Chapter 1016 Crucial Information

Three days later, at a certain location in the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest.

Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others were standing on the branches of a giant tree, everyone craning their necks to peer into the distance. Two columns of berserk Genesis Qi were rising like smoke as wave after wave of Genesis Qi tore apart the ground and toppled the giant trees.

Such destructive power was extremely astonishing.

It was the battle between Zhou Yuan and the second target, Cao Xiao.

It had taken them three days of searching in the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest to confirm Cao Xiao’s location.

However, in contrast to the apprehension they felt the first time, Yi Qiushui and the others had rather relaxed expressions this time. After all, they already understood how abnormally strong Zhou Yuan was after witnessing the terrifying sight of him blasting Zhang Zihao to smithereens.

Although Cao Xiao had not been slain in a single punch this time, they could tell that Zhou Yuan had the absolute advantage in the fight.

“He’s really far too frightening…” Mu Liu sighed as he watched.

By the side, Han Yuan nodded in understanding. The thing that terrified him the most was the rate of Zhou Yuan's progress. He could still recall how he, Lu Xiao and the others did not give Zhou Yuan a second glance when he arrived at the four pavilions. Who could have imagined that the very person all of them had looked down on would ultimately lead the four pavilions to become the champion of the nine regions tournament?

This achievement alone had fully won them over.

Han Yuan gloated, “The Tianyuan Region’s Heavenly Sun stage will likely share our experience soon.”

How could they not understand the current attitudes of the Tianyuan Region’s Heavenly Sun stage practitioners? They were obviously envious and skeptical. Unfortunately for them, all of their doubts would ultimately come back as a painful slap to their faces.

Yi Qiushui earnestly declared, “Since supreme sovereign Cang Yuan chose Zhou Yuan, it naturally speaks of how unparalleled he is.” 

Envy had clouded the eyes of the numerous Tianyuan Region Heavenly Sun stage experts, making them blind to certain things. They should consider this: had anyone from the Tianyuan Region ever became the champion of the nine regions tournament since the Tianyuan Region’s establishment? Although Zhou Yuan had just stepped into the Heavenly Sun stage and would be on the weaker end when facing the more experienced Heavenly Sun stage experts, he would definitely leave them far behind in the dust if given some time.

The others nodded. They rather looked forward to the arrival of that day.


While they were conversing, an astonishing blast of Genesis Qi erupted from the faraway battlefield.


A miserable-looking figure was flung backward, accompanied by a sonic boom as he smashed into the ground. His body bounced across the earth like a ball, leaving deep holes with each impact.

The figure finally came to a stop, revealing itself to be a bloody body whose chest was caved in. Who else could it be but Cao Xiao, who was now practically on the edge of death?

Genesis Qi weakly fluttered around him as fear flooded his face.

Zhou Yuan's battle power had terrified him, and he could not understand how Zhou Yuan could be so strong.


Zhou Yuan’s figure appeared in front of Cao Xiao. His eyes were filled with cold indifference as he slowly lifted the mottled black brush in his hand. Light seemed to flow along the brush’s sharp tip as the space around it shuddered.

Cao Xiao was frightened out of his wits, and he begged in a trembling voice, “D-d-don't kill me!”

In the face of death, he no longer had any trace of a Heavenly Sun expert’s dignity.

Zhou Yuan was unmoved. This was war. Those that died at Cao Xiao’s hands might have once begged like this, but he had obviously shown no mercy. 


There was no hesitation as he thrust the Heavenly Yuan Brush toward Cao Xiao’s head with killing intent.

Cao Xiao’s soul nearly left his body as he shrieked, “Don’t kill me! I know a huge secret!”

The sharp brush tip stopped half an inch before Cao Xiao’s glabella, though the accompanying force left a small bloody hole between his brows. A little bit more and Cao Xiao’s Spirit would have been destroyed.

Zhou Yuan coldly said, “You only have one chance.”

Under Zhou Yuan’s emotionless eyes, Cao Xiao swallowed and said, “We found the Heavenly Fire Tree King in the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest and are currently refining as much Tree King Divine Essence as we can. Once we have enough, a Genesis Rune Boundary will be used as a medium to spread its power to all our Heavenly Sun stage experts on the battlefield, temporarily boosting their strength. When that happens, the alliance army will conduct a full-force assault on the Chiyun Prefecture battle line.”

Zhou Yuan’s originally expressionless face slowly turned grave.

Yi Qiushui and the others heard him as well, and their expressions likewise changed.

Yi Qiushui blurted out in disbelief, “You guys have found the Heavenly Fire Tree King?”

Mu Liu also cried out, “Impossible! The Heavenly Fire Tree King is a mystical existence that birthed the entire Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest. Lady Mu Ni once personally probed the forest but failed to discover any trace of it. How could you guys have found it?”

Cao Xiao said, “How would I know? All I know is that they have definitely found the Heavenly Fire Tree King!”

Everyone looked at each other, seeing the horror in each other’s eyes. If Cao Xiao was telling the truth, the opposing army was brewing an earth-shaking plan. Once they succeeded, the entire Chiyun Prefecture would fall into their hands.

Everyone turned their gazes toward Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes faintly flickered in thought as he looked towards Cao Xiao. “You should have the location of the Heavenly Fire Tree King, right?”

Cao Xiao did not beat about the bush. “I’m unaware of the exact location, but I do know that it’s somewhere toward the southwest, deep behind our battle line.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. With a jerk of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, a Genesis Rune was drawn in the air. He cast a glance at Cao Xiao and said, “You should know what to do.”

It was a Spirit sealing rune. As long as Cao Xiao did not resist, it would be able to seal him for some time.

Cao Xiao ultimately gritted his teeth and nodded. He could tell that disagreeing would immediately lead to his death.

Zhou Yuan gently swung the brush tip, sending the rune towards Cao Xiao’s head. The rune swiftly entered the spot between his brows and temporarily sealed his Spirit.

Once his Spirit was sealed, Cao Xiao’s eyes turned white as he powerlessly crumpled to the ground.

Zhou Yuan looked towards Yi Qiushui and the others. “Take him to elder Qin Lian as fast as you can and inform them of this matter."

Yi Qiushui hurriedly said, “What about you? You won’t head there alone, right? The place will definitely be heavily guarded, and there may even be Nascent Source experts present! You need to be careful—he might have revealed this information to lure you into a death-trap.”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Don’t worry. I won’t be so foolish as to clash with them, and I will act appropriately.”

Yi Qiushui and the others hesitated for a moment, but they ultimately nodded. Zhou Yuan should be strong enough to protect himself. Things would not become too disastrous as long as he did not act rashly.

Knowing the severity of the situation, they did not dare to waste any more time and quickly grabbed Cao Xiao and left.

Zhou Yuan watched them leave. Moments later, his gaze shifted towards the southwest as a faint light flickered in his eyes.

“The Heavenly Fire Tree King, huh…”

He had naturally heard of this mystical existence. Did the Law Domain experts of the five top-tier factions really have the capability to find something that even grand elder Mu Ni could not?

A contemplative look arose in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Soon after, his figure turned into a shadow and vanished.

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