Chapter 1014 One Punch

In a certain place in the ancient forest.

Zhou Yuan's figure appeared atop a giant crimson tree like a shadow, startling Yi Qiushui and the others crouching there. They eventually relaxed their tense bodies when they realized it was Zhou Yuan. 

“You found him?” Zhou Yuan whispered.

Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling nodded seriously. They pushed the layers of crimson leaves to the sides and looked ahead.   

Zhou Yuan followed their gazes to see that a large area of Heavenly Fire Trees had been chopped down to clear an open space. A number of figures were moving back and forth in front of a tent, seeming particularly busy.

The majority were Divine Dwelling experts.

They had chopped down a number of Heavenly Fire Trees in search of Tree Spirit Essence.

“Those bastards are so savage.” Yi Qiushui heartachingly watched the scene. When the Tianyuan Region collected Tree Spirit Essence, they drilled holes into the trees to extract it, but the top five forces disrespectfully and heartlessly destroyed the trees that belonged to the Tianyuan Region.  

Mu Liu whispered, “Zhang Zihao is sitting in the center of the tent. We saw him a moment ago.”

Han Yuan said, “What should we do next? There are dozens of Divine Dwelling experts here, so should we lure some away first to let you find a chance to attack Zhang Zihao?” 

They were evidently very nervous, and their bodies were as tight as springs. However, it was understandable. Their target was an intermediate purple-gold Heavenly Sun expert on the bounty list who had killed dozens of Heavenly Sun experts.  

“No need to be so troubled. As long as we kill Zhang Zihao, they are nothing to be feared,” Zhou Yuan said, shaking his head.

As his voice faded, he leaped from the tree under their shocked gazes.

“Oh, my heavens!”

Mu Liu and the others instantly paled. They didn’t expect Zhou Yuan to dare storm the campsite. He hadn’t discussed or planned the attack or even waited until Zhang Zihao was off guard.  

“What should we do?” Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others stared at each other in dismay, little beads of sweat forming on their beautiful foreheads. However, they dared not jump out because that would be the same as charging into a tiger’s den.  

While they were panicking, Zhou Yuan landed outside the campsite.

The patrolling Divine Dwelling experts were the first to notice his presence. They immediately sounded the warning horn after their initial shock, and a deafening blast resounded through the ancient forest.  

“Enemy attack!”

“Enemy attack!”

The curtain of the campsite’s center tent was lifted, and a tower-like figure leisurely strode out. It was a burly middle-aged man holding a fatty, roasted animal leg in his hand, and his mouth glistened with grease.  

The panic around the campsite immediately faded with his appearance, and several awe-filled gazes looked over in his direction.  

The iron tower-like man ran his eyes over Yi Qiushui and the others’ hiding place, and he grinned. “Just a few flies. I noticed their presence a while ago, but I wanted to see what tricks they planned to play. There is no need to panic.”

Yi Quishui and the others were paralyzed with fear when they met his gaze. It turned out that the enemies had discovered their presence long ago.

“What to do, what to do, should we retreat!?” Yi Qiushui asked anxiously.

“We can't retreat. Zhou Yuan already leaped down there.” Ye Bingling smiled bitterly, pointing to Zhou Yuan on the periphery of the campsite.

While everyone’s scalps went numb, Zhou Yuan looked at the iron tower-like man and said, “You’re Zhang Zihao?”

Zhang Zihao narrowed his eyes and sized Zhao Yuan up. After a few breaths, light burst forth from his eyes, and a look of insuppressible wild joy lit up his face. He roared with laughter. “You, are you Zhou Yuan from the Tianyuan Region!?”  

He recognized Zhou Yuan. However, this wasn’t surprising since Zhou Yuan had become a well-known figure in Hunyuan Heaven.

“Hahaha, I have such good luck. I didn’t expect you to appear directly in front of me. Did you know that anybody in our alliance who captures or kills you will be rewarded greatly?”

His laughter shook the surrounding forest. The Divine Dwelling experts in the campsite cast astonished gazes over Zhou Yuan’s figure because his name was particularly resounding in Hunyuan Heaven these days. His name was mentioned particularly often, too, when his identity as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple came out.

Is that guy crazy? He dared come here alone!

Although Zhou Yuan had defeated Zhao Mushen in the nine regions tournament, he was still only an initial Heavenly Sun expert. On the other hand, Zhang Zihao was an intermediate purple-gold  Heavenly Sun expert!


Zhang Zihao burst into wild laughter, but at the same time, he released his perception to investigate the surrounding area. He found that besides the few flies in the periphery, Zhou Yuan was indeed the only one present!

Did this guy really go deep into the battlefield alone?

A gift has befallen them while they were sitting at the campsite!


