Chapter 1018 Trouble

At a certain location in the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest.

Zhou Yuan’s figure was hidden within a shadow. He looked through the foliage and saw a defensive line that stretched to the ends of his sight. Teams consisting of Heavenly Sun experts constantly patrolled the area. This place was very close to the Great Five Alliance Chiyun Prefecture headquarters.

He could even faintly sense several powerful and concealed presences deep inside.

They were likely enemy Nascent Source experts.

However, Zhou Yuan was not worried. He had the Celestial Shadow Art, a high-level concealment technique, and most importantly, the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune. The five-foot Law Domain could fully hide his presence, and even Nascent Source experts would be hard-pressed to discover any traces of him.

The only problem would be if a Law Domain expert was present.

However, this was very unlikely because the enemy Law Domain experts were being closely watched by his senior sister Chi Jing and the others.

These various reasons were why he had dared to delve into enemy territory alone.

His aim was to confirm the truth of Cao Xiao’s words. Although Cao Xiao had revealed information regarding the Heavenly Fire Tree King to him, it might be a ruse to send Zhou Yuan to his death. However, Cao Xiao sorely underestimated Zhou Yuan if he believed it would work.

“Qin Lian and the others should attack soon…”

Zhou Yuan cast a glance behind him. He could see huge batches of teams from the alliance miserably fleeing in his direction. This had already gone on for an entire day, and it was evidently a result of the intense battle that had erupted at the front lines.

Qin Lian and the others had likely received the news. Regardless of its validity, they intended to launch an all-out attack to probe for more information. If the opportunity presented itself, they would naturally be more than happy to uproot the alliance’s entire headquarters in the Chiyun Prefecture.

“From how fast the enemy’s front lines are crumbling, it should not be long before the Tianyuan Region pushes to this location.”

A look of thought emerged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. When that time came, an earth-shaking battle would be unavoidable.

It would be a battle that would likely decide the fate of the Chiyun Prefecture battlefront.

Zhou Yuan wet his lips. The war here had been going on for several months, and such a big event appeared just after his arrival. Who could say whether his luck was good or bad?

“I’ll wait for the army to reach this location…”

Zhou Yuan was not reckless enough to sneak in at such a time. He needed to wait for the army to draw away enough attention first. After all, he could not ignore the enemy Nascent Source experts even though he had some trump cards to protect himself.

As these thoughts flashed across in his head, Zhou Yuan melded even more perfectly into the shadows.

The wait lasted for three days.

Over these three days, enemy teams from the front lines were continuously defeated and forced to withdraw. However, Zhou Yuan discovered that there was no hint of panic in the alliance headquarters even after they received so many of their defeated comrades. Instead, they were tightening security.

This made him sigh deeply. No wonder the Great Five Alliance Army could compete with the Tianyuan Region...they were not to be underestimated.

When he was sighing, Zhou Yuan’s expression suddenly changed, and he raised his head and peered into the distant sky. Space suddenly rippled before the piercing sound of rushing wind rang out. Countless streaks of light shot across the sky, charging toward this area with unstoppable momentum.

They numbered in the tens of thousands, while an even bigger Divine Dwelling army followed behind them.

As expected, Yi Yan, Qin Lian and the others had gathered all the forces in the Chiyun Prefecture in an attempt to destroy the Great Five Alliance Army’s roots.

The true battle was about to begin. The atmosphere had become so heavy that it was nearly impossible to breathe.

With the arrival of the great Tianyuan Region army, countless Genesis Runes emerged from the alliance headquarters and began to weave together in the air, creating a protective boundary. Within the boundary, one could see countless figures arriving to face the incoming force.

Yi Yan stood at the very front of the Tianyuan Region army. Behind him stood six figures giving off deep and powerful Genesis Qi undulations.

They were the other six Nascent Source experts assigned to the Chiyun Prefecture battlefront.

A little farther behind them were the numerous Heavenly Sun experts with Qin Lian at their head.

Yi Yan stood in the air. His usually kind and gentle eyes had been replaced by a ferocious look as he cast his gaze toward the giant camp. Killing intent rose in the air around him.

“Hehe, elder Yi Yan, why have you guys come here so menacingly? Are you planning on forcing a decisive battle onto us?” Loud laughter sounded from the alliance army camp. Space rippled as eight figures walked out. From their Genesis Qi undulations, they were clearly experts that had stepped into the Nascent Source stage!

The speaker was an elder in yellow robes standing at the front of the group.

Yi Yan gazed indifferently at the yellow-robed elder and said, “Old devil Xu Mou, I heard you guys found the Heavenly Fire Tree King.”

The yellow-robed elder called Xu Mou chuckled and replied, “Elder Yi’s information network is very efficient.”

He was evidently not surprised that Yi Yan had found out since he had no intention of hiding this matter.

When Xu Mou did not deny it, Yi Yan’s heart sank a little. To think that the alliance army had really found the Heavenly Fire Tree King...that was something that even grand elder Mu Ni had failed to achieve.

Such a mythical existence would bring about tremendous benefits in the right hands. This was why they had not hesitated to mobilize the entire army the moment they caught wind of the news. Once it was confirmed, they would need to start the battle immediately.

If they delayed too long, the other side would be able to bring out enough of the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power to put them at an absolute disadvantage.

Rather than wait till the other side had enough power to steamroll over them, it would be better to take a chance now and snatch away the Heavenly Fire Tree King.

Yi Yan asked with a dark expression, “How did you guys find the Heavenly Fire Tree King? I highly doubt that the Law Domain experts of your five factions are that capable.”

Xu Mou leisurely answered, “There’s no need for you to worry about such matters.”

As Xu Mou looked toward the Tianyuan Region army behind Yi Yan, his smile turned a little strange. “But elder Yi Yan, you still dared to attack with your full force despite clearly knowing about the Heavenly Fire Tree King. Aren’t you afraid of sending yourselves into a trap?”

“If you guys were really able to utilize the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power, you guys should be the ones attacking.” Yi Yan sneered.

Although Yi Yan did not have a deep understanding of the Heavenly Fire Tree King, he had once heard grand elder Mu Ni say that it was a mythical natural existence that absorbed Genesis Qi to grow. It possessed tremendous power but did not have a complete consciousness. It could only act on instinct to avoid danger and seek fortune.

Without a special method, it would be difficult to use the Heavenly Fire Tree King’s power even if one obtained it.

Xu Mou was slightly taken aback. Soon after, he laughed and said, “Hehe, elder Yi Yan is so discerning. You’re right. The Heavenly Fire Tree King is extremely troublesome, making it very difficult to utilize all of its power. After researching for so many days, we’ve only managed to obtain a small portion...

“But I believe that this small portion should give you guys a big surprise.

“Haha, we originally intended to let you guys have a taste after refining it for a few more days, but since you’re in such a rush to die, we will naturally oblige…”

Xu Mou raised his hand.


A rumble sounded from the camp as a tower broke out from the ground and swiftly rose into the sky. The tower looked as if it were made from crystal, and countless cryptic runes had been carved into it.

Amidst countless bewildered gazes, the runes on the crystal tower suddenly flickered then shot out numerous beams of light.

However, the beams of light did not shoot toward the Tianyuan Region army but instead shone on the bodies of Xu Mou, the other Nascent Source experts and the numerous Heavenly Sun experts.


Yi Yan’s expression sank as he felt the Genesis Qi in their bodies begin to rise.

Xu Mou had never beaten Yi Yan. However, Yi Yan could now feel a dangerous sensation from Xu Mou’s body.

In the shadows nearby, Zhou Yuan sighed as he watched. He knew that the situation was going to become rather troublesome...

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