Chapter 1011 Accept

When the cold parchments fell into Zhou Yuan’s hand, he rubbed his fingers and ran his eyes over them.

Zhang Zihao, intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, purple-gold Heavenly Sun, estimated foundation of 630 million Genesis Qi stars.

Cao Xiao, intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, purple-gold Heavenly Sun, estimated foundation of 660 million Genesis Qi stars.

Bei Gongqiao, intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, purple-gold Heavenly Sun, estimated foundation of 750 million Genesis Qi stars.

In the War Service Hall, many eyes were fixed on the parchment. Everyone in the hall saw everything clearly, and many looked at Zhou Yuan like he was a lunatic.

They didn't expect Zhou Yuan to not give up but choose three difficult targets. 

The three people Zhou Yuan selected were considered well-known in Chiyun Prefecture, particularly Bei Gongqiao, who possessed a foundation of 750 million Genesis Qi stars. His strength had reached the pinnacle of the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage, and he even showed signs of refining the third Heavenly Sun.

He was considered one of the strongest among all intermediate Heavenly Sun experts.

In the past few months, more than ten Heavenly Sun experts on the Tianyuan Region’s side had lost their lives to him. From this fact alone, it was obvious how strong and ruthless his means were. 

In the face of an opponent of that level, many Heavenly Sun experts present in the hall would immediately flee for their life if they encountered him on the hunting ground. Otherwise, if they were one step too late, they could end up losing their lives. 

But Zhou Yuan dared to take on a powerful enemy that even they wouldn’t cope with. Many Heavenly Sun experts thought Zhou Yuan was too arrogant, and they looked at him with strange expressions.

It seems he isn’t putting on a show but seeking death!

While everyone watched with a strange expression, Qin Lian took a deep breath, and a trace of anger flashed in her eyes. She was angry with Zhou Yuan’s reckless behavior. She wouldn’t pay much attention to Zhou Yuan if he were just an ordinary Heavenly Sun expert since Heavenly Sun experts were killed on the battlefield every day. 

But Zhou Yuan was different because he was supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s official disciple. If anything happened to him or the enemies killed him, it would greatly impact the Tianyuan Region’s reputation.

“Chief pavilion master, I understand how you are feeling, but I hope you won’t create trouble for us. You know what identity you have, and in order to protect you, we would lose even more things, including lives,” Qin Lian said loud and clear.

If Zhou Yuan wanted to enter the battlefield, they no doubt would have to make preparations. At the very least, Yi Yan, a Nascent Source expert, would have to watch the enemies’ Nascent Source experts. The top Heavenly Sun experts would similarly have to watch opponents of the same level to prevent them from finding Zhou Yuan. 

In other words, the battlefield would become even more chaotic because of Zhou Yuan joining the war. It would make sense for them to go to all the trouble if Zhou Yuan really had the ability to kill the target he had chosen, but...

Qin Lian pursed her red lips, and her eyes grew sharp. Could Zhou Yuan really do it? Given Zhou Yuan’s talent, Qin Lian believed he would be able to do so in the future, but that would take some time. Zhou Yuan was too impatient!

Facing Qin Lian's piercing gaze, Zhou Yuan only smiled helplessly and said, “I will take responsibility for all the consequences.”

He knew that Qin Lian wasn't targeting him, but he didn’t know what he could say to her. Tell her that he possessed a foundation of 720 million Genesis Qi stars? If she didn’t believe him, should he then prove it publicly and expose his strength and trump cards?  

Who knew whether there were spies from the top five forces here?

Some things were better kept a secret because there would be greater benefits when the secrets were revealed.

Gritting her teeth, Qin Lian stared at Zhou Yuan for a good while, then finally shook her hand and turned away. Her ponytail swung behind her, showing her anger and the disappointment in her heart.

Zhou Yuan watched her as she left, and then he turned to Yi Yan, saying, “Elder Yi, you won’t stop me, right?”

Yi Yan gave a wry smile. He took a deep look at Zhou Yuan and said, “Although your decision is puzzling, you have never disappointed us since coming to the Tianyuan Region. Perhaps this is why the supreme sovereign favored you and not us.

“If you're really determined to accept targets from the bounty list, allow me to make some arrangements first.”

As Qin Lian had said, if Zhou Yuan joined the war, they would have to prepare protection for him. At the very least, they had to prevent Nascent Source experts from entering the battlefield.

“Sorry to trouble you, elder Yi.” Zhou Yuan expressed his thanks. No matter how crazy he was, he wouldn’t be arrogant enough to face a Nascent Source expert.

Yi Yan waved his hand. “I will tell someone to bring you more information about those three people, but you also have to be careful.”

He turned away when he finished speaking.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze then shifted to Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and Mu Liu behind him. They were all staring blankly at him.

“Zhou Yuan, do you really intend to hunt down those intermediate purple-gold Heavenly Sun experts?” Yi Qiushui asked.

A skeptical look came to Ye Bingling’s face as she said, “Don’t bring us into a difficult situation. We just want to earn some war credits. Do you really have to add to our difficulty?”

The relationship between the two sides wasn’t shallow, so they naturally spoke bluntly to each other.

Zhou Yuan curled his lips and said, “Don’t worry, if there really is a pit, I will jump in first. If you want war credits, you should follow me!”

He smiled, rolled up the parchment papers and leisurely strode out of the War Service Hall.

He couldn’t break into the hunting zone alone and needed a team to assist him in finding his targets. Of course, everyone else was just supporting figures, and he still had to rely on himself in the final battle.

Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and Mu Liu stared speechless at one another. They could tell Zhou Yuan wasn’t joking.

“Why is that guy so confident?” Mu Liu said, scratching his head.

In truth, he also found it a little unbelievable. Even if Zhou Yuan has refined a glass Heavenly Sun, he would still be at the initial Heavenly Sun stage, so he shouldn’t dare to face enemies with a foundation of over 600 million Genesis Qi stars, right? After all, he should only possess a foundation of 400 to 500 Genesis Qi stars at the initial Heavenly Sun stage!  

They exchanged glances with one another but still couldn't think of what made Zhou Yuan so confident. Perhaps grand elder Chi Jing had given him some treasure or means to protect himself.

“That guy is playing so big this time. I just hope he can withstand the consequences.”

They sighed, then hurriedly followed.

Many people in the hall stared in bewilderment at Zhou Yuan as he left, and a moment later, buzzing noises erupted in the hall.

The majority shook their heads and frowned. The little grand elder seemed determined. Hopefully, he could come back alive. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good for the Tianyuan Region if something happened to him, given his identity.

Watching this scene, Li Qingyue curled a corner of his lips in a sneer.

“He doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. If he wants to die, nobody can stop him.

“I look forward to seeing what you will do when you lose!”

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