Chapter 1015 A Very Strong Zhou Yuan

In the scattered mess of the ancient forest, gaze after gaze dazedly stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure, who was still in his punching posture...

They stared especially hard at the Spirit light fragments that were drifting away in front of him.

It was a sight so beautiful that it sent chills down one’s spin.

The Divine Dwelling stage practitioners from the five top factions slowly returned to their senses and began to realize what the drifting Spirit light fragments were.

The realization made them feel as if they were in an ice house.

“Lord Zhang Zihao was slain by a single punch?”

“How can this be! The lord is at the intermediate purple-gold Heavenly Sun stage, and his Genesis Qi foundation surpasses 600 million stars!”

“Zhou Yuan is only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage!”

“But the lord’s Genesis Qi undulations have vanished…”


These Divine Dwelling stage practitioners were going crazy, their temples beating uncontrollably. This outcome was clearly a great blow to them, and they were unable to accept it for a time.

However, Zhou Yuan did not care whether they could accept it. He gazed at the drifting Spirit light fragments in front of him before retrieving a copper mirror to collect the light fragments.

“Seems very strong…” Zhou Yuan mumbled to himself. His eyes seemed to glow as a smile rose from the corners of his mouth.

He was, of course, not referring to the punch that had insta-killed Zhang Zihao but to himself, or rather his Genesis Qi foundations and his newly evolved Genesis Qi.

Although Zhou Yuan knew that Zhang Zihao was no challenge, he had not expected that a single punch would so utterly destroy his opponent that even his opponent’s Spirit would shatter.

Evidently, Zhou Yuan had underestimated the power of his 720 million Genesis Qi foundation.

In addition, his Genesis Qi had evolved to the grade-8 Heavenly Dragon Qi. Zhou Yuan dared to claim that even in the entire Hunyuan Heaven, only a handful of people would surpass him in Genesis Qi grade.

Grade-8 Genesis Qi was the pinnacle even in the nine regions, and it was not something that ordinary people could cultivate.

Hence, although his Genesis Qi foundation was at the 720 million level, any opponent he encountered with equal foundation but only grade-7 Genesis Qi would be one-sidedly thrashed.

Zhang Zihao’s Genesis Qi foundation and Genesis Qi grade were both inferior to Zhou Yuan’s, and he had even been overconfident. It was only logical that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Breaker punch would smash him to bits.

Looks of horror appeared when the members of the Great Five Alliance saw Zhou Yuan collecting the Spirit light fragments. Having warred with the Tianyuan Region for so long, this was not an unfamiliar sight to them. It was what every hunter did after killing his or her target.

In other words, lord Zhang Zihao had really been killed by Zhou Yuan.

This reality shocked them till their entire bodies turned numb. However, they soon realized the grave danger they were in. They exchanged a glance before abruptly shooting away in different directions, fleeing for their lives.

Since even Zhang Zihao had been killed, staying would be asking to die.

“Stop them,” said Zhou Yuan with cold-blooded eyes.

If these people were allowed to spread the news, he would undoubtedly be surrounded and attacked by the five top factions.


By the time Zhou Yuan’s voice rang out, Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling, Mu Liu, Han Yuan and the others had already moved. Although they were fewer in number, the other party’s morale had already crumbled, and they no longer dared to face any of them.

Zhou Yuan’s figure also disappeared from the spot before appearing in the air.

With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared. Dozens of snow-white brush hairs shot forth, darting through the air like white dragons as they quickly caught up to the Divine Dwelling practitioners and wrapped around their bodies.

Genesis Runes appeared on the hairs and were swiftly imprinted onto the bodies of their targets. They instantly sealed the targets’ Genesis Qi, causing them to tumble to the ground.

With the aid of Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others, all the Divine Dwelling practitioners were captured in a short few dozen breaths. Not a single one was allowed to escape.

Capturing them alive and handing them over to the War Service Hall would also award them some war credits.

Yi Qiushui and the others dealt with the captives before looking towards Zhou Yuan. For a time, the entire place was silent. Zhou Yuan’s ferocity had shaken them substantially.

