Chapter 1020 Sneaking In

A terrifying storm of Genesis Qi devastated the area.

An enormous battlefield stretched across the sky. Berserk Genesis Qi erupted from nearly every corner, blood saturating the air as the desperate fighting continued.

The endless sea of trees was flattened, the ground was ripped open, and the countless mountains smashed to pieces.

While the fighting spread like wildfire, a shadow appeared outside the Genesis Rune boundary of the alliance army camp.

Hidden in the shadow, Zhou Yuan swept his gaze across the enormous boundary. The boundless Genesis Qi that flowed within secretly astonished even someone like him. This boundary was very high tier and possessed impressive power. If not, it would not be to protect the enemy headquarters.

Before such a boundary, even all of his initial Heavenly Sun stage strength would not be able to leave a dent.

However, if force didn’t work, he could always use finesse.

“Decoder Saint Rune!”

An ancient Saint Rune appeared from deep within Zhou Yuan’s eyes and began to rotate slowly.

The Decoder Saint Rune was the first Saint Rune Zhou Yuan had obtained. Although it did not directly boost his combat capabilities, it gave him the ability to find numerous weaknesses, and it was the best tool to use against a Genesis Rune boundary.

A Genesis Rune boundary was formed from countless connected Genesis Runes, and every link would have an almost impossible to detect imperfection or weakness. Such weaknesses were extremely faint and required an extremely powerful Spirit and a deep understanding of Genesis Runes to find with Spirit senses alone.

The Decoder Saint Rune could find these weaknesses.

When Zhou Yuan activated the Decoder Saint Rune, the Genesis Rune boundary before his eyes began to change. It was no longer a Genesis Qi barrier but countless complex circulating Genesis Runes.

Even with the Decoder Saint Rune’s help, the scale of the boundary and the innumerable flowing runes made him feel a piercing pain from his glabella. However, he forcibly suppressed the pain. 

The Saint Rune continued to rotate in his eyes as it began to identify the tiny weaknesses at an astonishing speed.

In the blink of an eye, half an incense stick of time passed.

Two lines of blood flowed down the corners of Zhou Yuan’s eyes, making him look rather terrifying.


His wide-open eyes finally began to close slowly.

Zhou Yuan wiped away the blood as the corners of his lips curled slightly. “The Decoder Saint Rune is amazing as usual.”

Even a Nascent Source expert would find it difficult to break open such a boundary within a short period, but with the Decoder Saint Rune, he had found an opening.

With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared. The brush tip drew on the air, creating hundreds of Genesis Runes in a short span of a few breaths. The runes noiselessly fused into the boundary.

These runes could not destroy the boundary, but they were akin to a virus. After merging into the boundary, they swiftly rendered a small area ineffective.

After a few breaths, a long and narrow crack appeared in the boundary.

A faint smile emerged on Zhou Yuan’s face, and he cast one final glance at the battlefield before casting away all hesitation. He turned into a shadow as he dashed through the crack.

After Zhou Yuan disappeared, the crack slowly resealed.

Several hundred Genesis Rune experts were seated at a certain location in the camp. They were the ones overseeing the boundary. One of them suddenly looked towards a certain spot on the glowing crystal ball before him and frowned. He had sensed a slight disturbance.

However, the disturbance was far too faint. Hence, he hesitated only for a moment before shifting his gaze away.



High up in the sky, Qin Lian swung her fire sparrow broadsword. The blade danced in the air as the cry of a sparrow rang out across the horizon. Torrential scarlet light radiated as she fought with the Wang brothers and Ji Hu.

The enemy trio ruthlessly attacked, thunder booming each time their Genesis Qi collided.

There was a fierce look on Qin Lian’s face. She did not back down even when facing three opponents, and her blazing and unyielding blade qi somewhat flustered the enemy trio.

After half an incense stick of time, they had already exchanged over a hundred rounds.

As time passed, Qin Lian’s brows involuntarily furrowed. She had realized that the enemy trio seemed to have an endless amount of Genesis Qi. Moreover, the injuries she occasionally inflicted on them would swiftly recover.

“Is it because of those light beams?” Qin Lian glanced at the light beams connected to the trio’s bodies. They appeared to ignore the laws of space. She had tried to cut them earlier, but her efforts had borne no fruit.

The trio’s increased ferocity was likely due to the mysterious light beam.


Qin Lian gritted her teeth. If things were already looking so bad for her, the other Heavenly Sun experts would likely be under even more pressure. They were definitely going to suffer painful losses.

This battle was unexpectedly desperate. Moreover, who knew how bad things were for elder Yi Yan and the others?

Qin Lian swept a glance at the sky above them where a storm of terrifying Genesis Qi was wreaking destruction. The outcome of the Nascent Source experts’ battle was more crucial than hers...

Previously, elder Yi Yan had always had the upper hand against Xu Mou, who was slightly weaker, but victory was no longer certain with the mysterious light beam’s power.

If they were defeated, it might result in a clash between the Law Domain experts. Like the butterfly effect, the outcome of this battle might affect the entire war.

“There is only one thing I can do now—fight to the death!”

A resolute look flashed in Qin Lian’s eyes. She tightly grasped the handle of her blade as her long ponytail, hanging all the way to her feet, abruptly burst apart and fell around her like a waterfall.

Fiery-red Genesis Qi rose around her, dying her black hair fire-red.

“AHH!” Qin Lian howled at the heavens. She seemed to transform into a fire sparrow, the blade in her hand stirring restlessly as it tore through the air. With a frightening might, it ruthlessly slashed towards the enemy trio.

Even men like the Wang brothers and Ji Hu could not help but feel fear rise up from their feet. However, they were no ordinary individuals, and they soon adjusted their states of mind. They charged forward to meet the attack with ferocious looks in their eyes!

If it were any other day, the three of them would not dare to risk their lives against Qin Lian. However, the boost from the light beam made this the best chance to slay her!

If they killed her, their names would resound throughout the entire Hunyuan Heaven!


As Qin Lian expected, she was not the only one who faced such problems. Mu Youlan and the rest of the advanced Heavenly Sun experts were also in similar situations.

The enemies seemed to be unafraid of death. Not only had they become more powerful, their injuries were also rapidly recovering. If this continued, the situation would only become increasingly dire.

If one looked down from above, one would see the entire Tianyuan Region army being pushed back.

Several immeasurable presences were stationed at an elevation so high that ordinary people would likely never see in their lives. The Law Domain experts on both sides were observing the battle.

One of the presences on the Tianyuan Region side stirred a little but ultimately restrained itself. However, one could faintly feel a sense of anxiousness and anger.


While both sides’ experts continued to clash in battle, a figure appeared within the shadow of a tent deep inside the alliance camp.

Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked at the mysterious crystal tower.

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