Zhang Zihao erupted with terrifying Genesis Qi, and vaguely, a purple-gold sun emerged in the void behind him. A terrifying oppressive Genesis Qi pressure spread out, causing the ground under his feet to crack.  

The panic in the eyes of Li Qiushui and the others intensified even more. They could distinctly feel the pressure brought about by a foundation of 600 million Genesis Qi stars. If they were to get any closer, the pressure alone would be enough to freeze them to the spot and make them lose all fighting spirit. 


Zhang Zihao sternly fixed his eyes on Zhou Yuan like a tiger eyeing his prey.

He didn’t say anything. Although he couldn’t understand why Zhou Yuan would be so stupid to come, he saw no reason to let him off since Zhou Yuan had come willingly.


With a stamp of his foot, the ground collapsed, and he shot out in the form of a stream of light, producing an ear-piercing sonic boom.


Zhang Zihao’s sinister laugh rang out as his figure almost instantaneously appeared above Zhou Yuan. He had a purple-gold sun behind him, and mighty Genesis Qi was surging around him. A fierce and blazing wave of energy raged like a storm, wreaking havoc everywhere.  

The second he displayed his foundation of over 600 million Genesis Qi stars, the surrounding space began to freeze.


He thrust his fist, and dark red Genesis Qi roared out like a torrent. The Genesis Qi was incredibly pure and condensed like a blood-red flame.

The ground had already begun to crack.

The punch wasn’t showy, but the pure Genesis Qi was displayed in full majesty.

The Great Five Alliance’s Divine Dwelling experts all sneered coldly. Zhou Yuan is bound to die!

Yi Qiushui gritted her teeth, and her eyes reddened. She charged forward, but Ye Bingling and Mu Liu quickly held her back just before rushed onto the battlefield.

“Do you want to die!?”

Yi Qiushui clenched her hands, staring intently at the battlefield.

Unaware of what was happening behind him, Zhou Yuan calmly looked at Zhang Zihao, who had just thrown out the most tyrannical punch. Zhang Zihao possessed a foundation of more than 600 million Genesis Qi stars, which meant any counterattacks from Zhou Yuan would be useless if he hadn’t broke-through to the Heavenly Sun stage.

The gap in pure Genesis Qi foundation couldn’t be compensated by any other means. 

But, unfortunately for him...

As Zhou Yuan clenched his hands, white hair broke his skin, wrapped his fist and turned jet black. He drew back half a step and thrust out his fist.

Bright platinum Genesis Qi rumbled out from his body, and a faint dragon roar echoed, shaking everyone’s mind. 

A glass-like sun loomed behind him.

A layer of the ground beneath his feet silently vanished as though it melted.


The punch Zhou Yuan threw out expressionless was like a platinum dragon silhouette, colliding with Zhang Zihao’s crimson fist in mid-air under countless gazes.  

“Die!” Zhang Zihao laughed wildly. However, his wild laughter soon faded, and a trace of horror surged in his eyes. He felt that the Genesis Qi whizzing towards him during the collision was unbelievably strong!

The collision utterly destroyed the 600 million Genesis Qi stars foundation that he was so proud of

“Glass Heavenly Sun!”

His face twisted with fear and horror, and his body turned ice-cold. He finally knew why Zhou Yuan dared show up by himself: Zhou Yuan’s foundation was more terrifying than his intermediate purple-gold Heavenly Sun stage cultivation! 

Zhang Zihao couldn’t understand why someone who had just broken through to the initial Heavenly Sun stage could possess such an abnormal Genesis Qi foundation.  


But before he had the chance to understand, berserk Genesis Qi shock waves erupted and instantly destroyed the campsite. The towering Heavenly Fire Trees were sliced from the trunk, then crushed.

Both sides’ Divine Dwelling experts haphazardly retreated. When the shock waves finally dissipated, they immediately glanced at the battlefield and emitted cries of disbelief.

A figure remained motionless amidst the collision, like a boulder.  

Is it Zhou Yuan?!

Yi Qiushui and the others widened their eyes in shocked disbelief.

The Great Five Alliance’s’ Divine Dwelling experts were in a state of panic.

Where’s Zhang Zihao?!

Why is there no trace of him?!

“Where’s Zhang Zihao?” Shang Xiaoling finally uttered a sentence after a good while.

Mu Liu suddenly said, “Look at the specks of light fluttering in front of Zhou Yuan. Don’t they look like Spirit light fragments?”

The atmosphere stilled.

Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others stared in that direction with indescribable gazes. They wore stunned expressions as if there were indeed Spirit light fragments.

Could it be that Zhou Yuan had crushed Zhang Ziyao with one punch to the point that not a single bone remained?

Yi Qiushui and the others felt their scalps go numb.

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