They were somewhat unable to believe that Zhou Yuan had slaughtered Zhang Yihao, who had a Genesis Qi foundation of 600 million, like a chicken...

If Zhang Yihao were so easy to deal with, he would not have the qualifications to be on the bounty hunter list.

Yi Qiushui could not help but ask, “Zhou Yuan, are you really at the initial Heavenly Sun stage?”

The others anxiously looked over, puzzled looks on their faces.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. The coldness in his eyes faded as he answered, “Do you think I can jump straight to the intermediate stage?”

Yi Qiushui and the others looked at each other. They could assume it to be the benefit from breaking through the limit of the Divine Dwelling stage.

“I already said that I’m not bringing you guys to your deaths.” Zhou Yuan grinned.

Yi Qiushui and the others were still a little amazed as they nodded. They had originally believed that Zhou Yuan’s confidence was due to some kind of trump card Chi Jing had given him. However, it now appeared that it was because his own strength was way too outrageous.

All of them had underestimated a supreme sovereign’s personal disciple.

“I heard that Zhao Mushen has also reached the Heavenly Sun stage and cultivated a glass Heavenly Sun. If you guys meet again, I feel that he won’t be able to withstand even a single move from you.” Mu Liu sighed deeply. The once king of the Divine Dwelling stage had been left far behind Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “Don’t underestimate him.”

Zhou Yuan was honestly still rather wary of Zhao Mushen. He was an extremely tenacious guy, after all. Although Zhou Yuan had interrupted his breakthrough during the nine regions tournament, it had evidently not affected Zhao Mushen much, given he had also later reached the Heavenly Sun stage. From this, one could see just how tenacious Zhao Mushen was.

Moreover, his Taotie blessing was very strange and unpredictable. No one could say for sure that he would not suddenly amaze everyone overnight again and rise among the Heavenly Sun stage experts. Hence, such a rival could not be underestimated.

They might even cross blows again in the future.

“Right, we found fifteen cases of Tree Spirit Essence on them. They likely extracted it from the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest.” Yi Qiushui raised her hand, and a dozen jade cases floated into the air. The cases opened, revealing that they were filled with scarlet-red liquid. Mystical flames seemed to rise within the liquid as the surrounding temperature rose.

Zhou Yuan observed the scarlet-red liquid. He could feel the glass Heavenly Sun in his Divine Dwelling become a little hotter.

“This is some good stuff…” Desire shone in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. This item was a rare treasure for the Heavenly Sun stage and could increase one’s cultivation speed if consumed while training. It could also increase the pure yang qi inside the Heavenly Sun.

Previously, the production of Tree Spirit Essence in the Heavenly Fire Ancient Forest was strictly controlled, and these fifteen cases would have fetched very high prices. Many people must have benefitted from the war that had erupted here.

“Each of you, take one case.” With a flick, Zhou Yuan sent several cases towards Yi Qiushui and the others.

“We also get a share?” Mu Liu, Shang Xiaoling and the others were pleasantly surprised. According to the rules, the battle spoils would usually not reach the hands of Divine Dwelling stage practitioners like them. They would already be very satisfied with some war credits.

However, they understood Zhou Yuan’s character and thus did not dwell on the topic as each member happily kept their portion. They might not be able to utilize the Tree Spirit Essence for the time being, but it would help them a lot once they advanced to the Heavenly Sun stage.

Zhou Yuan waved his sleeve, keeping the remaining cases before instructing two members to take the captives away first.

“The first target has been neutralized. Let’s go. There’s still two more.”

Zhou Yuan grinned as he cast a glance at the messy surroundings. Someone would likely arrive here soon to find out what happened. Hence, they should also move on to their next target.

He shot forth, leading the way.

Behind him, Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling, Mu Liu, Han Yuan and the others excitedly followed with happy expressions.

Compared to the apprehensive mood two hours prior, they were now in high spirits with not the slightest hint of panic.

They had realized that Zhou Yuan was even more reliable than they had imagined!

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