Chapter 1009 War Service Hall

Zhou Yuan stepped into the War Service Hall, looking at the numerous eyes gazing at him, and could feel a strange, quiet atmosphere. However, he maintained a calm expression as he swept a glance around the room, then headed towards the resting area.

In the resting area, the Heavenly Sun experts’ expressions changed unnaturally when they saw Zhou Yuan. Although they had spoken disrespectfully about Zhou Yuan moments ago, Zhou Yuan’s status in the Tianyuan Region was undeniably high.  

Even if he had declined the grand elder position, he was still supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s official disciple.

Therefore, even the elders of the Tianyuan Region’s Elder Committee had to be polite to him, let alone Heavenly Sun experts. They could criticize Zhou Yuan in secret, but they wouldn’t dare to slight Zhou Yuan in front of him.    

However, they had the pride of typical Heavenly Sun experts and didn’t want to reveal a trace of fear in front of Zhou Yuan. Therefore, they all stood tense, blankly watching Zhou Yuan as he approached, thinking about how they should respond to Zhou Yuan’s scolding.

Amidst their gazes, Zhou Yuan arrived at the resting area.

However, while the Heavenly Sun experts held their breath and waited to see how Zhou Yuan was going to get angry, Zhou Yuan didn’t even glance at them. Instead, Zhou Yuan waved to a table of people in the corner with a smile.

“Zhou Yuan!”

A surprised smile lit up Yi Qiushui’s face, and she, Ye Bingling and Mu Liu simultaneously sprang to their feet. 

“You’re out? Did you break through?” Yi Qiushui asked curiously. She then immediately swept a glance over the Heavenly Sun experts wearing unnatural expressions in the resting area and whispered, “Just ignore them.”

It would affect Zhou Yuan’s reputation greatly if he got into a conflict with them.

Zhou Yuan smiled. He, of course, had no intention of explaining himself to them. Even if he had clearly heard their words, it wasn’t in his character to bring out his identity as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disciple to oppress others.

Although their words were unpleasant to hear, they also risked their lives to fight for the Tianyuan Region.

In a way, perhaps, they were also fighting for the Ancestral Dragon Lantern.

Therefore, thinking about it in this way, Zhou Yuan didn’t intend to get angry at them because ultimately, they were simply ignorant and jealous of him. 

Before Zhou Yuan said anything, a laugh sounded behind him. “Haha, little grand elder Zhou Yuan, everyone is under too much pressure and has drunk too much today, so they said the wrong thing. Please be the bigger person and don’t take offense.”  

Zhou Yuan turned around and saw Li Qingyue, the former chief pavilion master.

Although Li Qingyue seemed to be trying to excuse the other Heavenly Sun experts, he did not seem to have good intentions by speaking up in such a time and place.

As expected, every Heavenly Sun experts’ face reddened with anger. Be the bigger person? When we became well known in the Tianyuan Region, Zhou Yuan didn’t even exist yet! They made up their minds and decided that if Zhou Yuan dared to do anything to them, they would make a scene and see how he would clean up the mess!

Zhou Yuan cast a glance at the smiling Li Qingyue and said indifferently, “Just call me chief pavilion master. This is, after all, an unusual period, and the several grand elders are letting me keep the chief pavilion master position for a little longer. So, don’t call me little grand elder yet.” 

Stung by Zhou Yuan’s words, Li Qingyue forced a smile, his face twitching visibly. “Chief pavilion master has such a good life. I didn’t think you could change the rules.”

There was undisguisable jealousy in his eyes. Back when he broke through to the Heavenly Sun stage, he was immediately removed from the chief pavilion master position and lost the high and mighty status similar to an elder’s. However, the rules changed when it was Zhou Yuan’s turn.  

Zhou Yuan simply ignored him because he could tell that Li Qingyue had come to create trouble, and the best way to deal with people like him was to ignore them. 

He turned to say to Yi Qiushui and the others, “Help me select some elites from the Four Pavilions to form a team.”

Yi Qiushui was taken aback for a moment before she asked, “You want to participate in the war?”

After the initial large-scale battles between the Tianyuan Region and the top five forces, both sides had adopted small scale invasions. Small groups, like hunters, searched everywhere to look for enemies.

The many Heavenly Sun experts in the resting area also killed enemies in a similar way to gain war credit. 

But those hunting-like attacks were extremely dangerous, and once one encountered an enemy, one party was bound to be killed. It was a brutal and cruel method.

In general, Divine Dwelling experts were used as scouts, spies and even cannon fodder. Therefore, a powerful Heavenly Sun expert was always chosen as their captain to help them earn war credits.

But the hunting area was extremely dangerous for initial Heavenly Sun experts, and the Heavenly Sun experts who had lost their lives so far were all at that level. Only when one was at the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage would one have the power to protect themselves and hunt for enemies.  

Even if Zhou Yuan had made a successful breakthrough, he was still only at the initial Heavenly Sun stage, which meant it would be extremely dangerous for him to enter the hunting area.

Therefore, when Zhou Yuan said those words, not only had Yi Qiushui paled, even Li Qingyue and other Heavenly Sun experts had cast strange gazes at Zhou Yuan.  

“Is the bounty list over there?” Zhou Yuan pointed to the center of the War Service Hall.

Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling were both horrorstruck by his words. The bounty list? Zhou Yuan wants to look for prey on the bounty list? Those listed on the bounty list were all powerful enemies who had killed several Heavenly Sun experts.

Li Qingyue’s and the other Heavenly Sun experts’ pupils shrank. They looked at Zhou Yuan like they were looking at a lunatic.

Is this guy crazy?

Could it be that he is so eager to prove himself after all those rumors? But that isn’t proving himself—he is looking for death!

Li Qingyue had also hunted those on the bounty list, and every one of those battles was full of danger. If he had been slightly careless, the person walking out alive could have been his target. Even the thought of those battles made Li Qingyue tremble uncontrollably.  

Even he found the enemies on the bounty list difficult to deal with, so how would Zhou Yuan fare?

Even if Zhou Yuan had broken through to the Heavenly Sun stage, he was still only an initial Heavenly Sun expert. There were three different levels in the Heavenly Sun stage, each differing vastly from the others. Those who made it onto the bounty list were all at or above the intermediate Heavenly Sun stage.  

A lot of whispering broke out in the resting area, and many people cast puzzled gazes onto Zhou Yuan.

However, Zhou Yuan paid no attention to their strange gazes and said nothing more. Under countless watchful eyes, he strode to the counter in the center of the hall.

Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui exchanged a glance with each other, then hurriedly followed.

What is Zhou Yuan doing?

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