Chapter 1019 Crystal Tower

Blasts of astonishing Genesis Qi erupted one after another. Genesis Qi clouds rapidly appeared in the sky as strong winds and Genesis Qi pressure devastated the surroundings.

The Tianyuan Region army gazed and watched this scene in shock. They could likewise feel the figures connected to the alliance light beams steadily grow stronger.

Yi Yan’s expression was rather gloomy. They had obtained the information a little too late. The alliance could already utilize some of the Heavenly Fire Tree Kings’ power.

Xu Mou and the other enemy Nascent Source experts were originally at a disadvantage against the Tianyuan Region Nascent Source experts, and they had repeatedly avoided battles as a result. However, with the Heavenly Fire Tree King's support, a close and intense fight would likely await the two forces when they clashed.


Yi Yan breathed out deeply as killing intent arose in his eyes. No matter how bitter it would be, the battle that day would be unavoidable. The more they delayed, the greater the power Xu Mou and the others could utilize. In turn, the Tianyuan Region army would only become more and more disadvantaged unless they voluntarily abandoned the Chiyun Prefecture battlefront. However, that was impossible.

Yi Yan raised his head and glanced at the sky. Such a big disturbance had likely drawn the gazes of the Law Domain experts on both sides.

However, the Law Domain experts needed to guard against each other, and were waiting for the right opportunity to take action. At their level, victory hinged upon who revealed an opening first, because once an opening appeared, an earth-shattering assault would surely follow.

Hence, they needed to stabilize the situation here without their help!

“Hear my command: we’re going all out to destroy that crystal tower!” Yi Yan’s voice thundered across the area.


He immediately shot forth, leading the charge. With a deep breath, the surrounding Genesis Qi surged into his body through his nose, causing his originally thin body to swell.


He opened his mouth and blew!


An endless barrage of shooting stars shot out like the herald of armageddon as they viciously bombarded the alliance army.

Every shooting star contained extremely terrifying Genesis Qi, the dreadful power smashing apart even the space along its path.

Hidden in the shadows, Zhou Yuan could not help but wet his lips at this scene. This was the power of the Nascent Source stage. A single breath could take on a thousand transformations and destroy the land.

It was a certain pinnacle of Genesis Qi manipulation.

Even having stepped into the Heavenly Sun stage, Zhou Yuan understood that he was still unable to manipulate his Genesis Qi to such perfection. At the end of the day, his comprehension of Genesis Qi was insufficient.

“Hehe, Yi Yan, don’t even think about it this time!” In the face of Yi Yan’s frightening attack, the yellow-robed elder, Xu Mou, merely chuckled. He held his sleeves before him as yellow wind suddenly filled the area. Several giant ancient trees instantly turned to dust, as if all their life force had been stripped away.

Domineering and vicious to the extreme.


Two terrifying forces clashed in the sky. The heavens seemed to explode as the entire place shook.

While Yi Yan and Xu Mou were exchanging blows, the other Nascent Source experts also dashed into the sky. Their battlefield had to be high up in the sky because, even though the Heavenly Sun experts might be able to withstand the wayward blasts of their battle, the Divine Dwelling experts would suffer grave losses.

As the Nascent Source experts began their fight, Qin Lian took over the commander position and shouted, “Attack!”

She dashed forward, leading the charge.

A huge group of advanced Heavenly Sun experts followed behind her. Genesis Qi spouted from their bodies as faint Genesis Qi suns rose behind them. Most of these Genesis Qi suns gave off snow-silver light while a few shone purple-gold. As for glass light, it was even rarer, and nearly none could be found.

Even so, their imposing presence still shook the land.

“Hehe, Qin Lian, we brothers shall accompany you.”

The space in front of Qin Lian suddenly rippled as two figures appeared, stopping her in her tracks. These two smiling individuals looked exactly alike. One wore a blue earring on the right ear, whereas a deep-yellow earring hung from the other’s left ear. They were likewise connected to the mysterious light beam, and frightening Genesis Qi was pulsing around their bodies.

Two purple-gold suns emerged.

These two individuals were evidently the Wang brothers, Wang Qinhai and Wan Haiyuan, who had recently been wreaking havoc on the Chiyun battlefront.

Qin Lian coldly gazed at the two and said, “Do you think borrowing that thing’s power gives you the qualifications to fight me? Were you not satisfied by the taste of my blade previously?”

