Chapter 1005 Mysterious Substance

On an island in the depths of the Tianyuan Utopia.

A figure was quietly sitting on a mountain peak, his face calm and without a ripple of emotion, like a bottomless pool.

However, there were earth-shaking movements in his Divine Dwellings.

The 100 million Genesis Qi stars inside his Divine Dwellings were gathering into a dazzling light cluster, and mighty waves of Genesis Qi were continuously sweeping out, creating howls and whistles within his Divine Dwellings.

It took Zhou Yuan two months to combine the 100 million Genesis Qi stars into a tremendous cluster of Genesis Qi light. Moreover, that was just the beginning.

Zhou Yuan's Spirit focused on the newly formed light cluster, and with one thought, wisps of Alpha Spiritium came pouring out his spatial bag and followed his breathing into the Divine Dwellings.


Alpha Spiritium constantly gushed into the Genesis Qi light cluster.

With the addition of Alpha Spiritium, the Genesis Qi light cluster began to undergo major changes. The contained Genesis Qi became purer, as though refined a thousand times.

Moreover, Zhou Yuan could clearly feel the purest yang qi being born in the Genesis Qi light cluster.

The instant the yang qi emerged, the temperature in the Divine Dwellings soared. However, the temperature didn't make the Divine Dwellings uncomfortable. Instead, the heat spread out from the Divine Dwellings and penetrated Zhou Yuan’s blood and bones, making him feel burning hot like an oven.

An indescribable comfortable feeling spread throughout his body.

It was pure yang qi.

Once the Heavenly Sun was refined, pure yang qi would be born. The qi was mysterious and abnormal and could perfectly integrate with one’s Genesis Qi. After successful integration, one’s Genesis Qi foundation would soar to a level unimaginable to Divine Dwelling stage experts.

One’s Genesis Qi foundation would skyrocket once one stepped into the Heavenly Sun stage due to the presence of the mysterious pure yang qi. Additionally, Genesis Qi that had integrated with pure yang qi would greatly soar in power.

Pure yang qi could be called the Heavenly Sun stage’s greatest gift.

The pure yang qi’s appearance also surprised Zhou Yuan a little. He immediately calmed his emotions and continued directing wisps of Alpha Spiritium into his Divine Dwellings. The Alpha Spiritium acted like firewood—the more there was, the brighter the pure yang qi in the Genesis Qi light cluster.

The temperature inside the Divine Dwellings rose until the Genesis Qi light cluster resembled a blazing sun.

Under the hot temperature, the Genesis Qi light cluster, without any clear shape, shrank and gradually formed a sphere.

The initial form of the Heavenly Sun had appeared.

Zhou Yuan continued to pour Alpha Spiritium into the Divine Dwellings. As the pure yang qi refined the initial Heavenly Sun, it gradually changed from crimson-red to silver and then to purple-gold. 

The Genesis Qi erupting from the Heavenly Sun also grew stronger with the color change.

The changes didn't end at purple-gold but continued at a slow and steady speed.

It was unknown how long had passed before a glint of glass flashed within the purple-gold.

The glassy light spread rapidly, and in just a few breaths, the Heavenly Sun turned sparkling and crystal-clear like glass, untainted by a speck of dust.

A glass Heavenly Sun was born!

“Is it a glass Heavenly Sun?”

The birth of a glass Heavenly Sun didn’t surprise Zhou Yuan because if even someone like him, who had broken the Divine Dwelling stage’s limits, failed to refine a glass Heavenly Sun, who else in the world could succeed?


Was a glass Heavenly Sun the limit?

Zhou Yuan's Spirit gazed intently at the glass sun hanging high in a Divine Dwelling, and for some reason, he felt a strange feeling. It was a feeling of imperfection.

Zhou Yuan pondered for a long while, then suddenly patted the spatial bag at his waist. There were still one thousand strands of Alpha Spiritium left inside. He completely inhaled them all into his Divine Dwellings.

As he poured 1000 strands of Alpha Spiritium into the glass Heavenly Sun, the sun grew brighter and clearer. However, the particular change that Zhou Yuan expected didn't appear.

Zhou Yuan frowned with disappointment. It seemed that no amount of Alpha Spiritium could produce a change. However, he also understood that this was normal; otherwise, the glass Heavenly Sun wouldn't be called the highest grade if it were that easy.

If even Alpha Spiritium couldn't bring about the changes he wanted, what could he do to make the Heavenly Sun progress further?

Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment, and finally, he shifted his gaze to the Saint Rune light sphere hanging high inside the Divine Dwelling.

He previously was only able to break the Divine Dwelling limit with the help of the Saint Rune light sphere. He wondered if it could again improve the glass Heavenly Sun. Was this possible?

But Zhou Yuan was disappointed once again. The Saint Rune light sphere remained motionless. He didn't know whether it was because it didn't want to help him or that it couldn't help. 

“Am I overthinking this?”

Could the glass Heavenly Sun really be the limit? Is it really wishful thinking to want to advance even further?

Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly, but just when he was hesitating to withdraw from practice, he suddenly felt movements within his body.

He threw his head back and saw something suddenly falling from the void of the Divine Dwelling.

It was a mysterious substance flashing with purple-and-gold light.

Primitive and boundless, that purple-gold substance was mysterious and emitted an indescribable oppressive power.

“What is this?!” Zhou Yuan exclaimed, but very quickly his heart trembled because he felt a familiar aura from the mysterious substance.


Zhou Yuan felt an earthquake in his heart. That mysterious substance is from Yaoyao?! When did Yaoyao inject that mysterious substance into my body, and what is it, and why would it suddenly appear? 

While Zhou Yuan was panicking, the mysterious substance touched the glass Heavenly Sun and fused with it.

Waves of light erupted from the glass Heavenly Sun, causing the Divine Dwellings to quake violently.

Zhou Yuan's Spirit stared intently at the glass Heavenly Sun.

He could clearly see ancient and pale yellow light runes spread across the pure and untainted glass Heavenly Sun, and eventually, they enveloped the entire glass Heavenly Sun. 

The glass Heavenly Sun has turned into a...rune glass Heavenly Sun?

Confusion crossed Zhou Yuan’s face. Is this a variant version of the glass Heavenly Sun?

However, he could faintly feel that the glass Heavenly Sun had undergone tremendous changes. The ancient and obscure runes weren’t as simple as he had imagined. Each one seemed to be born since the beginning of the world and was filled with an indescribable aura. 

“Never mind, let's see what level my Genesis Qi foundation has reached with the new Heavenly Sun...” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself.   

What it became was important, but what was most important was the Genesis Qi foundation!

The Genesis Qi foundation of an ordinary glass Heavenly Sun was 400 million, so his rune-marked glass Heavenly Sun should be stronger.

Zhou Yuan focussed his Spirit, sensing the Heavenly Sun.

A moment later, his eyes shot open, and shock emerged within them.

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