Chapter 1012 Team

Within a few days of Zhou Yuan coming to Scarlet Flame City, the matter regarding him choosing to hunt three intermediate Heavenly Sun experts in the War Service Hall had already spread among the Heavenly Sun experts. 

Unsurprisingly, this matter led to a lot of ridicule and laughter. The majority of people thought the little grand elder was too arrogant and that perhaps he still hadn’t put away the mentality that he was the Divine Dwelling stage king and was invincible.

But when he returned from his defeat, he would surely realize that no matter how mighty he was in the Divine Dwelling stage, he had to be smart and keep a low-profile when at the initial Heavenly Sun stage.  

According to the military rules, Heavenly Sun stage experts who wanted to enter the hunting area needed to prepare a team composed of Divine Dwelling experts.

The team wasn’t there to fight but to scout out places, set up Genesis Runes and search for targets. Once they found the target, they were to step back and leave the battle to the Heavenly Sun expert.

This was the only way for Divine Dwelling experts to obtain war credits in the war zone. Otherwise, a Divine Dwelling expert on the battlefield would be similar to a little rabbit breaking into a wolf’s den.

Therefore, the Divine Dwelling experts would carefully choose the right Heavenly Sun expert as their leader because that person’s strength would determine how much danger they would face and affect the efficiency of gaining war credits. 

Although Zhou Yuan had a resounding reputation, many Divine Dwelling experts didn’t dare to join him because the targets he chose were too fierce. Even if Zhou Yuan had broken through to the Heavenly Sun stage, the hunting area would be just as dangerous for him as an initial Heavenly Sun expert, and the slightest carelessness could result in his team being wiped out.

Therefore, to protect their lives, not many Divine Dwelling experts dared to join Zhou Yuan’s team. As a result, it took Zhou Yuan almost three days to gather ten people for his team.

“It appears that all of us are already acquainted.”

In a courtyard of Scarlet Flame City, Zhou Yuan couldn’t help smiling as he swept a glance over the team led by Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling. This was because he was extremely familiar with all the faces. In addition to Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling, there were also Mu Liu, Han Yuan, Shang Xiaoling, Ling Feng and some other members of the Four Pavilions. 

“I can’t believe you can still smile,” Yi Qiushui said snappily. “They are the only ones in the entire Scarlet Flame City who would dare join your team. The others ran away faster than rabbits when they heard you were recruiting.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled, looking at Han Yuan and the others. “Then why did you all come?”

Han Yuan said with a smile, “Chief pavilion master, other people might not understand you, but do you think we don’t know what kind of person you are? You’re not reckless, and since you dared accept a mission, you must have some confidence in winning. If we follow you, we will no doubt earn a good amount of war credit.” 

Han Yuan sincerely admired Zhou Yuan’s ability because he had witnessed Zhou Yuan rising step by step. 

Therefore, Han Yuan, who could be called an opportunist, willingly went to find Yi Qiushui and recommended himself when he learned that Zhou Yuan was recruiting team members.

Shang Xiaoling pursed her lips and said, “You are our boss. Although you’re much stronger than us now, if you need help, you only need to tell us, and we’ll be there.”

Shang Xiaoling and the others had suffered a lot until Zhou Yuan recruited them into the wind pavilion. Therefore, in their eyes, they owed Zhou Yuan. Although they might not even have the qualification to be his little brothers due to Zhou Yuan’s present status, as long as Zhou Yuan had an order, they wouldn’t refuse, regardless of the difficulty.  

Zhou Yuan was touched by Shang Xiaoling’s, Ling Feng’s and the others’ serious expressions. He nodded. “Don’t worry, since you’re going to follow me, I guarantee I will bring you all back safely. We are going there to earn war credit, not to throw away our lives.”

Hearing Zhou Yuan’s simple but confident words, everyone could not help but relax.

Mu Liu smiled and said, “Zhou Yuan, tell me, did grand elder Chi Jing pass any special treasure or means to you?”

The others also looked pensive. If so, it would explain why Zhou Yuan acted so confidently.

Zhou Yuan shot an irritated glance at him, and he didn’t bother responding to him. He directly turned to leave the courtyard.

He said, “Now that everybody is ready, let’s set off.”

At the city gate.

Leading a group of people out of the city gate, Zhou Yuan glanced up at the huge wall to see two figures staring at him.

It was elder Yi Yan and Qin Lian.

Zhou Yuan nodded at them from afar before he transformed into a stream of light and shot into the sky, heading into the war zone in the distance.

Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others quickly followed.

Yi Yan sighed as he peered in the direction they left. My granddaughter doesn’t know what sort of devil she’s following and even dares to do something so dangerous. I tried to dissuade her, but that girl is too clever. She immediately pulled a long face and wouldn’t let me speak.

Qin Lian’s icy face was devoid of expression as she said indifferently, “Elder Yi, I should also go now. I will create a scene in the war zone to hopefully draw the advanced Heavenly Sun experts’ attention onto me. This way, it should be safer on his side.”  

“I have to trouble you.” Yi Yan nodded. “I will also watch the Nascent Source experts in the war zone.”

Qin Lian retracted her gaze. “I hope that our little grand elder wouldn’t be so reckless after this. Since he is the supreme sovereign’s official disciple, he should assume some responsibility, not create problems for others to clean up.”   

From her words, it was clear she was very dissatisfied with Zhou Yuan’s actions.

She soared into the sky when her voice faded. She moved at lightning speed, and her momentum was tremendous. Wherever she passed, she attracted everyone’s attention.

Yi Yan understood her intention from her tremendous momentum. He peered in the direction Zhou Yuan and the others left, muttering, “Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan, we have done what we can. The rest will have to depend on you.”

If the trip was successful, the previous rumors surrounding Zhou Yuan would destroy itself. But if he failed, not only would he lose face and the prestige he had earned in the nine regions tournament, even supreme sovereign Cang Yuan would be called a bad judge of character.  

Therefore, Zhou Yuan could be said to be walking on the tip of a knife, and his trip would be full of danger and risk.

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