploded from it. Light swept across the area, dispelling the numerous shadows.

Zhou Yuan’s figure was quickly revealed under the light.


The instant he was revealed, a dozen torrents of Genesis Qi descended from the sky with unmatched ferocity.

Zhou Yuan inwardly cursed, and he swiftly jumped back, avoiding the attacks.

However, there were too many powerful enemies. They swarmed towards him, clearly intending to surround him.

Elder tree king, I’ll be leaving if you still can’t come out, Zhou Yuan helplessly said in his heart. Lingering any longer would only reduce his chances of escaping.


As if sensing Zhou Yuan’s thoughts, a torrent of boundless Genesis Qi suddenly swept over just as the Heavenly Sun experts were about to unleash another bombardment, and knocked them away.

Zhou Yuan quickly glanced over. The Heavenly Fire Tree King had blasted the Genesis Qi through the hole in the boundary.

Boom boom!

Blast after blast of Genesis Qi lashed out, forcing back the Heavenly Sun experts.

However, the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s Genesis Qi attacks had really low offensive power. The opponents were merely a bunch of Heavenly Sun experts, yet not a single one had been slain. All the bombardment achieved were a few superficial injuries.


On the central stone platform, an icy light flashed in the gray-robed Nascent Source expert’s eyes. His figure moved, appearing above Zhou Yuan as he threw a punch. Space twisted as a torrent of berserk Genesis Qi roared forth, forcibly shattering a torrent of Genesis Qi from the Heavenly Fire Tree King.

He looked towards Zhou Yuan, whose face was now revealed since the black robe had been destroyed. The Nascent Source expert swept a glance over him before icily chuckling. “I was wondering who it was. It turns out to be the third personal disciple of the Tianyuan Region’s supreme sovereign…”

He had identified Zhou Yuan. After all, Zhou Yuan was no longer an unknown individual.

“Fine, since you’ve come, don’t even think about leaving. Once I capture you, the Tianyuan Region will lose all face!”

Terrifying Genesis Qi rose around the gray-robed Nascent Source expert as he locked onto Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed slightly. He was already preparing to activate the five-foot Law Domain and escape. He was no match for a Nascent Source expert, and lingering any longer would only remove any chance of escaping.


Several blasts of Genesis Qi arrived again, viciously shooting towards the gray-robed Nascent Source expert.

However, the Nascent Source expert merely laughed. A punch blasted through the air as Genesis Qi took the shape of a giant tiger, destroying the incoming attacks.

The gray-robed Nascent Source expert disdainfully said, “A blockhead with only Genesis Qi.”

Zhou Yuan could not help but facepalm. The Heavenly Fire Tree King’s offensive ability was frighteningly weak. Its Genesis Qi seemed to lean more towards the life attribute, possessing numerous miraculous properties while greatly lacking attack power. In addition, its mind had yet to develop fully and could not learn Genesis techniques. Overall, it sorely lacked offensive capabilities.

However, the strength of its Genesis Qi could match even a Law Domain expert, and yet, it was currently being mocked by a Nascent Source expert.

“Gotta go…” Zhou Yuan turned and ran without hesitation.

His goal had already been achieved, after all. Although he had not completely destroyed the boundary, the Genesis Qi transfer should be greatly reduced before it was repaired. In turn, this would substantially alleviate the pressure on the Tianyuan Region army.


However, the moment Zhou Yuan turned around to run, a thick beam of light struck his body.

His body froze for a moment. He was utterly shocked to feel extremely pure Genesis Qi surge into his body, causing his presence to climb.…beat...him…

At the same time, a shaky voice like that of a newborn baby learning to speak sounded in Zhou Yuan’s mind.

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