The Wang brothers’ expressions changed slightly as they involuntarily glanced down towards their chests. They had nearly been chopped in half by Qin Lian previously, and they were thus very wary of this famous individual who was ranked sixth on the Heavenly Sun List.

“If they’re not enough, how about when I’m added?” Laughter rang out. Space rippled behind the Wang brothers as another figure appeared.

It was a man in scarlet robes, wielding a magma-like sword. Astonishing sword qi and heat pulsed from his body.

At the sight of him, Qin Lian knitted her brows together and slowly said, “Ji Hu of the Crimson Cloud are you here?”

Ji Hu was no unknown individual, and he was ranked around the forties on the Heavenly Sun List. Normally speaking, Qin Lian would naturally be unafraid of him, but there was also a mysterious light beam linking to Ji Hu, boosting his power.

In the face of this trio, even Qin Lian narrowed her eyes slightly.

It seemed the enemy was very intent on killing her.

More importantly, Ji Hu should have been at the southern battlefront, which was under Bai Yu's command. What the hell was Bai Yu doing? Can’t believe he let someone like Ji Hu slip away and come here...

However, Qin Lian displayed no fear in the face of this powerful line-up. Instead, excitement and blood-lust flashed in her fierce eyes. With a grasp of her hand, a long dark-red blade appeared.

Scarlet sparrows danced along the blade as a wave of heat surged from it.

“I hope that the three of you will be able to endure my slashes!”

The corners of Qin Lian's lips rose in an icy arc. Her figure shot forward as a ten-thousand-foot-long scarlet blade light swept forth like a fiery cloud, enveloping the enemy trio.


Even with the power boost from the Heavenly Fire Tree King, the Wang brothers and Ji Hu did not dare to be negligent. They circulated their full power and charged forward to meet her head-on.

In another location, Mu Youlan’s figure appeared atop a giant tree. When she saw Qin Lian being ganged up on, she suddenly grasped her hand. A long vine whip appeared as the space behind her rippled, revealing a Genesis Qi sun.

However, just as she was about to come to Qin Lian’s aid, her expression suddenly changed, and she jerked her gaze toward a certain tree in front of her.

A figure slowly rose from the top of the tree.

It was a man with oily-green hair. He smiled charmingly as he stared at Mu Youlan.

“The Venomous Dragon Palace’s Xiao Chongzi?” Mu Youlan’s expression sank a little. Although this individual was ranked lower than her on the Heavenly Sun List, he should not be underestimated. A mysterious light beam was also connected to his back, causing his Genesis Qi undulations to rise rapidly.

This person should be at the southern battlefront. Why was he here at the Chiyun battlefront?

What the hell was that bastard Bai Yu doing? Two heavyweights are gone from the battlefront he is in charge of, and he doesn’t even know? He was basically a sieve!

Mu Youlan took a deep breath and swung her green vine whip. Countless sharp needles burst out from the surrounding trees, forming a cage as they enveloped Xiao Chongzi.

“Hehe…” Xiao Chongzi laughed. With a wave of his sleeve, his hand turned into a sinister ugly green worm. It bared its fangs and roared, spitting out a waterfall of poison that melted away the wooden needles.

Their gazes clashed as killing intent surged.

The two individuals shot forward, colliding in the air. Trees began to fall around them, the aftershocks from their battle flattening the surrounding area.

Meanwhile, the advanced Heavenly Sun experts from both sides also clashed in battle.

The entire sky seemed to crumble as the earth was torn open. Flood-like blasts of terrifying Genesis Qi wreaked havoc in the surroundings as the sounds of battle filled the horizon.

Experts from both sides fell from time to time.

The pungent stench of blood saturated the air.

Zhou Yuan watched on with a grave expression. Only after personally witnessing the savagery of battle did he truly understand the cruelty of war. In this meat-grinder-like battlefield, even the usually high and mighty Heavenly Sun experts could die at any moment.

The mysterious light beams behind the alliance army experts were far too eye-catching.

These light beams were the game-changer that resulted in heavy losses for the Tianyuan Region side.

Zhou Yuan frowned deeply as he shot a glance at the sky. Although he could not sense the Law Domain experts, he had a feeling that all of them were watching the battlefield.

If the situation deteriorated too much, the Law Domain experts on both sides would no longer stay passive.

Zhou Yuan naturally did not wish for the Law Domain experts on their side to lose their patience first, because it might put his senior sister Chi Jing in danger.

Hence, he turned his gaze toward the mysterious crystal tower deep within the alliance army camp.

He knew that he had to do something.

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