Chapter 1021 Bottom of the Tower

“So this is their toy…”

Hidden in the shadows, Zhou Yuan observed the giant crystal tower that rose from the ground. It was covered in extremely complex and cryptic Genesis Runes and was clearly created by someone with a terrifying mastery over Genesis Runes.

He did not even get the chance to observe the runes with his Spirit; a single glance of them made him feel a stabbing pain in his Spirit, causing him to hurriedly shift his gaze away.

Light beams continuously shot out from the top of the tower to boost the Great Five Alliance Army.

It seemed to have bottomless power.

Zhou Yuan stared at the crystal tower for a moment but did not advance a step farther. His senses told him that a dozen Transformative Spirit experts were scanning the crystal tower’s surroundings, and there was even an extremely hidden but powerful presence somewhere nearby.

It must be a Nascent Source expert!

The Great Five Alliance had left a Nascent Source expert to guard this place!

From this, one could see just how important this location was to them.

“How troublesome…” Zhou Yuan muttered under his breath as his expression turned grave. The crystal tower’s power should originate from the Heavenly Fire Tree King. To put a stop to this, he needed to save the Heavenly Fire Tree King.

This was obviously no simple feat.

No matter how difficult it was, Zhou Yuan had to try. After all, he could not idly sit by and watch the Tianyuan Region be defeated at the Chiyun Prefecture battlefront because their defeat would surely impact the overall situation and further reduce his slim hope of obtaining the Ancestral Dragon Lantern.


Zhou Yuan breathed out deeply and said in a low voice, “Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune.”


A five-foot Law Domain swiftly expanded from Zhou Yuan.

The Law Domain was formless, but Zhou Yuan was still able to sense its existence. Within it, he felt a god-like sense of power over the domain. However, he understood that it was merely a misconception. The half-foot Law Domain’s power originated from the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, and he did not have much control of it. Truthfully speaking, despite its tiny size, a Law Domain was not something Zhou Yuan could touch with his current strength.

Hence, he was not invincible in the five-foot Law Domain. But with the right timing, it could be a powerful trump card.

Take this moment for example. With the five-foot Law Domain enveloping him and with the Celestial Shadow Art, he was likely to escape the detection of even a Nascent Source expert even while moving in front of one. Of course, these were precisely the reasons why Zhou Yuan had dared to take on this risky operation.

Zhou Yuan’s figure moved, disappearing into the shadows once more. He swiftly leaped between the shadows as he rapidly approached the crystal tower.

As he neared, Zhou Yuan felt several Spirits carefully scanning the area. However, there was no response when they swept over Zhou Yuan’s body. Amidst the Law Domain, he had essentially fused with the land.

Zhou Yuan stomped his foot at a certain distance from the crystal tower, and his figure turned into a faint black blur as he burrowed into the ground like a black snake.

His Law Domain reached out in the ground, causing the soil to seemingly separate on its own as Zhou Yuan quickly advanced towards the crystal tower.

From what he could tell, the crystal tower’s power likely originated from deep in the ground.

His advance continued for several dozen breaths.

The soil before Zhou Yuan’s eyes parted, and the enormous bottom of the tower appeared within his sights. Innumerable giant chains reached out from its middle, each covered in ancient Genesis Runes. At the center where all the chains converged, Zhou Yuan saw a giant ball of light.

He could barely make out what seemed to be flames within the light, and amidst the flames was the silhouette of a giant tree that gave off an ancient and boundless aura.

Endless Genesis Qi was being extracted from the light ball and sent out through the chains.

The extracted Genesis Qi was extremely pure and filled with life energy. It felt very similar to the light beams that were connected to the backs of the powerful experts from the Five Alliance Army.

“Is this the Heavenly Fire Tree King?”

Zhou Yuan’s heart shook a little. The Heavenly Fire Tree King was indeed an extraordinary existence. He had heard that it was a mystical creature of nature that was born from heavenly fire. It had a very long lifespan, and if one were to purely compare based on Genesis Qi, it would likely match Law Domain experts.

Unfortunately, it was very difficult for such a creature to develop its own consciousness. As a result, it was unable to properly utilize its true power.

However, it was very adept at avoiding danger and seeking fortune. Even grand elder Mu Ni had failed to find it despite personally searching the entire forest. Who knew how the Great Five Alliance had managed to capture it?

Zhou Yuan sighed before looking above the countless chains. Many stone platforms floated in the air, each occupied by a seated figure. From their Genesis Qi undulations, they were all Heavenly Sun experts.

A gray-robed elder sat on the platform at the very center. It was a Nascent Source expert!

The security here was very tight.

Evidently, the Great Five Alliance had invested an unimaginable force into the Chiyun Prefecture battlefront. It was very likely that they had already been eyeing the Heavenly Fire Tree King from the very beginning, and it had been the reason why they had made this place a battlefield.

However, no one on the Tianyuan Region side had realized this. Perhaps, it was because even grand elder Mu Ni had failed to find the Heavenly Fire Tree King years ago that they hadn’t thought of it. Hence, everyone believed that it would also be impossible for the Great Five Alliance’s Law Domain experts.

But they had found it.

Moreover, they had even discovered the method to utilize the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power...

In the shadows, Zhou Yuan’s gaze flickered in thought. He, too, did not believe the Great Five Alliance had such capabilities. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu might be behind this. Only someone like him had the power to locate the Heavenly Fire Tree King.

“That old bastard!”

Zhou Yuan hatefully gnashed his teeth. All of his plans should have succeeded, but they had been foiled by supreme sovereign Wan Zu just as he was about to collect the rewards.

However, Zhou Yuan understood that he was just an ant in the eyes of such an existence, and there was no use no matter how angry he grew. Hence, he needed to focus on resolving the problem before him.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the defenses on the stone platforms. He was not worried about them. With his five-foot Law Domain and the Celestial Shadow Art, they would be unable to detect him even if he moved about right under their eyes.

However, how could he take away the Heavenly Fire Tree King?

Zhou Yuan was silent for a brief moment. Soon after, he turned into a shadow and stealthily flew through the air. He latched onto one of the chains and traveled through its shadow, swiftly approaching the ball of light.

In a short moment, he arrived at the source.

However, Zhou Yuan did not dare to advance any farther. At the end of the chain, he could sense several exceedingly powerful Genesis Runes. These runes possessed a unique power...Saint Fire!

The same Saint Fire that only a Sant expert could create!

Zhou Yuan had felt it from patriarch Cang Xuan before.

Saint Fire could burn even the Law Domain.

So it is supreme sovereign Wan Zu! Zhou Yuan cursed in his heart. The Great Five Alliance had no Saint expert after all.

Worry rose within him. Although there was only a tiny remnant trace of the Saint Fire, his five-foot Law Domain might be revealed if he approached.

What should I do?

Retreat? Definitely not!

While such thoughts were swirling in Zhou Yuan’s head, he suddenly felt a vague, foreign mind reach out towards him.

Had he been discovered?

Zhou Yuan’s heart shivered. The Law Domain stirred as he began to withdraw.

However, just as his body was about to move, his eyes suddenly flashed as they flooded with amazement.

He had realized that the mind was sending out a message—a cry for help.

The source of this message...

Zhou Yuan looked towards the end of the chain. It was clearly the trapped Heavenly Fire Tree King!

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